The Dome was packed. Forty thousand strong. Excitement running high. Syracuse prepared to beat Clemson.

Never happened. Clemson destroyed Syracuse 31-14.

Such is life!

The handwriting was on the wall early in the first quarter. Syracuse turned over the ball twice leading to early Clemson touchdowns.

Clemson was ready for Garrett Schrader. Its defensive line was on top of him constantly. Forced most of his long passes to go long or be out of bounds when caught. Schrader never got his personal running game going. Again, Clemson on top of him constantly.

Some of Coach Dino Babers decisions were lacking. He seems to be learning on the job. The most outlandish, on a Syracuse 4th and 10 he had Denaburg attempt a 57 yard field goal. No way Jose! He had never made one that long or tried one that long before. He came up short.

Clemson was the better team. Yesterday. The Syracuse coaches have to figure out how to work around a fast moving defensive line in future games. Everyone is going to do it.

The Ryder Cup. Play began at 5:30 this morning. No problem for me. I generally rise 5-5:30 to begin work on the blog. Got a got night’s sleep beforehand to make up for the night before.

The U.S. down 11 1/2 – 5 1/2 to start on this final day. Fourteen and one half points needed to win. It’s 11 am at the moment. Score Europe 14, US 10. Our guys are trying hard. Can they make it? Would be the miracle of miracles!

I am adding this at 11:15. Europe just won 15-11. Two matches still ongoing. They play till everyone is done. However, the conclusion is clear. Europe the winner. Europe played fantastic the first day and a half. Made the US look inept. The US finished well nevertheless.  Wait till next year!

Halloween is coming! With a surprise this year. A big one. Pumpkins will be bigger than normal. The reason: The wet summer preceded by a hot June. Perfect conditions for growing larger than normal squashes of every variety.

France has the Olympics next summer. Higher than normal tourists this past summer. And…..An increase in bed bugs! Even on trains and in movie theaters.

Paris is particularly affected. The problem is so bad the government has advised insurance companies to add eradication costs to coverages.

So many things Congress has to deal with and fails to do so. Especially the House of Representatives.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is leader of the small mad MAGA group who take their marching orders from Trump. Gaetz vows he will move to vacate Speaker McCarthy this week. He’s upset McCarthy backed the measure to prevent a government shut down last night.

The kook wants to be governor of Florida. He’s worse than DeSantis!

My home town is Utica, NY. This time of the year, it experiences “Indian Summer.” An example is this mid week when it will be in the 80’s (Indian Summer) and by the end of the week in the 50’s (closer to normal this time of the year).

The way it has been, is, and always will be.

The government shut down has been averted. For 45 days. Hopefully it will be resolved by then. 

My immediate concern now is Ukraine. Let’s get the necessary done re Ukraine. It was left out of the package that averted the shut down. We are protecting our asses when we help Ukraine in its war with Putin.

A suggestion has been made to name A1A as the “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway.”

Forget it! Buffett stands for smiles and joy. Most of A1A is horrible to drive. It runs through many cities along the Atlantic seaboard in Florida. Where traffic is heavy, slow moving and carbon monoxide infested.

Never a joy to travel!

Exception: US 1 from Key West to Florida City. Part of A1A or A1A part of US 1. Whatever.

Got my COVID and flu shots at CVS on US 1 on Stock Island Friday. Took all of 10 minutes for paperwork and shots. No appointment required. CVS staff pleasant and courteous.

Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter! Ninety nine years old! 

An amazing person! God bless him!

A progressive Democrat was caught on video pulling a fire alarm in order to delay the government shut down vote in the House. Speaker McCarthy had handed out a 70 odd page bill covering what he claimed “everyone” would find amenable. He refused however to provide time to read it. Just vote! his declaration.

Who could trust him?

Now some Republicans want the Democrat who pulled the fire alarm to be arrested. McCarthy should be the one arrested for trying to force a piece of important legislation down the throats of the House without members having an opportunity to read it. 

I find the Democrat Congressman’s action by pulling the alarm no different than Lincoln’s when he was in the Illinois State Legislature. The opposition had locked all the legislators in the Chamber. No one could get out. The purpose was to have a quorum so a certain bill could be passed. Lincoln jumped out a second story window to avoid remaining.

Good going, Mr. Lincoln!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Lou, your said “So many things Congress has to deal with and fails to do so. Especially the House of Representatives.”

    But the problem is NOT the House of Representatives, it is certain members, all Republican within the House of Representatives, who refuse to act with responsibility and common sense. These are extremists who are NOT looking to improve America,only to tear it down for personal gain. They said they they going to “shut down the government, long before they were elected an long before they had give any reason to do so. This is a political ploy to gain power NOT to help the American people. Please don’t candy coat this Lou, it’s anarchy,nothing less. Democrats, once again, were however willing to give up things they were fighting for, to avoid the certain disaster, is what reasonable people do.

  2. I agree with Linder. Republicans hold a majority in the House and could do what ever legislation they want, including anything to do with the debt ceiling. But, they choose not to do that, forcing the government to shut down, yet again, just to be stupid mean and fulfill political theatre they feel somehow benefits them better than actually running the country.

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