Today a most solemn day in Christianity. The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ.

Now, another crucifixion. The crucifixion of the people of the United States because of a lack of testing.

Simple. Not difficult to understand.

We have been promised millions of test its, we have received nowhere near the number. In a very recent article, Newsweek spelled it out very clearly. Trump promised 27 million tests by the end of March. Only 1 million tests have been performed.

Trump tells us testing under control. Anyone that wants one, can get it. Good luck! Try!

Inadvertently, Trump is condemning many to death. Reminds me of Pontius Pilate. However Pilate knew what he was doing. Washed his hands of the Christ problem.

Trump does not know what he is doing. I believe he believes the testing numbers he and the Task Force spell out are real.

Sadly, the right hand does not know what the left is doing.

Much to cover this morning. The balance of the blog is a sort of Morning Stew. I am laying things out as they appear in my notes. No special order involved.

Everyone in the world seems to not working. Stay at home world wide. I am assuming such because of the number of e-mails I am getting every day and people who want to be friends on Facebook. Yesterday, somewhere around 100 on Facebook alone.

Most from lonely persons. Like me, like you.

Some weird, however.

I received this morning a scary one. With photo. Odd in nature. Contained a young man in a pit. Surrounded by snakes. At least 50. All kinds. Even cobras. He was picking them up by hand and throwing them around.

Friends like this I do not need.

Someone sent an e-mail yesterday. Publix aisles are now one way. Yes, one way up, the next one way down.

Frankly, a good idea. The  K-Mart store is old and the aisles a bit tight.

I keep waiting for Trump and Dr. Fauci to split. How long can Fauci put up with the misinformation Trump spouts.

Fauci was quoted yesterday re hand washing. His message: Wash your hands frequently. There must be “absolute compulsive hand washing.”

The recent $2 billion plus stimulus. One portion deals with a $350 billion allocation. One third has been committed. Not a penny distributed yet. Reminds me of the wench during the French Revolution who non caringly said: “Let them eat cake (bread).”

Who cares!

The $350 billion had to do with small businesses retaining employees on the payroll for 8 weeks. The government would reimburse any employer who did it.

The U.S. is the smartest and most advanced nation in the world. We keep telling ourselves. Trump keeps saying it. However with this coronavirus thing, our country looks totally inept.

Too many infected and too many have died.

Greece on the other hand has numbers to be envied. Just over 1,900 infected and only 86 dead.

Why the difference?

Attorney General Barr is a disgrace. He is Trump’s pet dog. Dances to the master’s tune.

Yesterday, Barr said the U.S. must stop the “cartels” from taking advantage of the U.S during the pandemic. Are the drug dealers coming over the border again? Is this a cry for more wall funding? A guise?

A few days earlier, Barr said the measures (distance between persons, stay at home, etc.) were “draconian” measures “not fully justified.”

He looked upon these measures as people doing what they want. He commented “he” would permit such actions till the end of April and then decide what to do.

Sounds like he’s Trump’s mouthpiece in pushing people to get back to work.

Another 6.6 million applied for unemployment last week. In a 3 week period, just under 17 million have applied. There will be more this week.

Keep in mind a nation can only “print” so much money before its economy collapses. There is only so much that can be done in trying to keep the economy afloat and people surviving economically. A house built on sand must fall.

Respect is a big thing with me. There are various ways of showing disrespect. Like the President coming out for his Task Force 5 pm meetings late most days. If not all.

He disrespects the people of the U.S. His people. We all wait with baited breath for today’s news from the horse’s mouth, whether we agree with him or not.

The $2.3 trillion stimulus package was supposed to be a “go” immediately. No one has received a check yet nor monies from a small business loan application.

Mnuchin says stimulus checks will go out by 4/17. Kudlow says in 2 weeks.

Again, the right hand does not know what the left is doing.

We were told when the stimulus package was being negotiated and passed the checks would be direct deposited. Turns out not quite the case.

Direct deposit in only one instance. To those who filed 2018 or 2019 tax returns AND sent direct deposit information to the IRS at that time.

After that, only paper checks will be sent. People will have to deposit and wait for them to clear.

Paper checks will not go out immediately. They will be stretched over a period of time to 9/11 based on a person’s adjusted gross income.

No mention of checks that are supposed to go to those who are on Social Security and have not filed a tax return.

Small business loans were to have been processed within 3 days. No way, Jose! The funds are frozen waiting for the government and banks to get on the same wave length. The allocation/grant is one thing. Actual cash flow to the small business owner another.

I have been warning of a food shortage. There are signs. Especially when people are out of work and cannot pay for groceries. Eventually, the supermarkets suffer and then the farmers. In the end, no one can afford anything. It will be Greece all over.

