Jimmy Buffett discovered Key West in the 1970’s. He was poor, without work, played a guitar, and wrote songs.

He became enamored with Key West. Not the Key West of today. The Key West of the 1970’s.

In a 1980 interview he spoke of the time: “I was just footloose and fancy free and going crazy. We didn’t have much money and didn’t know much about cocaine so we stayed drunk a lot. Key West was the most wonderful, wonderful place I’d ever seen in my life.”

New Year’s Eve tomorrow night. What to do?

There are several places where someone is “dropped” to bring in the New Year. I have decided to do Schooner Wharf. A first time for me.

A “pirate wench” is dropped from the mast of the vessel America 2.0.

Key West is becoming an easy money town. Don’t even have to work for it. Steal!

The manager of the Key West Yacht Club was arrested last week. He had misappropriated some $70,000. For gambling and a call girl habit.

This morning’s Citizen reports the arrest of Sears’ former general manager. She embezzled $254,790 in cash receipts.

It was reported she had also been arrested earlier this month for stealing nearly $20,000 from a Parent-Teacher Association.

A confidence game? The Key West Citizen made a “deal” with the Library. It was late in 1935. The Citizen promised to pay the Library $5 for every day the sun did not shine in 1936.

Result: Only one day. The Library only received $5.

The bet should have been a bit different. For every day in rained. Many the rainy day in Key West. However, those same days at some point become bright and sunny.

An interesting fact many do not know. During the Civil War, the State of Florida joined the Confederacy. The City of Key West did not. An Army group immediately upon the War breaking out took control of Fort Zachery Taylor.

An important capture. Confederate trading ships had to pass by Key West in order to do business. Union control of the Fort in most instances prevented the South from so doing.

The water surrounding Key West and to its north were under Union blockade. During the course of the War, the Union captured 199 Confederate vessels.

Most of the captured vessels were transported to Key West where they remained till the War ended. At that time, the U.S. Federal Court sitting in Key West decided who got what, etc. as regards the captured Confederate vessels.

A different experience last night. Fireworks on the golf course. I suspect on the 18th fairway. About 500 yards from my home.

Noisy, but beautiful.

Today, monday. Tonight, Dueling Bartenders at Aqua. I will probably be out and about this evening. Dueling Bartenders will be my first stop.

The internet is a wonderful thing. Sit at your computer, play around a bit, and suddenly you discover something new.

Yesterday was one of those times. I came upon Kurt Nimmo. Never heard of him before.

Nimmo is a blogger. Like Louis. His blog: Another Day in the Empire.

He has been doing the blog for years. Yesterday was his last blog. He is quitting. He has “concerns.”

Nimmo is far to the right. Diametrically opposed to me. We are opposite ends of the spectrum, though he is unquestionably farther out than I.

Nimmo  is one who sees conspiracies everywhere. Appears not to be well respected. Sad. My sense this is only so because he is so far right. I continue to believe contrary thoughts to mine are an “indispensable opposition.”

Nimmo for several years was Editor of Infowars, a conspiracy pedaling website. Now affiliated with Newsbud.

Nimmo is giving up the blog because he is concerned how the world will be if the Democrats win in 2020. Yes, the Democrats. Not Trump. He sees the same things happening to our society if the Democrats win that I do if Trump wins.


In yesterday’s blog, Nimmo wrote, “I do fear many of us will be prosecuted – or at best have our internet resources curtailed – and this will be, as the endless wars, of only minimal passing concern to a majority of Americans. After all, the corporate media has maligned us as Nazis, white supremacists, and dangerous terrorists conspiracy theorists. It does not take a rocket scientist to see where this will lead.”

Anti-Semitism is on the rise. No question. It has been for several years. World wide.

In the past week alone, there have been 10 separate anti-Semitic attacks in the New York City area.

Trump wants everyone to think he loves the Jewish people. I do not see it. He is infatuated with Israel, not its people there or anywhere.

Trump’s Israel support activities have included his proclaiming that Israeli settlements on the West Bank are not illegal. He also has moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

His comments and actions have a secondary purpose. Trump hopes to pick off Jewish voters in the 2020 election.

Trump’s actions have given him a degree of popularity in Israel. Not in the U.S.

Trump spoke this week at a pro-Israel conference in Florida. Four thousand in attendance. All cheering him on.

Trump told the Jewish group that Jews would vote for him because they would “be out of business in about 15 minutes” if he were not reelected. He was speaking to the “wealth tax” that some Democratic candidates are proposing.

It galls me every time reference is made to Jewish wealth. Makes it sound like they are all rich. Jews are no different than any other ethnic or religious group. They have their rich. They also have their poor and a sizable middle class.

For some reason, the animosity against Jews going back to even before Christ continues.

Trump plays on it to get the Jewish vote.

The crowd was chanting “four more years.” Trump said people were talking about him staying on as President even after 8 years. He said it is something “we have to start thinking about” because “it’s not a bad idea!”

God help us!

It appears Trump is not aware of the 22nd Amendment.

Biden was speaking at a rally in Milford, New Hampshire saturday night. He was heckled. Called “creepy…..a pervert…..don’t touch kids, you pervert…..and quid pro Joe.”

I find it hard to believe the good people of New Hampshire would openly refer to Biden in such fashion. Even if they believed the comments to be true, their very nature would prohibit such public statements.

I have to wonder if those expressing such comments were “Trump plants.” His campaign has been suspected of doing so in the past.

Enjoy your day!







12 comments on “MORE KEY WEST 1970’s

  1. 22nd Amendment fuel – On 27 Dec 2019 alone, the President of the United States, retweeted 2 QAnon fan accounts, a Pizzagate account, an account that compared his following to a cult, and an account that described Obama as “Satan’s Muslim Scum.” Isn’t this clear proof of insanity unworthy of a United States president?

  2. It looks like the only part of the Constitution that the GOP is going to honor and pay any attention to is the 2nd Amendment. I guess they will toss those little Constitution booklets that they used to wave in Democratic faces all the time.

  3. Joe was also ripped on his son’s dealings in Europe. The Democrats still do not get it and Trump is using it.
    Washington is a swamp. State Governments like NY are as bad.
    And some towns . I can get the hotel rooms but you can only get one. If you are in a small poor trailer park a big developer with the approval of government. I just find it hard to believe the number of people who support it.

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