There is a comedian floating around the internet. Randy Rainbow. Sings, talks, writes. Great re Trump!

One story he told of particular interest.

Trump, the Pope, Johnson, Merkel, and a 10 year old boy were on a plane. Plane in trouble. Everyone had to bail out. Only 4 parachutes for the 5 passengers.

Trump spoke up first…..I’m President of the United states and need to be saved. He grabbed a parachute and jumped.

The Pope said I am the head of the Vatican and all Catholics…..I’m needed. Grabbed a parachute and jumped.

Johnson said the U.K. needs me. He grabbed a parachute and jumped.

The mother in Merkel came out. She said to the 10 year old…..You take the last parachute…..I’ve lived my life.

The 10 year old responded…..Don’t worry…..We’ll both be saved……The first guy grabbed my backpack!

Florida’s Governor DeSantis not a bright guy. Much like Trump. He has refused to quarantine/shelter his people. He wants them to keep working.

Yesterday, Trump declared Florida a “disaster area.” Only the sixth State Trump has so declared.

It appears Trump was motivated because St. Petersburg went coronavirus crazy very swiftly. A sudden need for people to stay at home.

Truman vacationed in Key West often. One hundred seventy five days covering 11 trips. It was on this day in 1952 that Truman left Key West after enjoying a 3 week vacation.

Had to be thrilling to live in Key West back then. Truman wandering around and chatting with locals. An experience!

An item from May Johnson’s diary. This day in 1896. She concluded her entry with: MUCH DISAPPOINTED DID NOT HEAR FROM MY LOVE.

Query: Who is her love? I must have missed it. Miguel?

The New York Times has come up with an appropriate label to fit a coronavirus happening. Coronapocalypse.

Motivated by the number of coronavirus deaths in the New York City area. Too many bodies. Difficult to handle.

The term coronapocalypse was born of the back up in body dispositions at the Elmhurst Hospital. Corpses piling up. Refrigerated trucks had to be called in to haul the bodies away.

So far only Elmhurst and another New York area hospital have experienced the problem. It is expected by the middle of next week there will be more.

Shades of Italy.

Some coronavirus observations.

New York hospitals are treating coronavirus patients with huge doses of intravenous vitamin C. China reported it helped significantly with many. Not all, however.

I can recall back in the 1960’s when I was a young lawyer, vitamin C became popular if a person was coming down with a cold. We used to gulp the pills down by the handful. And it worked! If you caught the cold soon enough.

Excuse how I phrase this, but I feel the young and the Republicans do not care about seniors. Republicans who for 40 years have been right to lifers. The young, they are merely selfish. They have no desire to care for those who raised them.

Judeo-Christian traditions about the sanctity of life, including that of the elderly, are being forgotten.

I recall when Obamacare was being debated. The Republicans cried out “death panels.” No different than what is beginning with doctors being forced to decide who lives and who dies. The ventilator will go to a young person over a senior citizen.

Trump has no bioethics body to advise him. Definite needed when life and death an issue. Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama had them. Trump thought he did not need one.

Everyone had to move their asses re the 2nd stimulus bill. For what?Still not passed by the House and signed by the President.

Rep. Thomas Massie is a Republican Congressman from Kentucky. The House is not in Washington. He refuses to accept a voice vote. Probably by telephone or whatever. He has accordingly forced the House to return to Washington to cast their votes in person. For a bill that will pass with less than 5 dissents.

An asshole, a ball breaker. Seems to be the nature of many of our elected representatives these days. Few are statesmen.

Trump and Easter. He must have an inside connection with the virus itself. Otherwise, how would he know that the virus will be backing off by Easter and we can start sending everyone back to work.

Trump cares not for the people. He cares for the economy. The almighty buck.

We are heading for a bread shortage. Running out of flour and yeast. Especially, yeast.

Dr. Deborah Birx. The mature woman on Pence’s Task Force. The one who always speaks up and backs Trump 99 percent of the time.

