Steve Bannon has been indicted. He appears before a federal judge tomorrow in Washington for arraignment. The arraignment is only the end of the  beginning. Do not expect the criminal case to move with speed unless the judge arranges for it to so move.

The charges are criminal in nature. His case will proceed as all federal criminal cases do. It will be governed by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

If Bannon’s intent is to delay, the Rules provide the many steps he can invoke. It is his right to take advantage of them. Which means under normal circumstances, it will take around 2 years for Bannon’s case to reach the trial stage.

Not to the advantage of the righteous. The good guys will lose out if the case proceeds in the usual fashion.

On the other hand, Bannon likes to talk. He enjoys pontificating. He is happy for the world to know his desire to to see all established governments overturned. From the U.S. to the Vatican. It gives him a kick!

Where am I going? Bannon may not take the steps available to delay. He may want to sit before the January 6 Committee and mouth off his thoughts. Unafraid. The Committee will first have to offer him immunity. Which it would.

The man is a neo-Nazi at heart. Interesting in itself. Recall that Trump’s first wife said Donald kept a book authored by Hitler at his bedside. He read a bit from it each evening at bed time.

Whether Bannon appears is immaterial in one respect. He considers the indictment in itself a “badge of respect.” The way the man thinks.

Thus far it sounds like Bannon will control the procedures/time frame of the charges. The judge however can take control of the case time wise this week.

Two ways.

The judge can “fast track” the case. Move the time for Bannon to exercise his rights per the Rules. Shorten the statutory time tables.

Another way exists. Cases have imposed on them “scheduling orders.” The judge can say ok guys, we are going to wrap all pre-trial procedures up in 2 months fo example. All motions by such and such a date. At the same time, he can schedule the trial for a day certain. A day 2 months hence.

I have a concern. The trial judge is a Trump appointee.

I wonder how many of those indicted in big time federal cases can afford the attorney fees. They are overwhelming! Washington, D.C. is not known to be cheap. Additionally, I am not aware of Bannon’s source of income at the moment. Does he work! Have a job?

He may not have a job. However he does have very wealthy benefactors who believe he is correct in what he is doing to overthrow the government.

Two examples. Guo Wengui and Rebekah Harris.

Wengui is a Chinese billionaire.

Harris is part of the Mercer family. She is a Breitbart heiress.

The January 6 Committee will only be successful if everything moves swiftly. Delay means death to the purposes of the Committee.

A new term has become part of the English language. “Great Resignation.”

It refers to the large number of people who are quitting their jobs and looking for a better one. The number is overwhelming.

In September alone, 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs. Most from the middle class. They learned they were more valuable to employers based on their COVID experiences.

All seek a better job with better pay.

Gas prices have dipped recently. Though not dramatically. They still remain more than $1 higher than at this time last year.

The average cost of a gallon of gas today is $3.41. One year ago, $2.12.

Saturday Night Live did a number on Tom Cruz last night. A Tom Cruz/Big Bird skit.

Cruz deserves no better. His time in the Senate has continually diminished in quality since he took office. Down to debating with Big Bird the most recent example.


The opening line to Moby-Dick.

Moby-Dick was published this day 1851. It is considered a great American classic. The Story of Captain Ahab and his quest to catch a giant white whale.

Last night was Syracuse football. Tonight, Syracuse basketball.

May the basketball team do better than the football team did last night. Syracuse lost to Louisville 41-3. Never expected it. Actually thought Syracuse would win. The team was only a 3 point underdog going into the game.

Syracuse’s offense and defense both stunk. That is why Syracuse took the beating they did.

I expect the basketball team will win tonight. One hell of a team!

Syracuse plays Drexel at 5. Syracuse is a 16 point favorite.

I am a bit concerned, however. Syracuse scored 97 points in its opener earlier in the week. Drexel scored in excess of 100 points in its opener.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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