Pure politics this morning.

The chaotic fiasco of the past few days confirmed conclusively that the United States government is dysfunctional. It is broken.

What to do?

The first reaction is vote them out. The solution is impractical. Through legal political maneuvering over the years, 95 per cent of Congressional incumbents are reelected. The same persons are returned to Washington term after term.

There is a growing interest in term limits. A wise solution on the surface. Unfortunately, it would not work in a timely fashion.

Some 15 odd years ago, several States set term limits for their federally elected representatives. The already seated Congressmen did not like it. They went to Court. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in a 5-4 decision that term limits could be imposed only by Constitutional amendment.

In this day and age, a Constitutional amendment would take 10-15 years to achieve. The United States as we know it might not survive that long.

A third party is another possible solution. It is the one I deem the most practical at this time.

The United States is no longer split between two parties. The Republican and Democrat Parties. There is a third unnamed party. Independents. They make up approximately one third of the voting population. The Republicans and Democrats share equally the remaining two thirds.

Whereas the numbers are equal, party structure is not. The independents are totally without organization.

It is time for one or two persons of substantial wealth to step up. They must put their money where their mouths are. There are many such men. Mayor Bloomberg is one.

Running a Presidential candidate will not be enough. The independents must join together in a new party and run Congressional candidates in each and every Congressional district and State. Therein lies the reason why a man of stature with big money is required. The fight to save this country must be waged at the grass roots level.

It could work. The thought is not far fetched.

Think about it.


4 comments on “TIME FOR A THIRD PARTY

  1. A third party is impossible in the US under the current rules. The R’s and the D’s have mad eit so. To protect their turf, plunder the public purse.

    The reaction to the “supposed” Ross Perot run — where a D ran as an I imho for the sole purpose of gettign the D elected — where he actually had a chance at winning and had to “suicide” to steer the election to the D — was that the D’s and the R’s realized that it could happen.

    A focused individual with the right message, like “eliminate the national debt”, could actually motivate the 50% of the people who don’t vote to come out and vote.

    The reaction was almost instantly to tighten ballot access. Percentages of signature to get on the ballot were increased, collection times decreased, and any roadblock that could be imagined were thrown up.

    When it accidently knocked off the D’s or the R’s, there was “emergency legsation” rushed through to protect the “franchise”.

    So it’s unlikely that ANY third party effort can suceed. The Libertarians tried that for 30 years before recognizing the stacked deck.

    The Free State Project — to get 20k liberty lovers to move to NH — is the latest experiment in changing government. With about 1500 early movers, there has been several “free staters” elected — running as D’s or R’s.

    That’s how reform has to happen — take over the R’s by a Tea Party like group with a laser focus on financial isues. And “lazy fair” to the social ones.

    That might work!

    • Louis, I cannot express how disgusted and disappointed I am in our elected leaders. I agree with you however I agree with fjohn also, as neither party would allow a third to enter in. Sort of like how oil companies keep the lid on alternative fuels. Just not happening as much as we could use it.

      I, for one, cannot understand the utter lack of cooperation and compromise between these parties. It’s childish and short-sighted, not what we elected them for. Each party works to limit the other, not for the good of the country.

      As for this latest deal, no spending cuts is ridiculous! Okay, limit income, but that has to be met with level-headed spending right? In Washington, it doesn’t match. Stacking up more debt is just plain stupid and the parties should both be ashamed. They cannot do their jobs. Disgusting and sad.

  2. Democracies don’t last, they destroy themselves. Pretty much like our own. I too have liked the 3rd party idea, but doubt it would be allowed to work. I agree our system is maybe too broken to be fixed and both parties [and voters] are certainly to blame. Mayor Bloomberg may be registered as an Independent,but, he certainly is a liberal one.
    On a lighter note, its been a tough winter up here and we are itching to get to the keys.

  3. I concur with the resignation that the entrenched Powers That Be have it locked up for now. However, so long as most people can lead a decent life, watch some movies and sports and take the occasional trip, say to the Keys, all will be well. The elite know this and the “Bread & Circuses” roadshow must continue.

    Left, Right, Center, wherever, it all is pretty meaningless these days. We all know we need higher taxes IF those revenues will be used to reduce the debt and not for new spending. That is not happening. We also need to look at spending from defense to parks, SNAP to Medicare and enact user fees, index benefits to wealth and income and enact programs that move people from the dole to the workplace in a meaningful occupation.

    But these things require leadership which DC is currently suffering in a black hole of no leadership from any side. No realism and no cooperation for the good of the future.

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