Santa Claus is coming to Key West! Watch for him saturday. He will be in the annual Key West Christmas Parade.

In fact, there will be several Santa Claus’s. In addition to a couple of Mrs. Claus’s.

The parade begins at 7 on Truman. Then to Duval. Long. Adults and kids dressed in Christmas gear and riding floats. The floats throwing out candy to the children sitting on the curbs along the way.

At my age, I have traveled much and seen Christmas parades in many towns. Key West’s is the best! Without question!

Not sure what makes it so. Could be the local enthusiasm. Everyone into the evening.

I enjoyed watching the NATO meeting in London yesterday and so far this morning. Donald got put in his place. Finally.

Trump disrupts. Causes problems. Problems where not existed before he expressed himself.

If I were to guess, I would believe the leaders of some of the other countries got together and decided they would not brook Trump’s ways anymore.

Trump arrived quietly and gentlemanly. He must have seen the handwriting on the wall. He was going to be nice.

His mouth still got the better of him.

Macron literally knocked him on his ass. Macron, Johnson, Trudeau and Rutte made fun of him at a reception. It was caught on camera. Oral reception not good. It went viral 2 hours ago.

Trump got away with nothing. At one point, he attempted to make a joke at a meeting. Macron snapped back, “Be serious.”

Other leaders know what Trump is and have decided not to put up with him. Too many important matters are at stake world wide, including peace.

The New York Times described yesterday’s NATO meeting as “a surprising role reversal.”

An hour from now, the House Intelligence committee will deliver its report to the House Judiciary Committee. The next step in the impeachment process.

Going to be interesting.

Pay special attention to how the Republicans behave. I assume they will continue to be “bullies.” They will try to be disruptive.

I worry Judiciary Chairman Nadler might not be able to handle them.

The 300 page report seems to have more than was exposed publicly during the hearings. Telephone logs for one. Considered extremely important.

The logs indicate Giuliani involvement. Surprisingly, Congressman Nunes also.

From the beginning of the Mueller investigation, I have on occasion mentioned money would ultimately be found to be at the bottom of everything. I still believe so.

Via money laundering.

In recent days, I have thrown drugs into the mix. Prompted by John Bolton’s reference to a “drug deal.”

Anything possible here.

I am 84. I am lucky. Few things bother me. Syracuse basketball does, however.

It happened again last night! Syracuse lost to Iowa 68-54. Fourth loss in a row.

If this keeps up, I will be joining Mighty Casey and the “no joy” aspect of the game.

There is a french fry problem. During the next year, there will be fewer and those available for sale may be more expensive.

A potato shortage following a weak potato harvest. Cold temperatures and the impact of Hurricane Dorian responsible.

Canada affected, aalso.

The U.S. potato harvest down 6.1 percent this year. Canada even more. Eighteen percent. Idaho is the U.S.’s top potato producer. Its harvest down 5.5 percent.

Trump raves how employment is the highest ever. He is absolutely correct. One problem, however. More important than the number of jobs, is what the jobs pay. U.,S. job numbers have more Popeye workers who make chicken sandwiches, McDonald hamburger workers, etc. than jobs that pay a family wage or better.

Numbers do not lie.

The quality of U.S. jobs since 1990 suck. Most low wage jobs. It seems the economy is limited to primarily creating only poor paying jobs.

In the past 30 years, two thirds of all jobs were low paying ones. Half of all U.S. workers make less than $33,000 a year. At the same time that the cost of living has steadily increased. Housing costs, health insurance and other basic necessities have risen faster than paychecks.

Economists believe 30 years of low paying jobs is one of the biggest factors in the systematic erosion of the middle class.

Temperature better this morning. Seventy two degrees at 7 am. The high today will be 76.

Loved doing last night’s Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Great topics hard hit! If you have never listened, do so next week. Tuesday night at 9. A quick moving half hour.

Enjoy your day!




  1. If people are willing to work for low wages, then that is what they will get. Business is business and love is BS.
    Time to organize, go union.

  2. Yes, it’s time for Unions to level the field again, it won’t happen without them. The pendulum needs to swing back again in favor of the worker, not the corporations, they’re now the ones abusing the system.

    • Labor Unions have been the most important element in improving ALL workers lives. Advancements have been made far beyond wages and extended through time to health, safety, pension, fair workplace, safe workplace and anti child labor laws. Frankly the future of Unionism is in the white collar fields, the only truly growing sector.

  3. Obviously union gains have spread to the non-union sectors.
    The owners have yielded to those benefits in order to keep their own employees from unionizing, not because it was the right thing to do.

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