Mobile crematoriums.

What a topic for a Sunday morning!

I write about the subject because of the number of bodies building up in parts of the U.S., especially New York City.

Mobile crematoriums are just as the phrase sounds. A vehicle of sorts within which to place a number of bodies and cremate them. Then dispose of the ashes where ever.

The vehicle looks like an over grown tank. Some with .50 caliber machine guns on top.

Four countries involved.

The first Nazi Germany. Hitler tried to use them. Inefficient from his perspective. Could not keep up with the number of bodies to be incinerated. So Hitler went to the large furnaces.

The next 3 countries are China, Russia and the U.S.

In researching the topic, the most interesting item is that each country tends to keep secret the number of crematorium deaths. Actually, the number of coronavirus deaths. Like for shame this is happening to a country.

I cannot understand.

In any event, China appears to be the biggest user of mobile crematoriums. In Wuhan, especially.

As of February 1, China had 48 mobile crematoriums. The number insufficient. More were ordered in February. The number not disclosed.

China operates these crematoriums around the clock. Twenty four hours per day, 7 days a week.

The volume of bodies to be cremated obvious.

Numbers of bodies incinerated difficult to ascertain. The numbers all over the place. It is represented that it takes 2 seconds to incinerate a body. Another estimate is 5 tons of corpses per day.

China had previous experience with mobile crematoriums. Used in the past for animal carcasses and garbage.

The number of coronavirus deaths kept secret. Many are labeled as pneumonia to keep the actual number down.

One article suggested China is incinerating so many corpses that the sulfur dioxide emitted has resulted in an increase in acid rain world wide.

Russia has been playing secret with the actual number of coronavirus deaths also. Russia using mobile incinerators as China. However, not in similar numbers or volume.

Putin first put mobile crematoriums to use in the Ukraine. It was the method used to dispose of the bodies of dead Russian soldiers.

The United States a problem.

There were a number of news articles in 2015 re the issue. The elitist American group part of the articles. The same elitist group financing protests today re State mandated coronavirus restrictions.

It was thought at the time these elitist groups were testing mobile crematoriums. The crematoriums were being tested to assist with the elimination of the homeless.

Mobile crematoriums were seen in Texas and Montana.

The questing in my mind is whether the U.S. has mobile crematoriums today. With the military perhaps? If so, appears secret. However if so, more important that these crematorium be put to use now to assist in body disposal. Especially in New York City.

Not much to work with here. Not much information available.

I get upset with the verbal garbage being printed in some instances. An example is an article by David Horowitz titled Dark Angel: The War To Destroy Christian America.

Horowitz begins: “I am a Jew, but I know these are especially dangerous times for Christians. The war on the virus has become a war on Christians.”

His motivation in writing the article: The closing of most churches to avoid the spread of coronavirus. He views it as trying to keep Christians from practicing their religion.

Horowitz is pro Trump. His thoughts supported by Mike Huckabee, Russ Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson.

It has been suggested that jailed inmates are not receiving proper attention re avoiding coronavirus nor necessary care if they do.

A federal jail in Brooklyn has been named in a class action law suit. The Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District is defending the law suit.

The prison has 1,700 inmates.

The Judge ordered an inspection of prisoner records. There was an allegation records were being destroyed as part of a deliberate effort to obscure the number of incarcerated people infected with coronavirus and to avoid providing them adequate care.

The inspection complete. Turned over to the Judge. Only 6 of 1,700 inmates per the records was found to have been infected with coronavirus.

The attorney for the inmates said the number did not make sense. He said it represented only the tip of the iceberg.

In many of the demonstrations since Trump became President and especially the ones in Michigan recently, the question arises as to whether Trump’s nationalism is advancing on a predictable trajectory to violence? Will his supporters kill?

A matter for concern.

The U.S. economy has been fragile in recent years. The stock market may have risen. However, a high stock market alone in not an indicator of a good economy. Most economists will agree.

The U.S.’s economy was fragile going into the coronavirus epidemic. The stimulus bailouts add to the fragility big time.

A government cannot survive long under such circumstances. Failure inevitable. A collapse of huge proportions.I give Trump credit in this instance. He is aware of the fragility. He is doing everything in his power to avoid a collapse. Not for the country necessarily. More for his personal image.

Whatever, I wish him well.

The local government in Stillwater, Oklahoma required face masks be worn in stores and restaurants recently reopened.

Friday was the day.

Withing 3 hours, the requirement was rescinded. The wearing of masks became optional. Customers threatened employees with violence and heaped abuse upon the employees. One even threatened the use of a fire arm.

The customers kept spouting the mask requirement was not Constitutional. I am unaware how the Constitution enters into the argument. The matter is one of public safety, pure and simple.

Seat belt and helmet laws similar in nature.

It was announced last week that a House Sub-Committee had invited Fauci to testify this coming Wednesday. The White House announced it was barring Fauci from testifying.

Most of America, if not all, had to come to the same conclusion. What did Trump have to hide?

It was announced yesterday Fauci was scheduled to testify before a Senate Committee on May 12. Senator Lamar Alexander made the announcement.

Is this a Republican/Democrat thing? Is Trump saying screw you to the Democrats. If a “star” like Fauci is going to testify, it will be before a Republican Senate Committee.

Childish bullshit!

Asia has been a primary source of America’s headaches this year. Coronavorus the major one.

Now another. A new one. One you will not believe.

Scientists have announced an invasion by a deadly hornet. The Asian Giant Green Hornet. Appeared in the State of Washington for the first time anywhere in the U.S.

As much as 2 inches long. Referred to as the “murder hornet.” Bites the heads off bees. Can be deadly to humans if a human suffers multiple bites.

So much for today.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Lou, you ask “What did Trump have to hide?”

    But already answered in the earlier part of today’s blog. He is clearly hiding data that Fauci might divulge, like the real number of carona infected and the real number of those that died including the fudge factor, likely higher than the real numbers themselves.

  2. Many religions don’t like cremation including Islamic and Judaic. Touchy subject in others. This is not going to be easy.

  3. Trump just finished being interviewed at the Lincoln Memorial. We have the right leadership at the right time! Thank goodness for his wisdom and guidance!

  4. New York will join other northeastern states to form a supply chain to combat this Covid crisis. Finally leadership action missing from Washington DC. Hard to see were this might help us here in the keys, but if it works for them, maybe the American people will see what we are missing and vote in a functional government that works for all Americans and we can work our way out of it.

  5. I wonder if we’ll ever know the true number of deaths in Trump’s immigration detention camps, especially those along the Mexican border? It alone could turn out to be one of America’s most regrettable and embarrasing moments

  6. Refusing to allow Dr. Fauci to testify on a legitimate Congressional request yet allowing him to testify on a similar Senate request in not only “Childish bullsh-t!” as you say, but also incredibly divisive bullsh-t. Something hypocritical Republicans like to theatrically smear Democrats as being, while clutching their pearls.

  7. Lou, if you’ve been to Oklahoma, you’d understand the hostility. These are mean people, hell bent on the boogaloo. Don’t forget that alt right freak, Timothy McVeigh (another one of those Gulf war ‘veterans’ – from upstate NY) chose Oklahoma for his tantrum, expecting it to provoke just that!

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