Jeffrey Burrill was a high ranking Catholic cleric till last wednesday. On his way up in the Church hierarchy. A bishop in the making. Perhaps a cardinal.

A top administration for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. General Secretary.  A leader in the move to deny President Biden Communion. He carried a heavy load in the organization.

Burrill was the chief organizer for the fall Bishops Conference which is scheduled to review the final document intended to deny Communion to Biden and other Catholic politicians who support a woman’s right to choose.

By going after Biden, Burrill placed himself in the big leagues. One which did not work out well for him.

Burrill’s story is one of hypocrisy at the highest level. May involve retribution. Perhaps God’s silent hand punishing a wrongdoer.

It became public wednesday that Burrill was a user of the app Grindr and visited gay bars. Grindr is the largest social networking app for gay, bi, transsexual, and similar type people.

Burrill immediately stepped down when the news became public.

What’s worse? Burrill’s Grindr app and patronization of gay bars or Biden’s support of a woman’s right to choose? No comparison from my perspective.

Burrill in opting to blacken a leading Catholic and basically good person forgot the Good Book: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” John 8:7.

God works in strange ways: “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.” Romans 12: 17-18.

Another noteworthy religious item to report today.

Resurrection School is a Catholic school in Lansing, Michigan. School officials and 2 parents brought a lawsuit in federal court involving freedom of religion. The suit’s basis the mandating that school children had to wear masks. Their specific argument being mask mandates violate religious rights by hiding faces created in God’s image.

This is the fourth lawsuit regarding masks.  The first three which involved restricting peoples’ freedom, represented government intrusion, and distorting science.

We are told we are created in God’s image. Therefore covering the face covers God’s image.

Who thinks up these arguments?

COVID-19 is on a rampage again. Cases up dramatically. Refuse to be vaccinated or wear masks. Dissenters claim they cannot be forced to do either.

Most governmental and medical leaders are the the end of the line. Tired, frustrated, don’t know what to do next. The hospitals are filling up or have already reached that level. Hospital personnel cannot work harder. Raises two questions. Will the government be required to mandate vaccines? Masks?

Australia interesting in this regard. Things got out of hand in Australia. Laws were passed mandating the wearing of masks and prohibiting persons from leaving their homes without a reasonable excuse. Forced quarantine, in effect.

Australia now in the fourth week of the restrictions. People are extremely upset. Thousands protested this week in Sydney and other places.

Strange in a sense. The COVID numbers keep surging. People are reluctant to protect themselves as told by the experts. The protesters carrying signs “Freedom” and “Tell the Truth.”

I don’t under understand. The real issues are life or death.

Coronavirus has been on the rise in the Keys since July 4. The holiday weekend. New cases prior to July 4 were 2-3 a day. Since, an average of 12 a day.

Numbers don’t lie.

The national figures reveal 99.5 percent of those dying are persons who were not vaccinated.

Again, numbers Don’t lie.

Unless vaccination numbers and mask wearing increase, we could be heading to mandated quarantines and mask wearing.

January 6. Dating sites  have become a way to discover who was involved.

Andrew Taake of Texas has been charged with several felonies. He was in Washington, D.C. and apparently wanted to enjoy a woman following the attack.

He went to the Bumble dating site seeking a match near the Capitol. He represented he was at the attack “from the very beginning” and “spent 30 minutes in the building.”

Someone he communicated with on Bumble turned the information over to the FBI. When questioned, Taake admitted he was in Washington, but only stood and watched. Denied participating.

Authorities were able to match Taake’s photo with the reams of videos it has. Taake caught. He was videoed in what has been described as “two violent attacks.” One involving the use of pepper pray against a police line. The other striking police with a metal whip.

Taake is the second person caught via a dating site. The first was several months ago involving a New Yorker.

Living in William Hackley’s 1856 obviously different in many ways from how we live today. Two examples in Hackley’s journal bearing today’s date.

The first: “Julia Tift pulled a cup of gruel over and was burned from her neck to her feet on the left side. I told them to cover her with flour and sent over a car.”

The other: Gave Walberg “some of Matilda’s hair to have made into a guard chain.”

TACOS paragraph 6.

Every other Sunday you’d see nobody around / They were at the end of White Street, everyone in town / There was a huge flea market on the big empty lot / You could buy anything from key limes to pot / Rednecks, hippies, conchs, Cubans, and gays / Everyone got along, boy, those were the days.

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  1. Someone should tell the high ranking Catholic cleric Jeffrey Burrill about God and that God can see him and what he’s done.

    It seems so odd that such a high ranking Catholic cleric, like Jeffrey Burrill, doesn’t know about God and that God would likely punish him for his greed and his sins.

    If this is what the Catholic church is teaching it’s priests, then God needs to redirect his love to the people or be found to have fewer followers.

    No wonder the wacko’s on the right feel they can say and do whatever they want without consequence.

    • Resurrection Catholic school in Lansing, Michigan has brought a freedom of religion suit, regarding masks?

      What is a matter with Catholics? Don’t they know that as a religion they are NOT supposed to argue POLITICAL issues with our government?

      Or do they just not care?

      Besides, my God just won’t say if I look like him.

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