I shopped at the Key West Publix located at Key Plaza 4 times last week. Not to buy a ton of groceries. Spent in the area of $30 each time. Rather to prove to myself the wonderous result of the aortic heart valve replacement surgery I underwent last month. Three years ago, I had to strop shopping on my own. Even using the cane, I could only walk one aisle one way and then rest for at least 10 minutes before I could make the return trip to the front of the store. My body physically could not physically walk one aisle back and forth. Forget doing the whole store!

So for 3 years, I have been ordering my groceries over the internet and delivered to my home.

Now I can walk the whole store, without a cane, and experience no problem in doing so.

Wonder of wonders! 

On my saturday trip, I stopped at the canned fruit section. Two middle aged men were discussing how expensive food had become. We all know! One was extremely upset. Pissed best describes his attitude. He said sternly, “I voted for the good guy the last time. Not this time. I already know who I am going to vote for.”

A Trump vote obviously.

Biden has done an excellent job as President. He has not solved all the problems, however. Two which affect and impact the everyday person: The cost of groceries and gasoline. Groceries are a tough issue. So many things involved. I doubt he can deal with it between now and the election. The cost of gasoline can be handled. The price went down dramatically. Now rising again. About 60 cents a gallon. He should be able to deal with the gasoline issue by election time.

My fellow voters, you can’t have everything. Overall, Biden has done an excellent job. Trump not a valid alternative. If Trump were to be elected, the U.S. would become as Hitler’s Germany was. Grocery costs non-consequential in comparison.

Trump said this past week it would be a “great honor to be jailed for violating a court order.” He dared Judge Merchan to throw him i jail.

Is this the type person we want leading our country? No way!

In the same speech where he dared the Judge to jail him, he compared himself to Nelson Mandela. Recall Mandela was a black political prisoner who became the first President of post-apartheid South Africa.

Mandela spent 28 years in prison, the first 18 primarily in solitary. Thereafter, South Africa elected him President.

Let Trump do 28 years in prison before becoming President. Let him “earn” the position as Mandela did. Then his comparison to Mandela might be valid.

Trump lies again. Big time! At a rally in New Hampshire last week he said, “While Joe Biden is pushing the largest tax hike in American history – you know, he wants to quadruple your taxes.”

The lie: Biden has not proposed quadrupling taxes. In fact, he has vowed not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, is downplaying the January 6 attack. He claims there is “little evidence of a true insurrection” and falsely claimed no weapons were brought by rioters. He later backed off on the no weapons representation. 

We saw the insurrection on TV. What else was it? I pained to see my Capitol/your Capitol defiled and disgraced. Apparently it did not bother nor seem that way to RFK Jr. Shocking a Kennedy could be so blind to the truth of the incident.

Another good month employment wise. A gigantic plus for Biden!

Employers added 303,000 jobs in March. The number soared past expectations.

The unemployment rate fell slightly to 3.8 percent. The 3.8 percent extended the longest stretch of unemployment below 4 percent to 50 years.

The NCAA Ladies Championship Basketball Game played yesterday. South Carolina defeated Iowa 87-75. I thought Iowa would win. South Carolina was unquestionably the better team, however. The victory allowed South Carolina to finish the season undefeated. Their record 34-0.

Tonight the NCAA Men’s Championship Game. Purdue and Connecticut. Two great teams.

The eclipse today. Be careful. Do not foolishly danger your eyes. Not worth it. 

Otherwise, enjoy your day!


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