I watch Morning Joe every day. Religiously.

Joe’s opening lines this morning sort of paraphrased the title of my book. The World Upside Down.

Joe opened with…..”The world is upside down. The political world is upside down.” The reference to media handling of Trump. Anti-Trump pitch, incorrect quote reporting and failing to recognize the mood of the country.

I have had similar thoughts the past two weeks. The media seem to want to take control of the election. Influence the electorate. Not the way things are supposed to be done. An unencumbered free press delivers information to the people. Influencing/controlling not the media’s responsibility.

I am normally up and at the computer between 5 and 6 in the morning. Not yesterday. My Saturday night went so late that I overslept. Woke at 8:30. I had to hustle to get yesterday’s blog out.

Sunday is writing day for me. My weekly KONK Life column. It is due at the publisher’s by Sunday. This week’s article concerns a Hemingway love affair. His first. Titled Hemingway’s First Love. Took several hours.

It’s good! Sorry to say so myself. It tells the whole story. The tale does not end soon after Hemingway left Italy. It involves events which occurred in Key West in the 1960s following his death. Revealing.

Dinner at Roostica last night. Spaghetti with meatballs and sausage special. The sauce the closest to that which my mother and grandmother made. My only complaint is that pork pieces are not available. The pork falls apart in the Roostica preparation. Pork adds to the flavor of the sauce. I miss having  pieces to eat.

One thing I continue considering odd.  My people called sauce sauce. Everyone in Utica called it sauce. I never heard gravy till Roostica opened. I raised the issue with other Italian-Americans here in Key West. All only knew sauce as gravy. Interesting.

Terri White coming east! She has a solo performance scheduled at The Kennedy Center in New York City on October 16. I hope she and Donna can find the time to shoot down to Key West for a few days afterwards.

I have mentioned here and on my blog talk radio show several times this past year of China’s move into the South China Sea.

China has been in the business of what might be described as land reclamation. They are building small islands where water previously existed. The purpose to erect airfields on the islands. It greatly extends China’s ability to exert dominance in the area.

Also involved is China’s naval buildup the past five years. China has swiftly constructed a large navy. Superior to anything the U.S. can place in the area. Our Navy has not received sufficient funds in recent years. We are spread too thin to counter China’s buildup in the South Seas area.

Time to pay attention.

Ferguson in the news again. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. Seems just like yesterday. There were demonstrations. Police in battle equipment again.

Things got out of hand. A black was shot. He is dead.

Reports this morning tell us that some blacks were yelling…..We are at war!

Bothersome. Apparently things have not improved in Ferguson.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “THE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN…..

  1. “She has a solo performance scheduled at The Kennedy Center in New York City on October 16.”

    Just a correction in case any readers want to catch the show. Terri White is performing at the Terrace Theater upstairs at the Kennedy Center in DC on October 16. Lou, you were thinking of the Lincoln Center. I think it might also be sold-out already.

  2. I have had similar thoughts the past two weeks.
    end quote

    2 weeks ? Our liberal lame stream media has been at this for years/decades.

    Sauce ? Its sauce to us. Gravy seems to be a Jersey term.

    I’ll stop there.

  3. I never heard of the term gravy for sauce until I was in my thirties. It came from someone who grew up in Yonkers NY. They were adamant about it always being called gravy. I asked them what they put on their mashed potatoes Thanksgiving Day. Seems their gravy can go both ways. It will always be sauce to me.

  4. Been expecting an update. The fella shot in Ferguson is not dead. He shot at police, personally I’m glad police shot back. The handgun used in the shooting was not legal, it was stolen a year earlier. So, no, not much has changed in a year, but, didn’t expect it to.

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