The Supreme Court has represented the ultimate in the law. Revered. Respected. Till now. Its shortcomings have become overwhelming. People are losing faith in the institution.

Properly so.

The powers to be who “make” Supreme Court Justices are primarily at fault. They have spent more than 50 years working to change the composition of the Court. They stuck to their game plan.

They succeeded!

The Court now unquestionably 6-3 conservative. Actually, far right conservative. Rigid in its interpretation of the law. Its decisions heavily favoring corporations, the wealthy, and white America.

Nothing is forever. The 50 year plus subterfuge that brought the Court to this point is becoming increasingly evident.

The pendulum always swings back. The trip has begun. It may take 20 years, but it will occur.

The very recent Texas Federal District Court decision re the new Texas abortion law represents nothing short of an open rebuke to the Court. It formally made evident what has been known for a long time. Something was wrong at the highest levels of the law in the U.S.

The Supreme Court has always been protected by a wall of it could do no wrong. It was omnipotent. Even if you disagreed with a decision, it must be the correct one. The Court in its divine wisdom never erred.

Cracks have been appearing ever so slightly in the past 10-15 years in that wall. So slight they were difficult to see. Now distinct and clear.

There is dissension on the Court. Not healthy. However in this instance welcome. The Court is and has been sick. Time to make it healthy again and return it to its proper place in the governmental hierarchy.

Evidence that things are not kumbaya within the Court are the three recent appearances by far right Justices explaining nothing was wrong with the Court, their decisions were by the book, etc. In the past two weeks, Justices Alito, Thomas and Coney have separately made such appearances.

The U.S. government at every level needs a housecleaning. What is happening now is the beginning.

Enjoy your day!


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