The border. The southern border where Trump created a diabolical living situation.

There is still God. In this instance, the Claremont United Methodist Church in eastern Los Angeles.

The Chinese have a saying. One picture is worth a thousand words. Claremont United Methodist created a visual that says it all.

A nativity scene. Befitting the Yuletide season upon us.

The Church erected a nativity scene in front of its building. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Except in a different setting. Jesus, Mary and Joseph each in a separate chain linked cage. Barb wired on top. The baby Jesus in the center cage. Mary and Joseph in cages on either side.

Says it all!

Lunched yesterday at Geiger Key.

Enjoy the setting. Isolated. Peaceful.

Not yet Christmas. However, the place was packed. Not tourists. Geiger Key locals. Mosty live on Geiger Key itself.

Nothing spectacular about Geiger Key. Modest homes, many trailers.

After lunch, put the top down and took a ride on some of the back roads. No grandiose structures. A sense of intimacy permeates the area. You and God.

Some things can only be described as “cute.” This one, for example.

The year 1886. A double wedding took place in Key West. Eighty two year old John Lane married 80 year old Mary Harris. John’s younger brother William 79 married Helen Saunders 70.

Union giant Jimmy Hoffa visited Key West this day in 1961. The purpose of his trip to inspect the Casa Marina and La Concha Hotels. They had been recently acquired by his union.

Kirk Douglas’ birthday today! One hundred three years old!

God bless him!

Still kicking in spite of a stroke several years ago.

His early background interesting. Douglas was born and raised in Amsterdam, New York. Fifty miles from my hometown of Utica.

I drove through Amsterdam many times for court, the Saratoga races, etc. As you cross the main thoroughfare of Amsterdam, the street sign reads Kirk Douglas Highway.

Douglas was born of Jewish Russian immigrant parents. His name till he became an actor, Issur Danielovitch.

As soon as I finish today’s blog, I will be glued to the TV. The House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry. I am a political junkie. The proceedings interest me greatly.

Tonight, I hope to make Dueling Bartenders.

How many times have I brought The Charge of the Light Brigade to your attention? Can’t help it. Love the story, love the rhyme.

The poem was published this day in 1859. A mere 6 weeks following the battle. By Alfred, Lord Tennyson. At the time, poet laureate of Great Britain.

He did not actually view the battle. He heard and read much about it. The battle was the heroic event of the time.

The poem lives and breathes to this day.

Pertinent stanzas: “Half a league, half a league, / Half a league onward, / All in the valley of Death / Rode the six hundred….. / Theirs not to reason why, / Theirs but to do and die.”

A love affair is apparently over. Nothing more sad. I refer to the “love affair” between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Two years now and no “deal” entered into. Trump says do not be concerned. Kim and I have an excellent relationship. We exchange “love letters.”

A couple of days ago, North Korea let go with its strongest missile test yet. His missiles are becoming strong enough to reach the U.S.

Yesterday, North Korea issued a statement: Trump is a “thoughtless and sneaky old man.”

Keep up the good work, Donald!

Trump is doing well with China, also. His trade war with China has crippled the American farm industry. Caused other U.S. businesses to lose money.

China ordered yesterday that all Chinese government offices and public institutions were to remove foreign computer equipment and software within 3 years.

Such will definitely hurt HP, Dell and Microsoft.

The Financial Times reported: “The move is part of a broader campaign to increase China’s reliance on home-made technologies, and is likely to fuel concern of decoupling, with supply chains between the U.S. and China being severed.”

Another “Thank you, Donald” situation. Trump the man who told us during the campaign that he understood trade wars, that trade wars were good, that he loved them, and that he wins them.

He bullshits even himself!

Rudy Giuliani gaining in notoriety daily. Another person who bullshits himself.

He is of no value to Trump. Giuliani has lost it. He has reached the point in life where he has mental problems.

Sad. He was yesterday’s “wonder man.” The greatest Mayor ever!

He will not be remembered for his post 9/11 days. History will report his activities during the Trump years.

The mighty fall!

Enjoy your day!


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