Robert has been talking about the Symphony since he and Ally attended recently. Perhaps a musician in the making.

Robert mentions on occasion that the Symphony was at the Tennessee Williams Theater at the College. I asked if he knew who Tennessee Williams was. He did not, nor did Ally. I explained briefly.

There was a method to my madness. Tennessee Williams lived on Duncan Street, the same street as Lisa and family. One block and a half away. He had lived there for 40 years. I explained he was an author and had written many books while living there.

I took the grandkids for a ride. Stopped in front of Tennessee William’s house. A well maintained white bungalow. Both Robert and Ally exclaimed they knew who lived there. The people who gave them candy on Halloween while they were treating and tricking.

I explained Williams was dead. The people were different. Williams had lived there some time before them.

They will probably speak of Williams every time they walk past the house.

Since we were into authors, I asked if they had ever heard of Ernest Hemingway. No, they said. I explained who Hemingway was, that he wrote also, and that he had lived in Key West for ten years.

I wanted to show them the large stately home where Hemingway lived. Initially, I did not drive over to the home on Whitehead. Instead I took them to the hotel on Simonton, just off Caroline. I explained that the hotel was where Hemingway had first stayed when arriving in Key West, the car purchase story, and Hemingway having to wait for delivery for several weeks. Deciding he liked Key West and was going to stay, Hemingway bought a house.

I drove over to the big house on Whitehead. The Hemingway home everyone knows. Some day I will take Robert and Ally on a tour of the house. I told them about the six toed cats they would see on that first visit..

Yesterday turned out to be a raising Robert and Ally’s awareness day! A good thing for them and me.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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