Today is November 25. A day of some historical significance. I share some of the events which occurred on that day.

History speaks often about Custer’s Last Stand at Little Big Horn. Little is reported on the U.S. Army’s retaliation.

Such did occur on this day in 1876. U.S. troops under General Ranald Mackenzie destroyed a village of Cheyenne while the Indians were sleeping. Killed were 200 Cheyenne, most of whom had participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn where Custer and his men died. The Cheyenne Chief was Dull Knife. He had participated in the Custer massacre together with Chiefs Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. He was not in the Cheyenne village that night when Mackenzie’s troops wreaked their revenge.

Jews have historically been put upon. One example is what occurred this day in 1744 in Prague. Austrian forces pillaged and killed many of the Jewish population.

Delmonico’s was one of New York City’s finest restaurants forever it seemed. As far back as 1834 when it provided a meal of soup, steak, coffee and half a pie for 12 cents.

Woody Woodpecker made his debut with the release of Walter Lantz’s “Knock Knock” this day in 1940.

Cowboy singing star Gene Autry’s single “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” appeared on music charts this day in 1949.

My good friend Theo Markis in Greece…..When will you be visiting Key West again? I miss you!

A Florida school removed the Bible from its library shelves under provisions of DeSantis’ relatively new education laws. The Bible had been challenged for “sexually explicit content.”

The Volusia County Schools were involved. The removal turned out to be temporary. After removal, it was returned. The finding upon review was that State law protected the Bible.

One for the Lord!

A sick incident! A 30 year old female middle school teacher in Arkansas exchanged nude photos with a 14 year old boy to “gratify her sexual desires.”

An issue being debated on State and local level: Some folks want 7,954 additional permits to be made available for building on vacant lots in the Keys. Pure madness!

The Keys are already overbuilt. Especially the Key West area. The State already mandates 24 hour evacuation for permanent residents in advance of a Category 3 hurricane.

Two problems. One US 1 to Miami not large enough (lane wise) to handle even the present number of persons if all mandated to evacuate did so. The other is there is not enough gasoline for all the cars that would tank up to make the drive north.

Bob Smith was a dear Key West friend. He died many years ago. A somewhat famous Key West figure. His ashes are embedded in the Chart Room bar. He wrote a book whose title I cannot recall. He said that back then there was not enough gas in all the stations for Key Westers to fill their cars. So the evacuation rule was impossible to comply with.

His observation was correct then. Still correct in spite of all the additional gas stations that have popped up since he made the observation.

Florida legislatively and government wise makes a lot of bone headed decisions. This could be another one in the making.

The TDC turned into a golden goose with little oversight. Cut it back 90 percent. Key West no longer needs the organization’s “success.” We have way too many tourists and investors. All to the detriment of long time residents and the community as a whole.

Brady’s Irish Pub for dinner last night. Went specifically for one of the friday specials, Polish Perogies. Brady’s is an international food emporium!

Carola bartending. Love the lady! Great conversationalist. A concerned person.

Met Whalen. Hails from Wisconsin. He has been in Key West working off and on for 2 years. Presently renovating a house. Look forward to running into him again.

Syracuse plays its final football game of the season. Against Wake Forest. Today at 2. If Syracuse wins, it goes to a bowl game. It would be a disgrace. Better my team loses and fades into the sunset for this season.

If today’s podcast had a title, it would be Gun Madness. A podcast from several years ago. Its message even more applicable today.




Enjoy your day!


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