Eighty years old! Today. My birthday.

Eighty a WOW!

Some observations.

At this stage of life, everything is just yesterday. What happened at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. just occurred. That recently. Which raises the question…..Where did time go? All of it. So fast!

The mind does not age. Only the body. I am still 35 mentally. I have been saying that for years. When I speak with contemporaries re being a specific age mentally, they agree.

The body breaks down. I view taking care of my body like taking care of a car. You get recommended periodic check ups. When there is a problem, you correct it. Hopefully, it is one that can be corrected. The car will last a long time. Your body, also.

Everyone looks younger. It has been that way with me for several years. Nothing strange. They are younger. It took me a while to realize that.

Dee took me out for my 80th birthday. We celebrated with brunch at Martin’s.

I had not seen Dee in a while. She looks good. Healthy. She went through a bad bout with stage 4 cancer.

Spent yesterday afternoon writing. This week’s KONK Life column. Illegal Human Trafficking. Not about young girls being scooted away for prostitution purposes. Column has to do with Uber.  An interesting expose. Tied Key West in at the end. Worth reading.

Watched the Women’s World Cup last night. Great American team! Made me proud.

How do I intend spending my 80th birthday? The same as any other day. It got me this far. Might as well stay with it. The anti-gravity treadmill at 11. Then a pedicure and manicure. Not because it is my birthday. It is time. Followed by Publix. The cupboard and refrigerator bare. The freezer close behind.

Tonight is Happy Birthday dinner at Lisa’s. Robert and Ally will make me feel special.

Greece. Yesterday’s vote says it all. The Greek people refuse to be defecated on any further. They have said loud and clear…..We won’t take it anymore!

What next? Going to be interesting.

Enjoy your day! My birthday!