Tallahassee rarely hear Floridians speak. Especially those residing in the Keys. Finally, the voice of the people has been heard. Including the strong loud voices of those residing in the Keys. The issue court consolidation. An asinine proposal which would have stripped the Keys of many of its courts.

At each step in the approval process, the consolidation plan was rejected. The final step, the one that counted the most, was Florida’s Supreme Court. It heard the message of rejection loud and clear. It said NO to the proposal.

How a part of a Christmas meal was once sold in Key West. On this day in 1890, Christmas turkeys were shipped from Galveston, Texas, to Key West. Auctioned in Key West were 1,400 birds which sold at prices ranging from $1.75 to $3.00.

Good people in all aspects of life are under attack for exercising their goodness. Some to the extent of being accused of being involved with the Devil.

There is none better than Pope Francis. Yet even one of his own, a leading archbishop in the Catholic Church, is utilizing Satan to attack Francis re the Pope’s recent approval of blessings for same sex couples. Archbishop Vigano claims the Pope’s blessing proves Francis is a “servant of Satan.”


Today’s podcast goes back 6-7 years. Involves Newt Gingrich and his time in the Vatican.



A strange double birth. Not twins. Carried in the same Mom’s womb for 9 months and delivered 10 hours apart. However in separate uteruses. The Mom also had two cervixes.

A double uterus is referred to as uteri. Uncommon. Three in one thousand women are born with uteri. One in a million chance a double birth can occur.

The mother in this instance knew from age 17 she was so equipped. She previously had given birth to singular children 3 times. She rang the bell on the fourth pregnancy. Should I say pregnancies?

Mother and children doing well. No problems. The girls were born on separate days 10 hours apart. Mom labored 30 hours.

The mother believes her recent offspring should have separate birthdays one day apart. Her reasoning is they had their own “houses” for 9 months. Can’t argue with that!

Enjoyed pierogis last night at Brady’s Irish Pub. Watched a basketball game at the same time. Carola decked out in Christmas finery.

Carola gave me a Christmas gift. A bright red bag filled with Irish sconces that she made and different type chocolates from Ireland. I enjoyed some of the candies when I got home last night. Devoured two sconces this morning for breakfast. 

Following my Irish breakfast, I drove to Date & Thyme for my monkey smoothie fix. Love ’em. Dr. Norris thinks they are healthy and is happy I have become addicted to them.

The game plan for tonight is Antonia’s. My cravings are two different appetizers. Escargot and burrata. I plan to have one as an appetizer and the other as my entre.

Sloan due shortly. My cell phone is screwed up. Has me baffled. She has to work on it (and me) and some other things involving the computer itself.

Enjoy your day!

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