Infrequently over the years, I have stopped at Mangrove Mama’s. Probably because it is the other way on US 1. My car goes to Key West and back. Not often in the opposite direction.

I had dinner last night at Mangrove Mama’s. Simple. A lobster reuben sandwich at the their small intimate bar. Delicious.

Mangrove Mama’s is at mile marker 19. A large complex. Has always appeared to me to consist of several small buildings somehow poorly joined together. The thought occurred last night that I did not know much about Mangrove Mama’s. So, I learned and share the information acquired with you.

The buildings are more than 100 years old.  Built 1905-1912. Note that buildings is plural. Originally a railroad stop and station agent home for Flagler railroad. Years after the demise of the railroad, the property opened as a restaurant. During winter months only. The name Mangrove Mama’s is the name of one of the first owners.  Rather what she was known as.

Over the years, Mangrove Mama’s has become an oasis for tourists wandering through and a watering hole for locals.

Educating myself re Mangrove Mama’s, I came across another interesting piece of information. Sugarloaf! How did it get its name?

There is a fruit named Sugarloaf Pineapple. Extensively grown on Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. Different from pineapples as we know them. Ours are yellow inside. Sugarloaf ones white.

Sugarloaf pineapples were once grown on Sugarloaf. I am not aware if now. Whatever, the name Sugarloaf is derived from the Sugarloaf Pineapple.

There is another school that claims Sugarloaf got its name from an Indian mound in the area. Could be. However, the consensus seems to be from the Sugarloaf pineapple.

The Supreme Court decision yesterday re Obamacare a correct one. I am happy for us as a Nation. There are still many out there crying for repeal. TV last night was full of Republicans saying they would continue the fight for repeal. They are Don Quixotes fighting windmills.

Social Security has been with us since the early 1930s. In the early 1950s, there were still anti-Social Security zealots calling for its repeal. It was hard for them to accept that Social Security was a fait accompli. So it will be with Obamacare.

Major events today in Charleston. Some burials, the President speaking, etc. Removal of the Confederate flag part and parcel of the goings on. Take the flag down!

Most assume the Confederate flag has been flying to represent the contrariness of Southerners over their Civil war defeat. Not exactly so. The Confederate flag was of no particular concern to most southerners till 1954. The Supreme Court decided Brown v. Board of Education. A civil rights decision. Southerners began flying the flag at that time. As a symbol of their opposition to blacks having equal rights. Southerners adopted the flag as a silent voice in opposition. For this reason alone, the flag must come down.

My column America, Land of the Free appears in KONK Life which is on the stands. It also appeared in KONK E-News Blast this morning. Coincidently, it was linked to my Key West Lou website on Facebook this morning.

Read the article. You will enjoy! The title was written with tongue in cheek.

My blog e-mails sometimes swifter that the media. I have blog readers everywhere.

ISIS attacked a particular spot in France. My computer received three reports re the incident at 5 this morning. All to report the happening. One report from a French reader. The other two from persons in Italy.

The report was soon followed by another. A second attack. Assumed to be terrorist. In Soussee, Tunisia. At a French resort on the water. My friends reported people were shot at while sun bathing. One reported 13 dead. Another 1.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “MANGROVE MAMA’S

  1. I believe the court way over stepped its bounds. They had no right to change states to State.

    The confederate flag to many is a sign of respect for those family members that fought in that terrible war.

  2. “They are Don Quixotes fighting windmills.” This could be a motto for the Republicans this year.

    The Supreme Court decision is correct, in line with decisions banning inter-racial marriage discrimination and racial discrimination. It is tough on some when others also get their rights, but that is a democracy, at least a real one. Not sure some of us really in the US really want a democracy. ISIS obviously does not as they are targeting taking mankind (and especially women) back to the Stone Ages.

    Agree, as a Virginian, that our Northern Virginia battle flag was used as a sign of respect to men of integrity like Robert E. Lee. Unfortunately, years of bigots and outright crazies advocating a return to lynching have usurped what was an honorable symbol. The battle flag, the “real” ones that is, lie honorably in the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond.

  3. Aren’t you glad you live in a country where you can openly critize it without fear of having your head lopped off? We aren’t perfect as a nation but hands down this is the best country for all people in the world. I find the liberal inability to tolerate dissent of any kind disturbing. We are on the pathway to totalitarianism. Wake up.

    • I believe inability to tolerate dissent and other ideas cuts both liberal and conservative as it is a human reaction. Just read some of the hate filling the internet after the Gay marriage ruling. If they could, some of these self-professed “Christians” would be lopping off Gay heads like the ISIS monsters who push Gays off roof tops for fun.

    • I agree with the first part of your comment re glad to live in a country where dissent is accepted. Disagree with the second half where you indicate one group/party is unable to tolerate dissent. It cuts both ways. Dems and Reps equally guilty. Also shows closed minds.

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