The people of the United States are fortunate to have so intelligent and wise a man as Donald Trump as President. There is no one smarter anywhere.

Speaking at the Davos meeting yesterday, Trump uttered words in support of his America First ways. One reason was to protect American inventors and inventions.

Trump told the economic leaders of the world, “You know we have to protect Thomas Edison and we have to protect all these people that – came up with originally the light bulb and – the wheel.”

Americans invented the wheel! I did not know. You did not know. The economic leaders of the world did not know. No one knew, except Donald.

Most historians agree that the first evidence of “wheel movement” was found in the form of miniature clay wheels north of the Black Sea before 4000 B.C.

Stopped at the hospital on the way into town last night. Dan Reardon was in the hospital. Chest pains.

Tests all negative through last night. He is undergoing a stress test at the moment.

Dan was in a cheerful mood. Had not had a pain since arriving at the hospital in the morning. It’s always that way!

His wife Lisa arrived as I was leaving. I think it is always tougher on the spouse.

Instead of going south into Key West, I decided on a Hogfish evening.

My concern as I drove was I would not be able to find a parking place or there would be no place at the bar. Always that way this time of the year.

The gods were with me. A parking place waiting for me right in front. An empty seat at the bar.

Enjoyed a Key West meal. Lobster bisque and hogfish sticks. The sticks appeared to be 2 large pieces of hogfish cut up. Indicating a large catch yesterday.

Juan sat next to me. Good guy, good company. Fortyish. Of Mexican extraction. He has lived in Key West some 20 years. In construction. As most Key Westers, he works 2 jobs. The second 2 nights a week at Santiago’s.

We chatted about everything. It was a pleasant evening.

This morning’s Key West Citizens’ Voice had an interesting and true comment: “Bum Farto is our Jimmy Hoffa.”

Amazing. The stories of both men end the same way.

Iguanas should be eliminated from the face of Florida! The damage they wrought!

The City of West Palm Beach announced iguanas had caused $1.8 million damage. The damage was to a seawall that controlled water flow into City reservoirs.

The iguana problem may be beyond relief. We may have reached the point as Florida did with pythons. Started paying attention to the “problem” too late. Now the python problem can only controlled, not eradicated.

Florida announced last year iguanas were a “problem” and something had to be done. They would study the problem.

Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the Holocaust’s end. Six million Jews killed. A handful in comparison survived.

At a commemorative event attended by Putin and Pence, Mier Lau spoke. A Holocaust survivor. Now 82. A rabbi.

He entered a concentration camp for the first time at the age of 7. From that time forward, he had no name. Only a number. His family killed.

He said, “I cannot forgive.”

I can’t blame him.

One of the outstanding journalists of the 20th and 21st centuries was Jim Lehr. He died yesterday at 85.

Most of Lehr’s professional career was spent with PBS. He was PBS anchor for 36 years, a founder of the PBS News Hour, the moderator of 12 Presidential debates, wrote novels and plays.

A distinguished life. May he rest in peace.

Word is slipping out of world economic centers that the world economy would collapse if banks stopped laundering money. A sad state of affairs if true. It would not surprise me if it is.

Insanity prevails. Good guys are bad guys. The story of a Euclid, Ohio police officer. Solomon Nhiwatuiva, age 34.

The officer was driving a police car. A seventh grade girl was standing waiting for the school bus. He stopped and asked the girl if she wanted a ride. She said no. He drove a short distance and parked the police car.

Walked back to the girl and exposed his genitals. Then urinated on her head, upper body, and legs.

While so doing, he filmed the whole incident on his cell phone.

The police officer has been sentenced to 4.5 years in jail.

Punishment enough? The seventh grade female victim is mentally screwed up as a result. From an excited seventh grader prior to the incident, she is now a depressed recluse who draws pictures of people committing suicide.

Three years ago, I wrote about the Defense Department not being able to find some $300 billion. No one knew where the money went.

No mention has ever been made since as to where the $300 billion went.

In 2019, the Defense department made $35 trillion in accounting adjustment/changes. The $35 trillion number is larger than the U.S. economy and underscores the Defense Department’s continuing difficulty in balancing its books.

The problem existed in 2017 and 2018 also. In 2018, adjustments had to be made to the tune of $30.7 trillion. In 2018, $29 trillion.

Re the $30 trillion a Pentagon budget expert said, “Within that $30 trillion is a lot of double, triple and quadruple counting of the same money as it got moved between accounts.”

No excuse. We are required to balance our check books. Generally without assistance. The Defense Department has thousands working on the books. There is no excuse for the books being screwed up as they are.

Trump tells us the economy is good. The numbers support him. I do not buy it, however. The lower echelons are hurting economically. Wages suck.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released information to the effect that wages today still do not match 1970 levels.

I buy it.

I have been predicting a recession for quite a while. Thought it would occur last year. I was wrong as to timing. Still believe it is coming. Has to. Trump has screwed up the economic stability of too many countries.

Adam Schiff continues to impress me. He is Presidential timber. Not this year as he is not even in the primary race.

He would make an excellent Vice-President candidate. Will not happen. Assuming a white man heads the Democratic ticket, the Vice Presidential candidate will have to be a woman or person of color or both.

Enjoy your day!


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