Moses said to Pharaoh, “Let my people go…..If you refuse to let them go, I will bring locusts into your country tomorrow.”

Locusts are a problem today. One which few in our country are aware. It has to do with climate change.

First however a brief review of Trump’s position re climate change.

He is in Davos, Switzerland. A world economic meeting. The chief concern  of the group not money directly this year. It is concerns climate change. Most of those attending believe climate change is a reality and has already begun destroying the earth.

Trump does not believe in climate change. This morning in Davos, he decried the “climate prophets of doom.” He called for a rejection of the “predators of an apocalypse.”

Michael Snyder is a well respected blogger. The blog he published yesterday is titled: “A Plague of Locusts, Earthquakes In Diverse Places, and Weather That has Gone Completely Nuts.”

Interesting material.

His article concerned itself solely with what has occurred because of climate change this year. That means from January 1, 2020. All of 3 weeks.

Weird happenings all over the world.

Massive amounts of locusts, for example. Millions. Voraciously eating crops in Asia, Africa and India.

Each square kilometer of locusts in a swarm can eat as much in a day as 35,000 people. Such creates an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods.

Earthquakes, also. In strange places.

Kansas had a 4.5 one. Last year for a 5 day period in August, 17 earthquakes occurred in the same area.

Papua has experienced a 6.0 earthquake.

China a 6.0 also, followed by 3 additional earthquakes in a 47 hour period.

The Philippines 466 ranging between 1.0 and 4.0.

Puerto Rico has suffered from a 1,000 in recent weeks.

Weather temperatures. Unusual. Crazy.

Certain Canadian provinces are experiencing temperatures colder than Mars, Siberia, and Greenland.

St. John’s, Newfoundland had a blizzard with winds of 98 miles per hour. Dumped 30 inches of snow on St. John’s.

Note again that which has been described has occurred since the first of the year.

Snyder wrote, “On an almost daily basis” we are seeing “natural disasters unlike anything before.” He follows it up with : It “is just the beginning.”

We are entering into uncharted territory. With a President who neither recognizes nor understands the problem.

An interesting phenomena is occurring. Involved with a change in climate. However not connected with climate change as we commonly reference it.

Florida temperatures in recent days have fallen dramatically. My heat is still on. Today’s high will be 66. The low tonight 62.

A strong ocean breeze is accompanying the drop in temperature. Biting.

It is raining. Not violets. Iguanas. We are experiencing nights of the falling iguanas. Odd for South Florida.

Most iguanas spend considerable time in trees. The cold is stunning the iguanas causing them to become unconscious and fall from the trees.

They lie on the ground and look dead.

Not dead, however. Once it warms up, they will be “reconstituted.” Too bad. They should die. They have become a serious problem for a number of reasons. Florida is finally paying attention and working on how to eliminate them.

Might be too late. Too many may already be here.

Two biggies tonight.

First, Aqua Idol at Aqua. Lynn Frechette’s annual fundraiser for the Waterfront Playhouse. A 16 week event. Every wednesday night.

Great singers competing! All in a half hour. From 6:30-8:00. I recommend you arrive early. Seats quickly gone. You may have to stand.

The other event is Syracuse/Notre Dame. Will Syracuse be able to continue its winning streak?

I close with a representation made earlier this morning by Trump at the Davos meeting.

A lie in the making.

I doubt as many Americans will believe him as did the last time.

Trump announced he is planning a middle class tax cut. Sound familiar? One was promised during the 2016 campaign. He finally provided it. Benefited the top 10 percent. Forgot everyone else.

Read specifically what Trump said this morning. He claims the tax cut will go into effect IF he is reelected President and the Republicans control Congress.

He refused to offer any further details. Said he would in 90 days.

He did say the tax cut would be “fairly substantial.”

Some will not permit themselves to be fooled again. They were the first time. They have learned. Their votes will go Democratic in 2020.

Enjoy your day!


22 comments on “LET MY PEOPLE GO

  1. President Trump on Tuesday announced the United States will join the One Trillion Trees Initiative launched at the World Economic Forum as world leaders seek to combat climate change. The planting of one trillion trees around the world, including across the United States, will help to reverse deforestation, reduce carbon emissions and help to control climate change. An odd announcement from a President who supposedly doesn’t support efforts to stop climate change. As usual the MSM has somehow failed to notice or report on the announcement.

    • Maybe the honest press (MSM) is not reporting what is probably just another lie. Why report on something that is more one of Trump’s stunts than anything yet happening. Why should the press be fooled again into doing his campaign promises when it isn’t going to happen.

      Hey MSM – good for you – don’t be fooled again!

  2. “A world economic meeting. The chief concern of the group not money directly this year. It is concerns climate change. Most of those attending believe climate change is a reality and has already begun destroying the earth.”

    Most of those attending want the United States to fork over money to them. Of course, they believe in “climate change”.

    Tell me this, are you willing to go to war to force China and India and African countries, to kill their economies in order to comply with man-made global warming nonsense, which is what is expected of the U.S. You are being swindled. Use your common sense.

  3. Sounds like the screed of a blind sycophant “know it all” without any personal common sense himself, attempting to spin the foolish deeds of selfish people.

    • But watching him squirm to speak of her with far less eloquence and intelligence is so revealing as to how bad our leader looks on the world stage. She’s 17 he’s in his mid 70s, almost 80 and she can run circles around him. Haven’t we had enough of this kind of embarra*sment.

  4. The first rule of blind partisanship is to never, ever give a political opponent recognition or credit for an act or achievement that might be beneficial to the nation or the planet. You must always go for the cheap shot, embellish it, and repeat it loudly and often. That rule is being followed to the letter here.

    • Like what?

      Quit trying to change the subject, Trump’s bad deeds are dangerous, overshadowing anything he’s stumbled on that could be remotely considered as good.

      • You got to be kidding about giving Donald Trump a break. You are the hypocrites who unmercifully attacked Obama for trivialities, like having the middle name “Hussein” and for wearing a tan suit while president, or for putting his feet on the desk, or not being born in America, etc., etc. Yet NEVER recognizing his considerable accomplishments, including having legitimately won the Nobel Peace Prize.

        Now that Trump’s endless lies and corruption comes out on a daily basis, you’re crying like some sort of wounded baby as if he deserves better for deeds he himself rarely deserves, instead of cringing at the dangers he constantly creates.

        Why don’t you hypocrites just SHUT UP

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