It is just after 7 in the morning. I should be doing my relatively new blog talk radio show. I am not. Why? Because I am mechanically inept. I can’t get in!

I am irritated all get out! For you that intended to listen. For me.

I got up at 4 this morning for a 7 o’clock show. I was nervous.

There was really nothing to do. I was totally prepared. All that remained was call in, add my host pin, and host ID. At that point, I am ready to talk, host the show. Not today. I could not get past the host pin #. I am calling the correct number. Then, I do not know. My way is blocked at that point.

I am sure it is me.

I woke Sloan and said help. She tried at her end to get in. Did it with no problem. So, it is definitely me!

Sloan will be here this afternoon at 5 to walk me through the procedure again.

Once again, my fault. Mea culpa.

Be not discouraged. Try again next week. Please.

What else but the football game last night! Alabama and Notre Dame. No question who won. I felt sorry for Notre Dame. Not in the same league as Alabama. The sport pundits were correct.

I do not have to tell you what a big deal it has to be to win the #1 college bowl game or the professional Super Bowl. I have been privileged over the years to know winning team players from both levels. All proud of the victory. All quick to show their champion rings.

It was obvious that for each player that day was THE day. THE day the to be remembered the rest of their lives.

Key West weather continues to be outstanding. Eighyt again yesterday. Very unusual for this time of year. Normally, this is long pants and sweat shirt time. Some evenings, even a heavy jacket. For whatever reason, we are blessed this year.

I am going to feel terrible all day till I see Sloan. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I have everything printed out for me. Specific directions step by step. It bugs me!

Enjoy your day!

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