The chicken saga continues! Perhaps not for long however!

There was a chicken round up last night! A volunteer group captured 416 chickens, loaded them on a truck and drove them out of town!

Shades of the old west!

This is a for real story! Key West’s chicken population was dramatically reduced in the stealth of the night!

The chickens are purportedly being trucked to a farm in Eustis, Florida. Eustis is somewhere between Orlando and Ocala. They were to arrive sometime around sunrise. Thereafter they will be available to people who want to adopt them as house pets.


It is reported there are several more capture and relocations planned.

There is a practical effect to this type dark of the night raid.

Families are disrupted!

I was at Paradise Cafe this morning. The hen and chicks were gone. Only the rooster remained. A lost soul! He was walking around searching! Calling out in a voice I had never heard before! All in vain!

This capture and deportation was attempted once before several years ago in Key West. It obviously did not work! It only takes one Adam and one Eve remaining to start the line again!

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  1. Remembering years back, the homeless were given a free one way pass on the Greyhoundbuss in efforts to clear out the unwanted.

    Now it’s time for the chickens. Hopefully they took into consideration the possibility of spreading diseases, or the possibility of the elegators moveing further north now.

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