I believe we live in crisis times. such being the case, today is the time to recall anther American crisis.

It was the winter of 1776. American troops were demoralized. They had recently suffered humiliating defeats. Washington feared his troops would go home and not return. The war would be over.

Thomas Paine was a concerned individual. His Common Sense publication had been a clarion call that began the Revolutionary War.

He wrote then: “These are times that try men’s souls…..Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.”

The preceding lines from Common Sense might be applicable today. However, such is not the thrust of what I write.

Paine felt another incendiary publication was required. One that hopefully would rouse the colonial troops to remain and fight.

He wrote “American Crisis.”

American Crisis met the challenge. His words a rallying cry.

Washington had American Crisis read to the troops. His dispirited men.

Paine’s rousing prose had its intended effect. Washington’s beleaguered troops mustered their remaining hopes for victory, crossed the Delaware, and defeated Hessian troops on Christmas night.

On January 2, the same troops defeated Britain’s foremost general Cornwallis in another battle.

The American Revolution was on its way!

Popeyes opened a fast food operation in Key West a few days ago. I have been trying to stop in and try the chicken. It has been 20 years or better since I have enjoyed Popeyes.

Problem is the new place is always crowded. Morning, noon and night. Parking lot full. Window service lined with cars backed up into the Boulevard.

It will be next week sometime before I will get the opportunity to try the new Popeyes.

The Nutcracker Suite an American tradition. Key West always does it its own way. There is the fish Nutcracker presented every 2 years. Outstanding!

A new Key West Nutcracker this year. A burlesque one. Sugar Rum Cherry: A Burlesque Nutcracker. A naughty holiday 2 act reverie.

The show opens tonight and runs through sunday at the Key West Theater.

A Key West hero who will be remembered forever is Mel Fisher. Now dead, he had an interesting career. Difficult at first, then success beyond anyone’s contemplation except his.

Fisher spent 15 years searching for the sunken Spanish galleon Atocha. Its treasure worth millions. Not easy. Fisher did not always have enough money. But he somehow came up with it whenever necessary.

While searching, he had to fight lawsuits and weather. He finally discovered the Atocha mother lode in 1985. $400 million in gold, emeralds and other special artifacts.

In 1986, a made for television drama film premiered. Mel Fisher’s success story. Dreams of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story. Starred Cliff Robertson.

I never met Fisher. Before my time. I have met Cliff Robertson, however. He returned to Key West several times thereafter. A good looking personable chap. Once spent an enjoyable evening in his company.

Fort Zachary Taylor having a special holiday celebration. Actually, 2 holidays.

Tomorrow and saturday there will be a presentation at the Fort demonstrating how Civil War soldiers celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah. Only 1 hour per day. From noon to 1 pm.

Watched Syracuse play Oakland last night. Syracuse won 74-62. Not a great game. However Syracuse won and that is the important thing.

I felt ashamed as I watched the game.

The Carrier Dome looked empty. Only 16,000 spectators. Less than half the Dome’s capacity.

Oakland made it a game. Behind by only 1 or 2 points several times.

With 6 minutes to go, Syracuse scored a 3 pointer and was 5 points ahead. The crowd had been quiet up to this point. Boeheim is aware how spectator participation can move a team to play better.

Boeheim turned to the crowd and raised his arms as if to say let’s start yelling and screaming. Let’s get into it!

The response close to muted.

An insult to Boeheim. An insult to the team.

Concededly Syracuse is having perhaps its worst season ever thus far. Things are that bad! Boeheim looking to the crowd for support an indication of such.

Boeheim said after the game,  “It’s sad, it’s sickening really, to see that we can’t get some help.”

Why did I feel guilty? Because I have been down on Syracuse this season. Down on a team that has provided me so much pleasure and joy over the years.

No more.

Go ‘Cuse!

The House impeached Trump yesterday. From my perspective, deservedly so.

Each House member got to speak. Some Republican comments were disgusting. One Republican compared Trump’s impeachment to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Another to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

One even called for a standing 60 seconds of silence to recognize the sadness of Trump’s impeachment. The Republicans all stood for the 60 seconds.

The crucifixion and Pearl Harbor inappropriate comparisons.

Trump was at a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan last night.

Trump does not know how to let the sleeping dead lie. He also seems to enjoy knocking American heroes.

Recall his words re John McCain. Trump did not consider him a true hero because he was captured. A capture that resulted in his spending almost 6 years in a Vietnamese prison. Severely tortured most of the time.

This year, Democratic Congressman John Dingell died. From Michigan. A tough representative. Highly respected.

His wife has replaced him in Congress.

Yesterday, Debbie Dingell voted 2 times to impeach Trump. Last night Trump made fun of her and her dead husband at the rally.

Trump made a big deal how he did everything for Debbie when her husband died. He had the flag lowered to half mast.

He inferred John Dingell was in hell. He said, “Maybe he’s looking up. I don’t know.”

Respectfully, the President is a scum bag. He lacks humanity. He lacks empathy.

On this day in 1941, Hitler took command of the German Army. He made himself Commander in Chief. His motivation being that the German invasion of Russia was a disaster.

Could it happen in the U.S.? A civilian President appointing/anointing himself Commander in Chief of the Military? Before Trump, I would have said no. Now, I wonder.

Enjoy your day!



  1. The President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of our combined armed services. Always has been. It’s the law.

    • It doesn’t really matter does it, he answers to no laws and cannot be prosecuted, even though there are no actual laws that say that’s the case.

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