She is keeping her job!

She aggravates me. She is a cheerleader. Enjoying her 5 minutes of notoriety each day. Her tongue as twisted as Trump’s.

A Dr. Fauci she is not.

The coronavirus battle has provided the opportunity for certaiin governors to show their mettle. New York’s Cuomo being one. Presidential timber.

I hope more governors stand up to Trump.

Evidence that Trump does not know much is his continuing claim that the stay at home rule is going to be eliminated in certain areas. Hopefully by Easter Sunday.

Only governors and mayors can lift stay at home rules.

I laugh at Trump’s indication that his “new guidelines” that are to come out next week will involve changes to the distance separation suggestion. Now 6 feet. What is he going to do? Make it 3 feet?

A wondrous act.

The battle between some Governors and the President is a life and death one. The Governors are more concerned with our lives. Trump, the stock market.

The ventilator issue confusing. Especially between Cuomo and Trump.

Trump says, without naming Cuomo, States do not need 30,000 or 40,000 ventilators.

The conflict began when FEMA said it was shipping 400 ventilators to New York. Cuomo said, “Really? What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000?”

The matter gets even more confusing. While Trump and Cuomo are arguing the number, Pence announces tuesday that 2,000 ventilators had been sent to New York. On wednesday, Pence said 2,000 more would be sent.

Does anyone (Trump, Pence and FEMA) know what is going on? I am inclined to believe Cuomo than any of them.

New Orleans in the process of becoming another disasterville. The virus hitting big. Blamed on Mardi Gras last month.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou, I think you are going to need write more than one blog a day, just to keep up with how poorly our government (that’s just Trump nowadays) is screwing up our national health crisis. It is now April, four months into this mayhem he, almost single-handedly, has created, with the whole caronavirus circus. Only now has he finally done something about the problem by nationalizing priorities to get things done. Up till now he’s hidden behind another failed example of Republican mantra that government shouldn’t tell business what to do, rather let “capitalism” create solutions (just doesn’t always work!), apparently wanting to show his skills in as a negotiator, so he can tout his deal making abilities for political gain in an upcoming election, at the expense of the people he’s really suppose to be working for. Bad concept and a bad negotiator, and an especially lethal one, as it turns out.

    • Trump wants to use Socialism AGAINST the Democrats and is afraid it might be used against him if he did anything that might show that what he did.

      Socialism, when done right, works! – let’s hope it’s not too late.

      • Probably only did this because Sean Hannity’s mom got sick and he screamed at Trump to do something. Trump is, as we know, beholden to Hannity, for all those hummers.

        • More likely because the military threatened a take over if he didn’t, as they are just as vulnerable as normal citizens and a sick army is useless. Just ask the WW I German Army

    • Trump should not be criticized for using war powers with industry – except FOR TAKING SO LONG TO USE IT – he owns this, nobody else and he deserves it, very bit of it.

  2. “Using available preliminary data, the median time from onset to clinical recovery for mild cases is approximately 2 weeks and is 3-6 weeks for patients with severe or critical disease.”

  3. How are War Powers going to make factories move any quicker?
    It takes time to build machinery to make new products with.

      • ..and it is pretty easy to see where having done nothing has gotten us – no where good enough. We still have many doctors and health care workers alive and they are screaming for help which hasn’t come anywhere like it is needed or could.

        We now need to nationalize supply chains for critical medical supplies, which should have been done months ago. In addition, we need to get people like VP Pence and Jered Kushner out of the way and bring in actual, experienced pandemic response experts and scientists to lead the response and brief the nation.

        We must stop squandering precious time.

  4. Maybe with his Easter opening Trump wants more people to get it and get over it so we can move on from this disaster.

    • ..and those that suffer and die along the way? Hey, not his problem — maybe!

      Don’t forget this guy said it would all be over by now. He also said it was just a Hoax, lot of people have died since his lie about that. Why are YOU still making excuses for him?

  5. Try keeping this in mind. “For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks.”

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