Selling body parts is big business worldwide. Lucrative. Four years ago, I wrote an article and did a TV show concerning the subject.


There has been little news concerning the subject since that time. Until last week.


The sale of body parts is a crime. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. A federal crime.


Yet a person can decide pre-death if he or she wants a certain body part to be preserved and forwarded for use to a person in need. Such is legal. As long as the donating person and hospital and staff removing the organ do not receive payment.


The organs are generally sent to a corporation that specializes in seeing where the organs are needed, who is to receive the next one, etc. That organization may charge.


This past week it was discovered Planned Parenthood sells the human tissue of aborted fetuses. Also, intact body parts from partial birth abortions. The tissue makes available cells for different body organs. The intact body parts include the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver. Plus, and this is the big one, calvarium. Calvarium is the technical term for an intact body head.


Planned Parenthood and its affiliates perform removals. The national Planned Parenthood arranges procedures and details.


Planned Parenthood is paid for the cells and body parts. Anywhere from $30 to $100. The purchasing company arranges for subsequent sales. Such sales legal. At astounding prices. A vial of two million fresh cells sells for $1,932. Frozen cells, $1,840. Liver tissue as much as $23,000. The purchasers generally pharmaceutical houses.


There is the legal term informed consent. It requires in this instance the knowledge and permission of the donor to donate a body part. Query: Are women going in for an abortion made aware that the fetus’ body parts will be sold?


Plan Parenthood’s selling of aborted baby cells and body parts has been going on for years. Very few persons outside the network of those involved knew. How this knowledge came to the world’s attention this past week is interesting.


There was an undercover meeting involving one of the heads of Planned Parenthood and two movie actors. The movie actors represented they were interested in doing business with Planned Parenthood for body parts. A luncheon meeting in a public place. Nothing fancy.


Dr. Deborah Nuctalola was the Planned Parenthood representative. Dr. Nuctalola spoke openly and knowingly. She responded to questions asked in a similar fashion. Even to the extent of explaining how care had to be taken in the partial birth situations to avoid damaging the organ. Note that it is a crime to perform an abortion in such fashion as to intentionally preserve a certain body part.


The video can be found on the Internet.


The video reminded me of a movie made several years ago involving leading Germans sitting around a conference table quietly and matter of factly discussing the final elimination of Jews via gas chambers. Feelings and morality nonexistent in the movie and video. If anything, the video reflected a person proud of the fashion in which the business of removing aborted fetal tissue and body parts was done. The Doctor’s was a professional presentation in an informal setting.


The U.S. Congress has called for hearings by July 31.


Margaret Sanger is recognized as the mother of Planned Parenthood. The fetal tissue/body organ discovery has opened Sanger to closer scrutiny. She is long dead, having passed away in 1966.


The information concerning Sanger includes her being anti-black, having participated in Klu Klux Klan meetings, being a believer that only the fittest should survive, all others sterilized and /or segregated via concentration camps. She supported Nazi doctrines and euthanasia.


The exposure of Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted fetus tissue and body parts and Sanger’s background were precipitated by the recent South Carolina Confederate flag issue. It is called action and reaction. You hurt me, I hurt you.


  1. I followed you until you arrived at your conclusion. I have to disagree. What the planned parenthood ghouls are doing has absolutely nothing to do with a stupid flag. Any attempt to waterdown or detract from the immoral and illegal activities planned parenthood officials are clearly engaged is shameful, and beneath you.

  2. How a flag and planned parenthoods long time activities, eugenics, and margaret sanger can be compared is one hell of a stretch even for the liberal mind.
    Its now time to stop funding planned parenthood and change some laws regarding abortion. Hopefully the pendulum will now start to swing back where it belongs.

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