Felt like old times last night! I was out and about with my friend Jean Thornton.

My evening began at 5. Without Jean. We were to meet later. First a visit with Tammy for a manicure.

Tammy and husband Rick run a large operation. Tammy the boss.

Tammy is short, without question beautiful, and tough. She runs the shop.Born in Vietnam. Rick in U.S.

Every year their nail salon erects a large decorated Christmas tree. I asked Tammy if she had a tree in her home. I was shocked to hear no.  Reminded her she had children and the tree should be for them.

She disagreed and told me why. They are Buddhists.

Made sense why no tree.

Then to the Chart Room to meet Jean.

I arrived a bit early. No Jean. John the bartender not working. Some new guy Marty.

One elderly couple at the other end of the bar. Apparently first time Key Westers. Enjoying themselves.

Jean arrived. Always good to see her. Husband Joe left in the morning to return home to Birmingham.

We talked of many things. One was Irma and my escape to their Birmingham home. Me and 6 others. Stayed about 12 days.

Jean and Joe’s home lovely. I had my own room and semi private bath. I told Jean to save it for me. Never know when another Irma will arrive.

Jean laughed. She said she and Joe call the bedroom Louis’ Room. Fear not she said, it is always there for you.

The Chart Room soon filled. Many people. All tourists. All noisy and rowdy. All yelling, no simple conversation. Jean and I sitting at the bar and sometimes could not even hear each other.

Jean finally said lets go. When we got outside, she said she could not take the noise any longer.

We had agreed on dinner at Berlin’s. The bar portion to the A & B Lobster House.

Due to COVID, I have not been to Berlin’s in three years. I was a once a weeker for years prior to the pandemic.

Sean one of the bartenders. Good to  see him again. A new bartender Steve working also. Nice guy. A personality.

The food the best I have had since I began going out a bit. No comparison. Enjoyed lobster bisque. So creamy. A meal in itself. My entre grouper.

Jean and I had a terrific time. Then the 2 block walk back to my car. A bit difficult. Walking will never be the same.

Jean left me with a hug and kiss at the car and was on her way to retrieve her bicycle. Jean always bikes around town.

We made a date for saturday night. We are going to watch the Boat Christmas Parade together.

We are all familiar with the Grammys. Key West for the first time will present its version the same night as the Grammys. The Izzy’s. I don’t know where the name came from. However, it is Key West and seems appropriate for the event.

The first Izzy’s will be a big deal. Scheduled for the Key West Theater the evening of 1/30.

Even a red carpet!

Guests are asked to dress appropriately for the event. I can see the tuxedos and gowns already.

I have the sense a bit of the “old” Key West may be returning.

A Waterfront show together with the Izzy event cause me to suggest such. The Waterfront Playhouse is presenting the musical “All Is Calm: The Christmas Truce of April 19, 1914.”

Thirty songs and carols popular during World War I.

Those working on the show want to put “a human face ” on the war.

Probably will succeed. Irving Berlin’s songs alone worth the price of admission.

The show will run from 12/9-12/25.

A look at COVID’s status.

COVID is surging in certain parts of the U.S. Hospitals being overwhelmed. National Guards being looked to for assistance.

Three northeast states are involved with the National Guard. Maine, New York and New Hampshire. Maine and New York have already asked for National Guard assistance and are receiving it. New Hampshire has applied and has also asked for assistance from FEMA.

Two problems. Insufficient medical staff and bed usage reaching capacity.

The New York problems are in the northern part of New York. Even my home town Utica is having problems and receiving National Guard assistance. Bed capacity in New York’s northern part is down to less than 10 percent available capacity.

Why the spike in cases?

In Pennsylvania’s situation, hospitals are running out of beds because of the surge. Waiting time for admission is 10-20 hours in emergency rooms.

Geisinger is one of Pennsylvania’s largest health systems. It reports 90 percent of COVID patients are unvaccinated. The answer why the spike in cases!

The Republican Senate voted yesterday to rescind Biden’;s vaccination and testing mandates in companies of 100 or more employees. The vote was 52-48.

Democrats Manchin and Tester voted with the Republicans. Their failure to support Biden’s program has been described as a “symbolic act of defiance.”

I can understand with Manchin. As to Tester, I cannot understand why.

There is no concern the Senate’s bill will become law. Pelosi will probably not even introduce it in the House. If she did and it passed, it is written in stone Biden would veto it.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial could end tomorrow. It was supposed to take weeks. No more. Word is the prosecution has presented such a poor case, it is ready to throw in the towel.

We shall see.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, you got guts going to the Chart room. Aren’t you afraid Patrick will be there brown nosing, like always? I’ve stopped going altogether.

  2. Hey Lou, how about that incredible performance in women’s college swimming. Lia Thomas of Penn is breaking all the records. Who could have imagined Penn would be such the powerhouse in women’s swimming! Syracuse doesn’t stand a chance if those two schools swim against one another.

  3. For the past year, the wacko right wing Republicans and their clueless libertarian overlords have been trying to spin Biden as a loser who can’t get anything right and nothing getting done. One of their biggest lies has been that people don’t want to go back to work and are relying on government subsidies instead, as one of Lou’s tools put it, Democrats would rather suck off the government tit than get a legitimate job.

    Well the new unemployment figures, from the same people Trump claimed were accurate, now show that unemployment is at an all time low. It hasn’t been this low in 52 years.

    Once again Republicans are caught in a lie, not that that’s a surprise – they simply don’t know what they are talking about.

    Let’s go Biden !

  4. We are well into economic recovery from Covid. Roads are crowded, travel ramping up and work from home scenarios slowing shifting back to the office environment.
    The chip shortage has its effect on multiple industries and will for some time to come. What about pricing for goods and transportation?
    Is there an element of price gouging?– the government is doing little in that department. The Mom and Pop operations often face local or state fines when they bump their prices in the wake of crisis, but what about large Corporations. What will it take to get the consumer side of the economy back to normal, while the labor side is already there.

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