Today’s blog an addendum to yesterday’s. The story was of Michigan and the Lansing protest. Today’s an expansion. One ultimately leading to the U. S. on the verge of a return to feudalism.

I kid you not.

Trump spoke out for liberation yesterday. Liberate Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. A cry to the Governors of these States to let their people go. Permit them to return to their normal way of life. Throw off the shackles of restrictions imposed because of coronavirus.

Trump fomenting, encouraging insurrection. Calling out to the people of certain States to disobey their Governors. By speaking out as he did, Trump was in effect encouraging violence and bloodshed. Creating an atmosphere where the President might call ICE and the special Border Patrol troops into those States to calm things down.

Don’t think it cannot happen!

Once in, how long would it take them to leave?

Who are the people behind the move to remove stay at home orders, etc. Trump alone? The Republican Party? The people?

None of the above.

Behind and supporting the protesters are prominent conservatives and donors.

Today’s protests reminiscent of the early days of the Tea Party movement. A time when angry activists stormed town hall meetings of Democrat members of Congress who were speaking in support of Obama’s health care overhaul.

The demonstrators were impassioned. Behind them in the shadows were prominent conservatives and donors. Same as today.

How the game is being played.

I mentioned yesterday the influence of Betsy DeVos and the Michigan Conservative Coalition. Considered to have been a part of those supporting the Lansing protest.

A close associate of Betsy DeVos is Greg McNeilly. He was behind the Michigan protest also. His group the Michigan Freedom Fund.

Note that McNeilly denies any involvement by DeVoss and her family.

Whether the DeVos or McNeilly group, or one of the others, all have long funded conservative causes in Michigan and are open about the involvement of outside donors.

A Trump supporter and economic commentator is Stephen Moore. He was/is planning some sort of a Wisconsin protest to remove restrictions. A drive-in protest.

Speaking on the YouTube program Freedom on Tap, Moore said he had one big donor who had promised to pay the bail and legal fees of anyone who was arrested.

Moore said, “This is a great time for civil disobedience…..We need to be the Rosa Parks here, and protest against these government injustices.”

Moore a close ally of Trump. Evidenced by Moore’s serving on a coronavirus economic advisory group. He has also been helpful in the start up of another group urging a faster reopening of the economy: Save Our Country.

Moore was seriously considered last year by Trump for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board. However certain of his past comments drew criticism and killed any appointment. One of his prior comments: Women should not earn more than men.

Moore knows and has access to many substantial donors. He says one particular donor  was “so upset about what is happening with the abridgment of freedom.” Abridgment being the coronavirus restrictions.

The United States is developing into the feudal system of old. The wealthy and the poor. The wealthy consider themselves aristocrats in today’s society. They are also anarchists, though probably do not consider themselves such.

They back Trump. Trump sold his soul to the company store 100 percent when he joined up with these guys.

Nationalism has been sold as “a war for the little guy.” When in effect it serves the interests of the elite.

It has been said repeatedly and historically that politics makes for strange bedfellows. In this case, the marriage of the ultra rich and ultra nationals.

Nationals are a part of America’s working class. They are unaware they are being used.

They have mutual purposes. One is weaken or dismantle international alliances that constrain them. Think of how many international treaties Trump has abrogated.

The nationals want to take back control of their country. The rich want to eliminate controls that international organizations and alliances have imposed on them individually and as a class. With one purpose in mind. To get richer by obtaining a bigger share of world governments and resources.

The poor/nationals fight the political battles. The rich fund the battles. The poor/nationals get a high off helping to serve their country. The rich silently gain more power so as to place them in a position where the institution they resent which limits or holds them accountable to obey the law are eroded.

The goal of the rich is to free themselves from the constraints of democracy. Many consider themselves above the law. They believe that any legal limitations placed on them are “de facto illegitimate.”

I read recently: “Who do you think is more powerful: “Proctor & Gamble or the government of France? P & G, of course.”

