I feel defeated at the moment. I was finishing the blog when I lost it.

God is punishing me for something.

I am going to run through it again. However, in short form. I lack the energy to do the whole thing with bells and all again.

I believe the tide is turning. Blacks are on the verge of taking our government over. In ten to twenty years definitely.

Do not expect them to be nice about it. They have waited too long and taken too much abuse not to become white in attitude.

Three recent events support my position.

Thomas Jefferson School in Portland, Oregon. Statue of Thomas Jefferson in front. Demonstrators threw 2 ropes around Jefferson’s head and pulled the statue down. Then a man walked up with an ax and went to work on the statue with seven well placed blows.

Reason for abusing Jefferson’s memory: He was a slave owner.

Calls for a line from Julius Caesar…..The good is oft interred with their bones.

Gone With The Wind. One of the finest films of all time.

HBO Max had it scheduled to be shown as part of its new series. Announced several days ago it was being withdrawn because it seemed to favor the South and its thinking ante-bellum.

Two days later, HBO announced a change of mind. The movie would be shown. However, there would be an introduction explaining the evils of the South before the film was shown.

You can sense black influence in the matter.

The protesters who took over the 4-6 block  Seattle area are beginning to have problems. Actually, disagreements. Learning it is difficult to govern.

Blacks disagreeing with blacks. What to do with the police precinct, what to do with developing certain areas, etc.

Reminds me of Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence and the various Arab tribes had taken over the city by the sea. Victory was theirs.

The scene where many tribal leaders were seated around a huge table. They could not agree on anything as to who was to govern what. Who the water works, who the electricity, etc.

The Arabs went home. As for the victory, it benefited only the English.

Trump went to West Point to speak at graduation ceremonies over the weekend. He presented indications of physical problems on 2 occasions.

He went to drink water from a glass. The glass in his left hand. Could not get the glass to his mouth. Had to use his right hand to lift his left hand so the glass would reach his lips.

The other a problem walking down a ramp or steps. No railing. He wobbled. Swayed. Appeared he might fall.

I am an expert on stairs and falling. Donald has a problem.

Why do the police continue to be mean? So irresponsible?

Seattle recently. A family consisting of 3 generations knelt in prayer at the protest. One a 7 year old boy.

The group was dong nothing but praying. The police came through. One sprayed mace directly on the face of the 7 year old boy. Besides scarring the hell out of him, left him with one burned cheek.

Other police nearby and saw the incident. Did nothing. A medical group on the corner and saw what had occurred.. Did nothing.

A woman nearby videoed the whole thing. It went viral. She was arrested and left in jail for 2 days before being released. The police did not tell her why she was jailed. She assumes it was because the video had gone viral.

Spoke with Donna again last night. She and Terri were out.

Their first haunt sundays is 801 at 5. A comical drag show. Been run for years. A charity money maker.

Donna said 801 adhered to the rules. Distancing when at the bar. Mask when not drinking. Bartenders all wearing masks. Customers locals.

The ladies then walked down Duval again. A big crowd outside Irish Kevin’s. All young. To Donna, all appeared to be tourists. No masks, hugging and kissing, no distancing.

Pythons back in the news.

Since the 1990’s, Florida did not pay attention to the growing python population. Now it is agreed there are in excess of one million. Impossible to eradicate. The State hopes to control.

There are pythons hunters. Men who do this for a living. The State pays for python bodies returned to them.

One of the python hunters caught a big one over the weekend. Not easy, he said.

The python was 17 feet long, weighed 130-150 pounds.

The hunter even got bit. He describes the fight as “furious.”

Florida has been derelict also with iguanas. Failed to do anything about them. They have grown in size and numbers.

Florida wants them gone. The State has advised that there are too many. The State hopes it can control their growth. Impossible to eradicate.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump still parading around maskless. Maybe he secretly had one of those covd antibody shots and thinks he is immune?

    • That would be exactly like him, where he’d taken a Covid 19 test (blood drawn), just a test and he now thinks he’s immune.

      It would be equally possible, that he took a test and it said he was positive, hasn’t announced it and is now convinced he’s immune.

  2. Maybe Lady G (Lindsey Graham) told Trump that gay men can’t get Covid 19, so Trump gets with Jarred and now thinks that he (Trump) is immune now too.

  3. Why Tulsa? Trump’s up coming rally in Tulsa is a political stunt and probably also a trap. Protesters everywhere including, or rather especially, BLM marchers. What ever happens there will be called a riot and it WILL be UGLY. The only thing that will be considered a truly successful protest is if there is NO protesters, apart from the Trump supporters themselves, shooting up the place.

  4. Oh goody! I can hardly wait. I lived in Detroit. It was a very black run city. From the mayor, all of city council, law department, police and fire. Of course, it ended in a devastating bankruptcy. Looted pension funds, etc.. have fun América! Keep your wallets hidden. Preferably, in a book.

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