From all sources, the news is the dramatic rise in COVID cases primarily involves the unvaccinated. A surge has developed that threatens the nation.

All for one and one for all does not apply as far as the unvaccinated are concerned.

Two breaking news items this morning support the proposition.

The first is the stock market soon after opening dropped 700 points. The basis the skyrocketing number of new cases and increased deaths most of which involve the unvaccinated.

The other that a national organization of pediatricians has recommended that all schools require masking again as students return.

Experts admonish the risk associated with the acceleration is caused by the most serious virus of peoples’ lives.

Some examples substantiating the conclusion.

First Maryland. Since June, 130 persons have died as a result of the virus. All 130 were unvaccinated. Maryland’s new cases and hospital confinements are up 95 percent and 93 percent respectively.

Louisiana a similar story. Since February, new cases and deaths are up 97 percent. In the past 14 days alone, up 177 percent. All unvaccinated persons.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Catherine O’Neal said, “We really have two choices, we are either going to get vaccinated and end the pandemic or we are going to accept death, a lot of it.”

Alabama the same story. Ninety six percent of deaths since April 1 involved the unvaccinated.

Wear a mask and get vaccinated. Otherwise be prepared to meet your deceased family members and friends.

The Chart Room last night.

A new bartender. Jocul. From Indonesia. Filling in for John.

A good number of locals including Jean, Sheila, John and Cheryl.

Met Cheryl for the first time. She has been living in Key West since the early 1980’s.

An attractive and charming woman.

Cheryl, Jean and I sat at the bar and had a most interesting conversation. Covered a multitude of sins. And they were “sins!”

Jean and I moved over to the Prime Steakhouse. At least 5 years since I had been there. A lovely place. Top of the line food and service. Prices to match.

Jean was celebrating my birthday with me. I never got out on July 6 the day of my birthday. Prime was my idea. I wanted to celebrate 86 at an excellent restaurant. Additionally living in Key West where the fish is fresh, most become fish eaters and seldom enjoy a steak. My situation.

My meal as it would be in a New York City steak house: filet mignon, hash browns and creamed spinach.

I heard last night Marylin’s was closed. So soon? I was surprised. Hard to believe since the 3-4 times I had been there business was good.

Telephoned Donna this morning. Yes, closed but only for one week. The owner doing additional renovations. Terri will return to sing.

Steve’s sister in law Linda lives in Alaska and Orlando. Mentioned her yesterday. Inadvertently failed to mention her husband Rich. An Alaskan fisherman. He is the one who actually got his wife and a sister involved in reading the blog. I knew it and forgot Rich’s involvement. My apologies!

Before I share TACOS paragraph 3 with you, a few items of explanation.

Jesse Porter is prominently named. At one time, she owned a whole block of prime property in Key West. One block of Caroline extending from Duval to Whitehead. Beginning cross the street from today’s Bull.

The corner house on Duval facing Caroline was the Porter House. Today, the Porch.

Jesse’s property had a number of small cottages on it. One cottage was occupied by the poet Robert Frost for 16 consecutive seasons. Which one, I am uncertain. It may have been the one named Carrier Pigeon House. It might have been the one Steve stayed at. Steve not sure and I could not figure it out.

The Porter House/Porch was built in 1838. Jesse’s grandfather Dr. Joseph Yates Porter Jr. bought it in 1845. Lived there 80 years. He died in the room he was born in.

Dr. Porter was a distinguished physician and well known nationally for his work with yellow fever. Even back then, mosquitoes were a problem. Dr. Porter was instrumental in devising methods to control yellow fever, reform sanitation and quarantine.

Time for TACOS paragraph 3. It begins with Steve arriving in Key West for the first time.

It was early dawn when I pulled in alone / I thought I had just entered the Twilight Zone / I drove down Duval to Shorty’s Cafe / And parked right in front thinking it was ok / I knew a couple house painters who invited me down / They rented a conch house in the middle of town / I slept all day on their porch it was nice / When I woke I knew I was in paradise / Old friends from Ft. Lauderdale named Bobby and Wayne / They said, “Welcome, Bubba, we’re glad you came” / I said I wanted to open a taco stand / They said let us know if you need a hand / Everywhere I looked I thought was neat / I met this little old lady on Whitehead Street / She said her name was Jesse Porter / She had a small cottage and needed a boarder/ It was in the garden and kind of secluded / Fifty bucks a month, utilities included / Dr. Perry was her grandpa’s name / Getting rid of yellow fever his claim to fame / She said the first Pan Am flight took off from right here / And I wondered if she had been drinking beer / Then I asked her about the hole in the wall / She said carrier pigeons, they had no radios at all / And Robert Frost slept right here in this bed / And I believed nothing she said / I didn’t know for a year or two / That everything she had told me was true.

Enjoy your day!




  1. So the GOP has decided to stymie any infrastructure bill by denying (removing) all funding for any new tax cheating crackdown.

    The American people loose because Republicans want to protect tax cheaters? Why is this not a surprise.

    Let’s remember this come election day.

    • Well, that sort of contradicts his insistence it was all a hoax, eh? Someone please ask him which one he really wants to go with.

  2. If the citizens of the greatest country in the history of the World cannot get together and manage the covid crisis, what does this bode for the future of the Human Race?

      • If only 1% of Americans believe that there is a tracking microchip in the vaccine, we have a pretty big problem in America.

    • The fact that the because the citizens of the greatest country in the history of the World cannot get together and manage the covid crisis, just might suggest we are NOT the greatest country in the world.

      Maybe we should stop bragging about being the greatest country in the world and world and start working towards becoming that again?

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