There is a new hierarchy in the United States. One not yet understood by the U.S. and its working class. One which applies to their country and them: Subordinate.

A suitable quote by the hsitorian G.K. Chesterton is applicable. One he wrote more than one hundred years ago: “The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all. Aristocrats were always anarchists.”

The rich lie. Anything to achieve their aims, satisfy their desires. Recall Trump in the 2016 campaign and the promises he made. Recall further who benefited from those promises. An example how Trump the huckster fooled the people.

It will be a middle class tax cut…..Wealthy people – like Trump – will not benefit from the tax cuts…..Working families will quickly get a $4,000 to $9,000 raise…..Small businesses will receive a big tax cut…..The economy will grow 4, 5 or 6 percent…..Tax cuts will pay for themselves.

The American society is returning to that which existed in Europe in the Middle Ages. The king, his barons and dukes, all had their own fiefdoms. They were the wealthy. Everything went their way.

The prominent conservatives and wealthy donors are becoming or have already become that hierarchy today.

The serfs in the fields working hard to support their master up on the hill and where necessary fight and die in his wars are represented by the working people of today. The nationals willing to do their all for their country, even to death. Whereas, their masters too smart to go that far. If danger of any sort were to arise, they would hop on their private jets and yachts and run off to some far away safe place. Their monies waiting for them in some foreign off shore tax free bank account.

Enjoy your day!


    • Sure can, if he chooses. He was able to do that way before he was president in NYC when he was building buildings and in NJ with his casinos. And if he decides he doesn’t like you personally, watch out, he’ll ruin you.

  1. Good, let’s reopen the place and see what happens. It will be a good test. I will be watching it from inside my house. Good luck to all.

    • I agree, however, let’s start with Texas. Think of the advantage it could be with Mexican immigration if totally vacant no longer with any people.

  2. Lou published a strongly worded essay here today about feudalism in America. And none of you are able or willing to comment? Unbelievable.

    I disagree with portions of today’s blog, but I appreciate the time and effort Lou put into it.

  3. “One ultimately leading to the U. S. on the verge of a return to feudalism.”

    Trumps ultimate goal. Thanks to Steve Bannon.

  4. Steve Moore’s comment reflect the frustration and anger felt by many. The Governor of wisconsin has the right to enact emergency health orders. “However state law does not have the power to supersede or suspend the constitutional rights of American citizens”. Racine wisconsin Sheriff Christopher Schmaling on why he will not enforce the governors “safer at home order“ in his county. The people and now the police are fed up. The sheriff and his men are tired of having to respond to nosy Nancy calling because the neighbors are having a small gathering. This sentiment has built up in many states across the nation.

    • I see where your Steve Moore (Trump’s adviser) has also compared the Michigan Gun-Packing White Guys to Rosa Parks. I don’t think he should be your ‘go to guy’ for level headed comments. Seems more of a hyperbole ‘wing nut’ kind of guy, not really very smart.

  5. I’m not sure “Steve Moore’s comment reflect the frustration and anger felt by many.” More likely, Steve Moore’s comment(s) are part of a coordinated astroturf effort to influence a dangerous political effort to ‘open’ the quarantine ahead of what all actual experts on this subject recommend.

    Furthermore, I am not sure your opinion about “… state law does not have the power to supersede or suspend the constitutional rights of American citizens” in this case is correct either.

    We all recognize the frustrations many American have with these times, but this is not yet the time for all of us to follow Jim Jones or his has been disciples, including the author of the above post promoting such political recklessness.

    • My QUOTE is 100% accurate as stated by the Racine County Sheriff. I am only quoting the law enforcement leader as to why he is refusing to enforce the safer at home order.

      • Sure looks to me like you are quoting Steve Moore. BTW, did he actually say that about “nosy Nancy” and all that other stuff, or was that part from Steve More, or was that part from you? Poorly written and hard to understand.

        But just incase let me say this – Furthermore, I am not sure the opinion about “… state law does not have the power to supersede or suspend the constitutional rights of American citizens” is in this case, correct either.

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