Spent a portion of yesterday fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show.

Then dinner at Roostica.

Followed by show time at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Topics for the show come from two sources. One is research. The other sitting back and saying to myself that an issue has reached a certain point. A point requiring comment. No one is commenting, however.

I was reading some Zika material yesterday. The thought occurred as to whether Zika was another Ebola. Three years ago, we were introduced to a new and deadly disease called Ebola. The world went crazy. There was a need to act immediately.

The world reacted. Even Obama and Congress. Money was allocated to develop a vaccine, etc.

Ebola turned out to be a bust. Nothing happened. A false alarm.

This morning while searching another issue, I came across an article titled Birth of the Zika Industry. The author, Marco Caceres. The article published by the National Vaccine Information Center 5/14/16.

The National Vaccine Information Center is a non-profit. Founded in 1982 by parents who believe they should have information, input and decision making when it comes to their children being vaccinated.

A quote from the article: “It doesn’t take much to create a new industry. Basically, all you need to do is create fear.”

Zika is a major forefront issue here in the Florida keys. Especially my small key, Key Haven. The local mosquito control board decided to test anti-Zika genetically modified mosquitoes. New.

The plan involved dumping 3 million genetically modified mosquitoes over Key Haven

Key Haven residents raised hell. Properly so. The board finally decided to have the residents of Key Haven vote on the issue. The vote August 30.

This morning’s Key West Citizen notes front page that the board met last night. The board added another question to the Key Haven one. To be voted on also August 30. In effect, whether the people of the Florida keys want GM mosquitoes tested anywhere in the keys.

My first reaction was this sucks. Going to confuse people. Typical keys’ government actions. Screw things up.

On second thought, I think it is a good idea. The reason is every one I have talked who live on Key Haven says no to the testing. Anyone in Key West or another key, say yes to the testing. The testing over Key Haven. Zika dangerous and we have to act their thought.

When I ask whether they would accept similar testing over Key West or their island, the eyebrows go up. I can see the answer without it being uttered. Of course not!

I do not wish to be a guinea pig. My position remains the same. Stay off my island! And being more concerned than other keys’ residents, I say do not use any part of the Florida keys for testing.

One final thought. This GM mosquito thing is turning into another Peary Court fiasco. Government officials trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people.

Bernie Sanders. Nice guy. Sincere re his beliefs. Enough is enough, however. He should pack it in. He is the loser in a close one.

He ain’t packing it in!

Sanders has started a movement. A big one. They believe in him. The problem is he believes what he says. His political bullshit. Something all candidates become guilty of.

I fear Sanders will never be the same.

I further fear the two movements which have developed during this primary process. Those that follow Sanders and those that follow Trump. I hope they never meet on opposite sides of the street during a protest.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “ZIKA DAY

  1. Dengue and Zika are spread by the same mosquito (Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus) species. It seems to most that ‘government officials’ are trying to keep the public informed of available options.

    Ebola has been around for 40 years with several outbreaks over the decades. A number of people coming back to this country were infected a few years ago. I believe most recovered and was the reason for concern and precautions being put into place, rightfully so.

    I hope Bernie stays in the run as long as he can.

  2. Lou have you read about how they are using a genetically modified polio virus to cure cancer? I bet that make your head spin along with all the other anti-science zealots out there!

    Btw I’m fine with releasing the gmo mosquitoes in my old town neighborhood.

  3. It appears that polio virus has cured a couple brain tumors that were otherwise considered incurable. Another miracle of modern science.

    I think most folks would be surprised just how many ‘GMO’/ hybridized products they consume every day.

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