Humanity is engaged in one of its greatest battles in history. To defeat COVID-19. It is a year since the first cases reached the U.S. Progress has been slow. However, there has been progress.

Every step has involved some major screw up. Forget who may be responsible. It happened and had to be dealt with each time. Problems not yet even close to resolution. The distribution of the vaccine for example.

One thing is certain, however. We will prevail.

Where we are now at the beginning of the vaccine stage is comparable to a speech Churchill made in November 1942. The speech made following Britain’s defeat of the Germans and General Rommel at El Alamien.

Churchill said the victory was “not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. It is perhaps the end of the beginning.”

It is now Jared Kushner’s turn. He is following in the steps of his father in law Donald. Kushner has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. His associate Avi Berowitz, also.

Alan Dershowitz nominated them.

The nominations were for their roles in negotiating four “normalization deals” between Israel and Arab nations known as the “Abraham Accord.”

Do not be impressed with the nominations.  It is not difficult to be nominated. In excess of 300 are nominated each year.

From my perspective, the “deals” are not as solid as the rock of Gibraltar. I believe they were entered into at the last minute in order to solidify certain banking relationships with the Middle east.

They are a house built on sand.

The new far right white supremacist who has replaced Trump in  many respects is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. She vents poison every time she opens her mouth. It is hard to believe anyone could be that stupid.

She does have a right to be in Congress, however. The people of her District elected her. Her mouth was just as veracious then as it is now. The only difference is her audience is greater.

She is not the only nut elected in recent years. The U.S. is a free country. Every one is entitled to an opinion. As is Greene.

She obviously should not be in Congress. However her people wanted her and they have her for 2 years. Her defeat cannot come at the hands of the House. It requires the same tool that threw Trump out. The ballot box.

Syracuse is breaking my heart. The basketball team has some of the best players in years. The team’s winnings do not bear it out.

Syracuse beat North Carolina State last night by 3 points 76-73. North Carolina State’s 2 top scorers were not able to play.

Today was to be Day 7 of Greece The First Time. I lost it.

The matter has been discussed with Sloan. She is confident she can bring it back. Unfortunately not till tonight. She has a full time day job in addition to helping me.

I’m sad. Day 7 includes my visit to Acropolis and Parthenon. I walked where others had walked centuries ago. Well even before the birth of Christ. Exciting! I was looking forward to sharing it with you today. There is a tomorrow fortunately.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I fondly remember the days when Trump claimed that we would only have 15 covid cases and then it would rapidly fade away.

  2. Does the constitution allow the Senate to put a President on trial after he has left office? I bet John Galt could tell us. I had to laugh a few weeks ago when someone here tried to troll John Galt back from wherever he went. It didn’t work. I suspect JG is long gone, which is too bad. Sure, he could be pompous. But he always had good comments about historical events and the Constitution, which I will miss.

    Some others seem to be gone, too. I can’t remember all their handles, but Serge comes to mind. He was kinda weird, but I liked his humor. JG could be funny, too. Like the time he had his “mother” post that he couldn’t be bothered that day.

    Whenever a regular contributor goes missing, I have to wonder why. In JG’s case you don’t need to look very far for a possible answer. Here are just some of the many replies to his posts:
    “You cry like a baby. If you don’t like it go somewhere else Who the fu*k do you think you are? You snowflake crybaby You are a hack and a jerk You are a dishonest fraud You are ill-informed, biased and ignorant I am not interested in your opinion You always post garbage to start a fight Take your arrogant and worthless pontifications someplace else from now on. keep your BS to yourself from now on!”

    These replies to John Galt posts are from Bradley – Patricia- Ted – Ron – Just Saying – Tim in Portland – Mary – Benjamin F and others. It sounds to me like these hateful responses led to JG moving on to a more welcoming blog. Can you blame him? Lou allows this sort of excrement here which of course is up to him. I see it as an effort by a handful of very biased and narrow-minded people to humiliate, denigrate and drive away anyone who may have a different opinion on any given subject. So much for a fair exchange of ideas. So much for learning from one another. So much for diversity.

    The real downside for Lou is that his blog, as a result, is diminished and dismissed by outsiders who may otherwise have posted here. So keep on posting those meaningless one-liners to amuse yourselves. Maybe someday a person will come along with ideas that should be heard, at least until he/she is driven away by the hateful herd mentality that exists here.

    • There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits a president from being tried after he leaves office. Nothing that says he couldn’t be impeached either. That omission makes sense, since presidents – and any other impeachable officials – could commit impeachable offenses at any time while they are in office, including in their last months or days in their positions, but not discovered until after he’s left office.

      There is also nothing that says the president, the press, or even a blog poster, could speculate, even for political reasons, otherwise.

  3. I would think Thomas J and YOU have stopped posting recently here on Lou’s blog for the same reasons Sandy, Serge and John Galt have stopped, let alone Patrick, fjohn and Steve – they are now thoroughly embarrazzed for having been proven wrong so many times. Most of those remarks you repeated as having been leveled against them came true after all, didn’t they. Either that or they are now under indictment for sedition and other crimes against America, a lot of that going around lately.

    I can’t blame you/all for not wanting to post here anymore, especially having been shamed by the truth and actual facts.

    I like how you make excuses for them, and your eagerness to play the VICTIM card. Besides the exchange of garbage and bad ideas, let alone lies and falsehoods under the ‘cover’ of fresh ideas and diversity, is a joke, right?

    Speaking for myself, I say good riddance to you and your phony posts, Lou’s blog has become so much more civil and interesting once again, by the lack of your hateful and dishonest garbage you brought.

    Oh, and don’t think you’ll be missed, cry baby!

    • In my post today I never said I am leaving. That is a conclusion made by you that is wrong. That seems to happen a lot here where facts are less important than someone’s conjecture.

      In fact, I have quite a lot of free time to read this blog and others. And when guests here are verbally abused, sworn at, told to leave and ridiculed I reserve the right to comment. My comments, of course, will be strictly my own, without the personal attacks and rudeness that are a part of the herd mentality that is so common here.

      • Thomas J., weren’t you the crackpot who tried to argue, here on Lou’s blog, that the only reason there were so many forest fires in California last year was because the Democrats in California were some how remiss from not preforming necessary maintenance to these billions of acres of forest floors (94% of which were on FEDERAL lands) by cleaning out all the dead wood and leaves that was acting like kindling.

        ..-and are you now saying that that should have gone unchallenged, because it was a legitimate ‘new and different’ idea?

        …and you want to be taken seriously now?

  4. Why not ask people if they need a Stimulus check instead of sending them out to everyone? I don’t “need” one, luckily.

  5. Round up all of the Capitol invaders and send them to Gitmo where they belong. They will fit right in with the other terrorists already there.

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