Does Trump ever stop? His every move leads to another despotic act. We learn more and more the nature of the man. Evil without ending.

Color forever an issue in the U.S. More intense under Trump.

I always thought black was not a color. Rather the absence of color. Researching a bit this morning to see if I was correct, I learned black is a color. Just as much as other colors.

With tongue in cheek, it could be we are all persons of color. If black is color and white also, each of us qualifies as being a person of color.

So maybe we all will be sent back. Except for the American Indian, we are all either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.

Humor aside, Trump always goes a step too far. No matter what he does. During the 2016 Clinton campaign it was Lock Her Up. Today with Congresswoman Omar it is Send Her Back.

I fear tomorrow will return to send her to jail again.

Trump’s bigotry is obvious. A person has to be deaf and dumb not to be aware of it. One of the reasons forming the basis for hating/disliking persons of color is that soon persons of color will be the majority of people in the U.S. Whites will take a back seat forever more.

The 2020 Presidential election may be the white man’s “last hurrah.”

More persons of color than whites is soon to be. The Brookings Institute in a recent report stated that next year more than half of the under 18 population would reflect coloreds exceeding whites in the U.S. The report further indicated that within a decade, the under 30 colored population will be the majority.

Many whites fear. Properly so. What goes around, comes around.

The first time it was Lock Her Up. This time Send Her Back. Where does it stop?Will jail actually become the third step in cycle?

I have written and said in the past 2 years that Trump’s ICE is Hitler’s Gestapo of the 1930’s. Trump continues to increase the powers of ICE.

In the next 2 years, will we have reached the point of fearing a knock on the door in the middle of the night?

A scary thought. Not inconceivable.

How much time before such a confrontation? I don’t know, but I fear. A country that can detain immigrants, separate children from parents, allow immigrants to live under inhumane conditions, have drinking water provided to children from toilets, leave children with no change of clothes, no bathing, no tooth brushes, permit them to sleep on a cold concrete floor, etc., has already begun stepping over the line.

What is Trump’s ethnicity?

German and Scotch. I researched it this morning.

There was a time however when the Trumps feared being identified as Germans. They said they were of Scotch ancestry. Trump’s mother Mary Anne MacLeod was born in Scotland. His father Fred in Germany.

Trump even wrote in the Art of the Deal which was published in 1987 that he was of Scottish ancestry. Later he spoke at some big dinner and told everyone he was proud to be a German.

I’m not surprised. I recall his first wife mentioning he kept a book by Hitler on his nightstand. Not Mein Kampf. Another whose title I cannot recall.

Irma is still with us. The hurricane hit September 10, 2017. Just short of 2 years ago.

It was announced yesterday the Marine Removal Debris has approved 76 additional canals to be cleaned. Hurricane debris and sediment removed. Federal dollars involved. The Feds pay and the County oversees the spending of the money.

The U.S. is excited about the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Man walking on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Key West is having a big party. At the same time Hemingway Days is downtown.

A Lunar Landing Lawn Party will be held saturday night at the complex of the relatively new motels on Northern Boulevard. All kinds of activities followed by an 8 pm showing of First Men starring Ryan Gosling.

Nero keeps getting blamed for having burned Rome. Not so.

Most of Rome was destroyed by fire in 64 A.D. Fallacy tells us Nero had the fire started, watched Rome burn from the palace, and played the fiddle while so doing.

Could not have been. The fire accidentally began. The fiddle had not yet been invented. Nero was not at the palace. Rather 35 miles away in Antiam when the fire broke out.

Good hearted a man however. Nero let the people of Rome use the palace for shelter following the fire.

Nero was a true politician. The Christians were giving him a hard time. He blamed the fire on them. They were arrested, tortured, and executed. Hundreds of them.

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4 comments on “SEND HER BACK…..NEXT JAIL

  1. The latest hot Trump stuff is merely Trump pandering to the core beliefs of his base in order to garner their votes.

  2. Trump appears to believe that he has achieved some kind of major breakthrough with N Korea. If true, he really is coo coo. If his base believes this, they need to look at something besides Fox News.

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