I was at the Chart Room last night. Pati came running in….. Louis! I saw your car in the parking lot. Stopped in to see you.

Pati and I have  been friends for several years. First through this blog when she was in Arizona. She still reads the blog daily now that she has returned to Key West. Except for one night at Hogfish, we have only seen each other at bocce.

This was going to be a Pati/Louis night! It was not. Pati took up with the guy seated on the other side of her and ignored me. For shame!

My Chart Room time was not to be denied, however. Che and I had a long multi faceted conversation. From Fifty Shades of Grey to the Congress of 1812 to the present Greek problem to a number of other things. Mary was bartending and occasionally joined in.

The Chart Room at some point suddenly became crowded. A group of thirty from England and Ireland. Visiting Key West for two days. Not the usual Key West tourist types. They were pompous. Reminded me of a couple of years ago on the golf course. A group of English visitors were playing. We tried chatting with them afterwards. They were distant.

I was hungry. Invited Che and Pati to join me for dinner. Each had something cooking at home.

I enjoyed a meal at Outback. Read the newspapers while eating.

My yesterday started with a manicure. Tammy was her usual happy self. Her 3 year old daughter was present. No pre school yesterday. The young lady was terrific! She talked my ear off. Tammy disappointedly said that she speaks English better than Vietnamese. The way it should be, I told her.

Then to Lisa’s. Wanted to see the grandchildren. Robert and Ally had no school because of the holiday.

Ally was doing home work. She was writing a paragraph. She had to use certain words. Ally is 7.

The paragraph she had written was one sentence and took  half a page. With buts all over the place. The only punctuation was the period at the end.

It was grandfather time! My time to teach!

I asked her if she knew subject, verb and object. She did. Then why such a long sentence. Sentences are to be short. I asked if she could read her one large one sentence paragraph without having to stop to take a breath. She could not. A sign it was too long I told her.

And so it went. By the time I left, Ally was redoing everything in a proper fashion. She was also beaming at me. I could read her mind. Poppa is smart!

Stopped at Publix for a few groceries. I who never shopped groceries till I retired, has become adept at shopping. I watch for  sales, the two for ones. I do terrific!

Sloan came over late in the afternoon. We are working on blog radio. Why not!

The Petraeus thing is getting out of hand. Another general involved. This 37 year old Kelley woman in Tampa must be one hell of a lady! She has two generals emailing her!

I feel sorry for both men. So far there is nothing to the investigation. An investigation that perhaps should never have been started. Infidelity unfortunately  reaches out and touches many. What is the saying…..Woe the web we weave when first we seek to deceive.

Men of power and prominence seem unable to avoid personal mishaps.

Infidelity shoul be limited to the husband and wife. A mountain out of a moe hill appears to be occurring here.

They all do it! Most do not get caught. Some very notable have been caught. Recall David and Bathsheba. How about Clinton. Both men great leaders, nevertheless.

I have  to hustle. A hair cut scheduled for 10:30. Yesterday a manicure, today a haircut, tomorrow a doctor’s visit. I who used to run from one court room to another, one meeting to another, now live the mundane life.

Enjoy your day!


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