Star of the Sea on Stock Island is a food pantry. Business booming! Food free! Most people have not received a pay check in 3 weeks.

Tom Callahan is a volunteer at the food pantry. He said, for most it’s “the first time they have ever needed a food pantry.”

The volume of food involved requires fork lifts to move around.

There are several food pantrys in Monroe County. The Key West one is expecting at least 1,000 cars on monday.

May Johnson still sick. Getting better, however. Out of bed for a bit.

She reported in her diary for this date 1896: “Got dressed this morning and sat up awhile, went back to bed and there stayed.”

A sad day in world history. On this day in 1912, the RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton on its ill fated trip.

Today is my Father’s birthday. He died at the age of 98. Had he lived, he would have been 106 today.

Happy birthday Dad!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, you say “The U.S. is the smartest and most advanced nation in the world. We keep telling ourselves. Trump keeps saying it.” I’m not sure that’s so true anymore. We shipped China nearly 18 tons of medical supplies at the beginning of February and some say more in the early part of March. I’ve read that some of these supplies are actually now being shipped back to us (states) and that much of that stuff is defective. You are right Lou, when you say “However with this coronavirus thing our country looks totally inept.” and in more way than one.

    • Comprehension problems? Your response makes no sense. Trump (he’s the top, right?) is taking credit for everything he thinks is good, but the facts are that things aren’t actually good! How does your comment fit that or even cover the gap?

    • I don’t think the fact that it comes from top or bottom plays to Lou’s statement that we like to think of ourselves as always so great, and the response to that suggested otherwise has ANYTHING to do with top or bottom, other than maybe illustrating proof of both in conflict with the other. I think whoever responded about it being at the bottom and “not at the ones at the top” has comprehension problems not only with Lou’s original statement and the response, but also with his/her own response as well+!

  2. Regarding testing. I don’t get it. Why do people think they need to be tested if they don’t have symptoms? If you tested negative yesterday, are you still okay today? The US has never, ever tested the general population for any disease. Let the hospitals and paramedics test as needed. The rest of us don’t need to wait in line for a drive-up test through a car window. That’s just stupid.

    • No tests are being done, unless you are showing symptoms. Your argument is strictly a false FOX news talking point – something to keep those in the bubble angry and occupied.

  3. Don’t move. Stay home. Have it or not, you will find out in a few weeks. If you can’t breathe much, then call 911.

  4. There is no need to be tested unless you’re showing symptoms. What are you wanting–tested today, with no symptoms, then tested tomorrow, with no symptoms, then tested the 3rd day, with no symptoms. Ridiculous.

    Just stay home.

    If you are essential, get tested if/when you show symptoms. If you are not showing symptoms, see first paragraph above.

    • People simply are not getting tested if they don’t have symptoms, just a conspiracy theory.

      Truth is a lot of people WITH symptoms are NOT getting tested, because we have a huge serious problem with NOT having enough legit tests to test with, regardless of what the PRESIDENT of the united states Donald Trump says, or has said.

      The reason because we do not have (Drive Thru) testing at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or CVS. Like Trump promised back in the middle of March, is because we did not then, nor do we have now, enough tests available to even test those with symptoms.

      • Just a conspiracy theory? Two days ago a drive-up testing station opened in my city. It is staffed by a local hospital. To be tested you do not need to have symptoms. No prescription or doctors order is required. They seem to have plenty of test kits.

        • Oy, you must be in the only city in the entire world where staff from the local hospital is plentiful enough (and with nothing else to do) but man a mobile drive through caronavirus testing station.

          Are you sure you didn’t just p@ss a taco truck and mistake a patron in a mask with a hotdog, who looked kinda like a doctor, for one of Trumps promised (but never delivered) instant karma caronavirus checking station?

          • The city is Daytona Beach
            Tha test site is at the Daytona International Speedway
            The site is staffed by employees of AdventHealth hospital
            They can test up to 500 people per day
            Online registration is required before showing up
            People who are symptomatic have priority
            Others will be tested based on age, vulnerability, occupation and other pertinent factors

        • I am an ER doctor in NJ, I can @ssure you there are not enough CaronaVirus test kits available to test even just those who come into the ER on stretchers, let alone those coming in thinking they have the disease and need to be tested. If you think people are legitimately being tested without showing signs of infection, you are wrong, either mistakenly so or with some less than honest intent. Stop this crap, we need a level and honest approach to this emergency and not some BS crackpot political stunt.

