Only in Key West!

Last night was a good one!

Happy Hour at The Grand.

Steve was back. Been gone two weeks. Family rented a house up north in Florida and got together. It was good to see him. Cindy partying somewhere else with her girl friends.

Matt bartending.

I sat between two Lisas. Lucky me.

One was Lisa from Toledo, Ohio. She was with her husband Greg. They have been frequent Key West visitors for 17 years. Generally twice a year. They have stayed everywhere on the island. They have a 30 year old daughter who is involved in security work.

Lisa and Greg retired school teachers.

Lisa is a cancer survivor. Twice. Breasts. One gone, The other taken care of with a lumpectomy. She now knits hats for cancer survivors. Those who lose their hair during treatments.

We had an interesting conversation re mastectomys, a woman’s pride afterwards with the new breast, etc.

Greg and I were not next to each other so had little opportunity to chat. Lisa told me golf is his life. Five to seven times a week. A 7 handicap. Bless him! Fortunate me we did not talk. I am a 35 handicap and would have embarrassed myself.

The other Lisa a neighbor, though we had never met. She lives on the golf course, also.

We discussed the neighborly attitude of our fellow golf course neighbors. Few talk with each other.

Lisa a 60 year old hair stylist who specializes in electrolysis. Her husband Bill has been a tent specialist all his life. The have been married 30 years.

A charming woman. Always a smile.

The Lisas left. Jeff was seated two seats away.

Jeff a 53 year old resident of Naples. Visits Key West every couple of years.

His business extremely interesting. He found his niche in life. His company Passionte Petari-s. Hope I got the name right. I was on my third drink as I was talking with him. It somehow involves the Petaris Restaurant in Bonita Springs. What his company does is contract with name theatrical acts. On their final night wherever appearing, it is customary to throw a party. His company does it nonmatter where. A top quality event provided.

If I’m lucky, I should run into the Two Lisas and Jeff again in the next week.

Tonight, I will be with Steve again. Thai Island bar. Like I wrote earlier, I’m glad he’s back.

Key West’s COVID of 1899 continues to be yellow fever. The total up by 22 making it 960 Key West cases for 1899.

Certain Key West residents back then questioned whether the “yellow fever” was for real. They questioned the validity of the disease as was done by some with COVID claims years later. The outbreak not genuine and medical care not necessary. The dissidents wanted doctors to stop worrying people about yellow fever.

People never change!

On this day in 1953, former California Governor and Republican Earl Warren was sworn in as the 14th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. A conservative as a politician, he became a liberal while serving on the Supreme Court. He delivered the unanimous ruling in Brown v. Board of Education.

President Eisenhower nominated Warren to be Chief Justice. He said many times thereafter, Warren was the worst mistake he made as President.

How much more can House Republicans be screwed up?

I ask the question. Not sure of the answer.

Whoever is running the House Republicans at the moment appears to be playing vindicative kid stuff.

The first thing the new interim Speaker, North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry, did tuesday was kick some House Democrats out of their office space.

Nancy Pelosi received an email advising her she was losing her Capitol office space and was required to “vacate the space tomorrow.” The locks would be changed at that time.

Pelosi received the email while in California attending Senator Feinstein’s wake.

What bullshit!

Strike time in vogue!

Starbucks, UAW, movie writers and actors first. Now, 75,000 Kaiser Permanente health care workers. The largest health care workers strike in U.S. history.

Biblical support: “The Lord is My Shepherd.” Psalm 23:1.

Jim Jordan Speaker?

One of Trump’s closest supporters. Similar relationship Himmler to Hitler.

McCarthy’s defeat was an “earthquake.” A small handful of extremists won. Their “victory” a loss for good government and democracy.

The solution a simple one. Responsible Republicans must step up to save their party and Nation. They must ask of their dissenting colleagues: “Have you no sense of decency?”

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “TWO LISAS AND A JEFF

  1. Lou, I am worried about your judgement on political reality. Things have changed.

    Yo said a “A small handful of extremists won. Their “victory” a loss for good government and democracy.” and “The solution a simple one. Responsible Republicans must step up to save their party and Nation.”

    Lou, eight (8) Republicans – JUST 8 – to save “decency”

    There are no longer anywhere near a majority of “Responsible Republicans” willing step up to save their party and Nation.

    Stop the pollyana 1970’s statements about todays Republicans, they are now the anarchists and clowns, actively attempting to break our way of life. They MUST be stopped.

  2. I agree with Karen, There are VERY few reasonable (old time) Republicans left in congress, particularly the house. Just because your view is still of the bourbn Republicans you once hung around with, doesn’t make that true today. It’s you and those that think like you that is causing the problem. When it come time to vote many feel the HAVE to vote Republican because that what they’ve always done and they just could NEVER vote otherwise, especially if that’s a Democrat.

    There are very few Republicans in Congress today who are NOT WACKO’s. Let’s vote them out.

    Pollyanna – that’s a good read, Lou. Careful what you say, those you have dinner with who vote Republican, are causing the problem, even if like youm, don’t think so.

  3. It was a pleasure meeting you and talking to you as well. Greg and I hope to see you again. Drinks at the Grand this evening?

  4. It was a pleasure meeting you and talking to you as well. Greg and I hope to see you again. Drinks at the Grand this evening?

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