Saturday night in Key West can be rambunctious or quiet. Whatever one wants. It’s all here.

I opted for quiet last night. The outside bar at La Te Da. Sat in my usual corner seat. An excellent place from which to observe tourists. All happy. Communicating with each other. Everyday problems left back home. The way it should be when on vacation.

There is a slave cemetery in Key West. The only slave cemetery in the U.S.

In 1860, slavery was a violation of International Law. A U.S. vessel stopped a slave ship. In effect thereby saving its occupants from a life of servitude. The American vessel delivered 1,432 slaves to the U.S. Marshall in Key West.

Two hundred ninety four died. They were buried at what is now Higgs Beach. The years passed. The African cemetery was forgotten. People lay in the sun, children played, dogs jumped about, while beneath them lie the remains of the 294.

The remaining 1,138 were shipped to Liberia, a West African country.

Renewed awareness of the cemetery occurred in 2002. The City/County were reconnoitering the area. A dog play area and the beach were being transfixed. If memory proves correct, a significant part of the new dog run would lie over the dead.

Ground penetrating radar discovered/verified the remains. So much for the dog park there.

Studies were made. Locals became involved. The area properly recognized. Today a National Register of Historic Places site.

Also now the place where a yearly ceremony takes place recognizing those buried at the beach. An African king generally part of the assemblage.

A plaque of sorts marks the spot. Relatively small. Reads: The African Cemetery at Higgs Beach.

Recall the movie Top Gun? The 1986 hit starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. It is being remade. The sequel will bring movie goers up to date re the lives of those in the original.

Tom Cruise will return. Probably as an Admiral!

Sadly, no Kelly McGillis. She has not been asked to update her role. Another star has been selected.

For many years, Kelly McGillis was an integral part of Key West. In between making movies, she and her husband owned 3 restaurants. Kelly’s the most popular of the 3.

She was part of the Key West social life. I attended several parties she was at. Always pleasant and friendly. A sense of humor. Absolutely gorgeous.

Suddenly Kelly dropped out of everything. The restaurants were sold. She made no more movies. Moved to a Pennsylvania farm, if my memory proves correct.

Kelly returns to Key West at least once a year. She is active in the women’s tag football league. A world recognized speaker at women’s rights events.

Nothing is forever. Many come, stay a while, and then move on. Whatever, Key West was fortunate to have had Kelly McGillis as one of its own. She is fondly remembered.

Florida keeps growing. Presently the third most populous State. Just behind California and Texas.

It is estimated Florida will have 22 million residents by 2022.

The State is growing at the rate of 330,000 per year. Breaks down to 900 a day.

A new Trump book to hit the stands tuesday. Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the White House.” Manigault Newman the author. Fired unceremoniously from the White House in December.

Anti-Trump, of course.

A portion of her book involves the now famous August 17, 2017 meeting in Trump Towers where the Russians were purportedly to share some Hillary Clinton dirt.

Following the meeting, Donald Jr. sent some e-mails containing information re the meeting on Twitter.

She writes how the President as a result referred to his son Donald Jr. as a “fuckup.” The full sentence: “He is such a fuck up.” Also, “He screwed up again, but this time he’s screwing us all, big time!”

Newman visualizes Trump as an ignorant narcissist who routinely spews racially charged and sexist language.

I close with a concern. Can be described as an admonition also.

Trump will win in 2020 if the Democrats continue attacking him. The nation knows he is a “fuckup.” Democrats responding to his actions and charges only keep Trump’s name in the public eye on a daily basis.

The people want to hear about their kitchen table problems. As hard as it may be, the Democrats better start talking medical assistance for all, infrastructure, college loans, free college educations, etc. Call it whatever you like, even socialism. These are the concerns of the American people.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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