          • Dr Danny
            I couldn’t help but notice that you, as an ER doctor ,did not spell coronavirus correctly. Nor did you refer to it as COVID-19, which most doctors prefer because it is more accurate. I also wonder how an ER doctor from NJ has the time and energy to post blog comments. But if you are legit then I commend you and all the doctors, nurses, hospital staff and first responders for being on the front lines against this disease. Wishing you all success and good health.

            • Mr. Anonymouz, I really am an ER doc in NJ and everything I said in my post is true and accurate, apart from the inadvertent typo. I find it sadly interesting that rather than listening to what I had to say, you instead chose to personally smear me for EXACTLY what we here call this disease (CoronaVirus), especially with the public and a “typo” spelling error. We simply do not need people like you misrepresenting, even a little, the problem itself or those of us who are working to save lives for those who find themselves in harms way.

        • The Daytona Speedway popup testing facility opened yesterday April 10th, although you said “Two days ago a drive-up testing station opened in my city.” It is also made clear (YOUTUBE) that you had to show symptoms to qualify for the test. However wonderful it is that this testing facility has finally opened, it is no where near what was promised (back in March), what was expected, or what is needed and certainly not what you implied with your post.

          • I can’t comment on whatever was promised, expected or needed across the country. I don’t know. But here in Central Florida drive-up testing is becoming widely available. In addition to the Daytona location, testing is already available or will open on Monday in several new locations, such as Orange City, Deltona and Deland. Walgreens and Walmart are getting ready to open testing sites. CVS and Target will also have sites.
            Naturally, the testing is meant for those who are symptomatic. Most testing sites will require that you meet the CDC guidelines for testing. But there is no statewide regulatory agency overseeing these sites. Eligibility for testing may vary.
            You can criticize my posts here as misleading if you wish. The important thing for me is that a lot of drive-up testing is becoming available, thus relieving some pressure on the overtaxed hospital systems.

            • Yes, and important for the rest of us too. Had your original post been this post, No one would have challenged you or considered you a troll or the snarky b@srtard you appeared then!

  5. The Denver post is reporting that FEMA forced Colorado’s 500 Ventilator order (from the manufacturer) canceled, then shipped them 100 (at a higher cost) with great fan fair from Trump as a special “request of (Colorado) Senator Gardner!” who, btw is up for reelection this fall.

    • Yes, here in Colorado, people are really getting pissed off and Fed Up+ with Trump.

      www .

  6. Reports are that 80% of those put on ventilators are dying.
    Also tests are giving a lot false results. Stay in your house, period.

  7. Wow! Lou’s blog is all doom and gloom today. Sounds like we are all going to live in poverty until we starve to death. I think I’ll just pour me a cup of hemlock and drink it down right now. Farewell, cruel world!

    • Lou is not too far off base. We have just been literally sucker punched as a nation. The longterm consequences will be severe and traumatic. Couple that with the fact we have no national leadership, basically the Three Stooges in charge and a totally divided nation and Lou’s pessimism is not off base.

      But, you can always just turn off the TV, internet and go smell the flowers…but wear a mask.

    • You phony troll. This is serious and you are more interested in starting crap.

      If you are not happy with the way things are happening, leave. Go to Italy you jerk!

      • If you are talking to me you need a serious chill pill as you are in search of a heart attack.

        If you are commenting on Marie’s post I believe she was using irony during a tough time. Certainly allowed.

  8. If you are showing the symptoms that we all know by now, what do you need a test for? Lock yourself down in your house for the next 2 weeks and quit bothering everybody.

  9. No Zen, that’s just how reply’s are placed, time succession as it is. It was meant to that “Marie” person, a name that Patrick or his surrogate has used recently in other different posts. I don’t believe for one moment he has an ounce of irony in his complete soul. He is a snowflake above all else and is constantly complaining that Lou should always be talking about things Key West and never about anything politics, usually after a day when his (Patrick, Sandy, etc. have been caught lying in some post they’ve made). I happen to agree with you, We need to be realistic about this problem and get it done!

  10. Sorry. I didn’t mean to upset anyone. With all the gloomy stuff that We are dealing with, sometimes you just have to look at it with a bit of wry humor. I drank my hemlock and I’m going to go lay down now.

  11. As Tammy said, “There is neither a cure nor any drugs available to help a person through the experience.”
    Stay in your pad and ride it out as best you can for the two weeks or so that it may take when it hits you.

    • Or longer, if that’s what it takes. We CAN do this, even without having to write a country and western song about it.

  12. If you are high risk young or old, stay home! If you are young and healthy, live your life! Go out, socialize have fun. Once you get the virus and are over it in a few days or so you will help establish the herd immunity. Let’s get this country open again! This isn’t the first year we have dealt with a flu virus!

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