Another crazy black shooting by police. Chicago police.

The police stopped 26 year old black Dexter Reed for driving without wearing a seat belt. Reed refused to unlock his car door and not to roll up his window.

Police claim Reed shot first. One bullet hitting one officer. Police returned the one shot with 96 bullets in 41 seconds killing Reed.

The matter is under intensive investigation.

It should be!

General Christopher Cavoli oversees military operations in Europe. He testified last week before a Congressional Committee that the war in Ukraine has reached its decisive moment. He said “within weeks” Russia will hold a 10-1 advantage on military shells if the U.S. fails to approve military aid for Ukraine.

He stated simply, “The side that cannot shot back loses.”

Congressional Republicans continue to refuse to hold a vote to pass the already Senate approved monies.

Dumb! Wrong! Sick!

Chechnya is a Russian republic. It has banned “music” that is too fast or too slow. It has ruled that all music shall “correspond to a tempo of 80 to 116 beats per minute.” Which means all western rave and other type music would be banned.


Peter Maass is a columnist and book author. Wars are one of his specialties. 

He wrote an Opinion piece which was published in yesterday’s Washington Post: “I’m Jewish, and I’ve Covered wars. I Know War Crimes When I See Them.”

The thrust of his piece is summed up in this sentence: “Israel, a nation created in the wake of the Holocaust, has no right to commit war crimes in self-defense.”

Periodically the issue arises again re taking down statues and other items of recognition of Americans who owned slaves.

Thus far it has been a pick and chose. Some American notables guilty thereof not so chastised.

Twelve American Presidents owned slaves. Not all mentioned for chastisement. The twelve are George Washington (who owned 3,000 plus slaves), Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James Polk, Zachary Taylor, Andrew Johnson, and Ulysses Grant.

The Conch Republic Independence Celebration begins tomorrow. It will last longer than a week. The highlight is the Great Sea Battle at 7 pm friday April 26. Not to be missed! One of Key West’s most exciting events!

Yesterday was April 10. My Father’s birthday. He would have been 110 years old. He died at age 98.

He was in relatively good shape till the end. Mind great. Body falling apart the last couple of years.

Longevity runs on my Father’s side. His Dad lasted till 94. His sister Mary till 102.

I keep my fingers crossed.

My Father had the same aortic valve problem I did and for which I was recently operated on. My father’s could not be operated on because his tear was too large and he was too old when they wanted to do his. Medicine has improved significantly in the few years since his death making it possible for me to have the surgery.

My day outside the house yesterday began with a manicure and pedicure with Tammy. Poor Tammy. Poor her grandmother. Tammy returns to Vietnam for three weeks sunday. A 40 plus hour trip. Several planes involved. Her grandmother is in a bad way. The family is getting together. 

Great weather the past few days. Hot yesterday. Beach time. I went to Higgs Beach again. Set up my chair and took in the view. The water, bikini clad ladies, very young kids running around. Reminded me of the summers at the Jersey shore with my four children.

Afterwards, I stopped on the way home and got a small chocolate ice cream cone. The perfect way to end a perfect afternoon.

Another pleasant time ahead. A haircut at noon with Lori. We have become friends. She has been cutting my hair for 25 years.

Enjoy your day!



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