I felt I had finally entered the 21st century the past two days.

The Volkswagen had to go to Miami to the dealership for its 10,000 mile check up. I left Monday. Prior thereto, I purchased a GPS. Figured out on my own how to make it work. Not everything, but most of it.

I was absolutely impressed by the GPS.

The dealer was located in Coral Gables. I typed in the address before I left home. The GPS directed me all the way! Loved it! Turn right, turn left, turn 80 yards, etc. All one has to do is listen to the GPs and go!

The wonders of modern scince! From one who still cannot operate most of the features on his new cell phone.

I drove with the top down to Islamorada. Stopped for luch. At the Loreli. Such a beautiful place. Sits out on the Gulf. Always a breeze. Enjoyed a cheeseburger.

My friend Lu Kramer once owned the Loreli. A number of years ago.

Put the top up for the rest of the trip. The sun was getting to me.

Dropped the car off and the dealership shuttled me to a Marriott South Beach hotel. If I was to be stuck overnight in Miami, I figured I might as well enjoy it.

I spent a couple of hours sitting at an outside table on South Beach. Nursed a drink and watched the South Beach world walk by. Beautiful women. All young. A world I knew long ago.

My game plan was to have an early dinner at Joe’s Stone Crabs and then return to the hotel to watch the Presidential debate.
I showered and cabbed it over to Joe’s.

The meal was outstanding! Stone crabs are my favorite food. My meal consisted of stone crabs, hash browns and creamed spinach. Key lime pie for desert. Fantastic!

I felt a bit out of place. Dress wise.

Key West is very laid back. Shorts and a shirt. Sneaks, crocks or sandals. Not Miami.

I was the only one in shorts. Men wore long pants. Most jackets. Many blazers.

In addition, I am regrowing my beard. It is only a week old. I looked like a bum in comparison!

I had forgotten there was another world when it came to attire.

The debate went well from my perspective. I thought Obama beat Romney decisively. My Republican friends will obviously think otherwise. I have found that who won or loss is generally determined in one’s mind by the political party with which the person is affiliated.

I was up at six the next morning. My computer had traveled with me. The hotel provided the Wi Fi information. I could not get the computer to work. My 21st century genius had not lasted long. The hotel had a computer available to guests. I threw on some clothes and went to the lobby to use it. No key board. I asked at the desk why. The clerk told me some one had stolen it and the hotel had not yet replaced the key board..

Such are the reasons for no blog yesterday. My inability to make th Wi Fi work and the hotel’s keyboard not being available.

I picked up the car and headed back to Key West. Again the GPS leading me.

I was in Islamorada just after one. Might as well stop for lunch. Not the Loreli, however. I proceeded just down the road to the Islamorada Fish Company. I enjoyed a stone crab lunch! I had the dinner portion. Stone crabs twice in less than 12 hours. It was an I thought I had died and gone to heaven moment.

The whole drive back, the water was moving swiftly. White caps all the way. When I arrived home, the palm trees were bending a bit. The effects of Tropical Storm Sandy. Sandy will not hit the Keys. But its peripheral effects were felt yesterday and are still with us this morning. Even though it is only at Jamaica at the moment.

I have to babysit this afternoon. For about two hours. I will pick Robert and Ally up after school. Ally telephoned me twice yesterday to remind me.

Enjoy your day!

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