The python update a simple one. The pythons continue to win. Florida continues to fail to eradicate them.

The Florida problem involves Burmese pythons. They are not native to Florida. Nor any part of the U.S. for that matter. Their natural habitat is South Asia and China.

The first Burmese pythons were discovered in Florida in 1979 in the Everglades. Thought to have been “escapees” from capture. Pythons that were kept as pets and decided to abandon their human abode.

The first Burmese pythons were discovered in the Keys in 2007. One in Key Largo and one in Key West. The Key West one resting near a landing strip at the airport. It is not anticipated Burmese pythons will make it into the Keys in any significant numbers. They are fresh water beings, not salt.

The Florida problem occurred in 1992. Hurricane Andrew the culprit. Andrew was a Category 5. Wiped out Homestead. Pet pythons kept in the homes destroyed were blown helter skelter. Most homes were leveled. Ninety nine percent plus. I drove through Homestead 3 weeks post Andrew. You would have thought a nuclear bomb had fallen on the community.

The pet pythons were blown everywhere, though primarily into the Everglades.

They settled in. Became comfortable. Promiscuous by nature, screwed their brains out. Florida failed to pay attention. The number now exceeds one million. They will never be eradicated. Too many.

Florida failed to timely deal with the problem. Now that it is trying, it deals with it the same way it does with most other problems. Ass upside down.

The Burmese python is a sort of protected species in Florida. Cannot be shot. Cannot be frozen. Cannot be run over by a car. They must be “humanly euthanized.” A two step process. The first is the python must be rendered unconscious by a shot to the head. Not by a real gun. Rather by a captive bolt or air gun. The second step is to disable the python’s brain by jamming a screwdriver, pick or spike into the python’s head to smash its brain.

The python must be killed where it is captured. It is prohibited to transport live pythons.

Florida puts money into the capture and killing of Burmese pythons. For several years now, the State has conducted a Python Challenge. Last year’s brought 1,000 participants out for the hunt. Dollar prices awarded. The 1,000 captured a total of 209. A losing proposition.

The 2024 Python Challenge will be during the summer. The exact date has not been scheduled yet.

Go Florida!

Enjoy your day!

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