The lessons George Floyd’s death taught the Minneapolis police. Changes were made. Changes that were to limit police error in the future.

One area corrected were no-knock search warrants. New rules for the police to follow in conducting no-knock raids. The rules were to “heavily restrict” their use. Supposedly were to be limited to “high risk circumstances.” Specified as a “high risk circumstance” were “circumstances like hostages.”

The new rules went into effect November 2020.

Last wednesday, a no-knock raid was conducted. At a Minneapolis house where 22 year old Amir Locke was sleeping on a couch. The new rules require the police to announce their presence and purpose prior to entering. They did not in this instance.

Other rules were violated as will be delineated. One “old rule” not frequently observed involved police video cameras be turned on and working. They were in this raid.

The raid occurred in the night time. The police announced themselves only after they broke into the house without knocking.

Amir Locke was not the name on the search warrant. He was not the man the police were looking for.

The police shouted “search warrant” only after they were in the house.

Locke was wrapped in a blanket asleep on a couch.

Note everything being share is reported to be on the video cameras.

A police officer yelled at Locke who was asleep: “Get on the ground!” Followed by: “Show me your hands!”

A waking Locke is startled, begins to move around still lying on the couch, and at some point he grabs at a gun to defend himself.

Locke never had a chance to defend himself. He was moving around on the couch when he grabbed the gun. At that point the police unloaded a volley of shots into Locke killing him.

The police never told Locke to put the gun down.

The police report indicates Locke pointed the gun at them. Videos indicate otherwise. They also show Locke’s finger was not even on the trigger and he was using gun safety by keeping his finger straight ahead off the trigger.

Locke had no criminal record and his gun was legally owned.

One of the attorneys who represented the Floyd family has been retained to represent Locke’s family.

My weekly grocery order was delivered this morning. Half my order. Half the items ordered were not available. I order basically the same things every week. The shortage this week indicates to me things are getting worse and not better in solving the supply problem.

The New York Times reported this morning what will occur if Russia invades the Ukraine. As many as 50,000 will be killed. A refugee problem will occur immediately causing a crisis that will affect all of Europe.

If memory proves correct, this is the first time I am significantly commenting on the Ukrainian situation.

Even when Russia had reached 130,000 troops, I find it difficult to believe Putin would say “go!” I have consistently felt Putin has been playing a bluffing game.

For certain reasons.

Putin does not want a war. The Russian people have enough problems without a war of the magnitude the Ukraine would immediately turn into. Russia is suffering serious economic and coronavirus problems comparable to the rest of the world. Public support would be lacking.

Putin’s popularity has been diminishing in recent years. He has organized opposition in Russia. Could place him in a precarious position re staying in power.

The final and most worrisome problem is a nuclear disaster. It could occur depending who ends up fighting who.

I worry about NATO. Would NATO stand strong? Germany continues to make negative noises. Germany is dependent on Russia for a large percentage of its gas and oil needs.

If Germany does not fight, NATO is dead. In spite of all the noise Germany is making, they have no choice but to join the battle with other NATO forces. Otherwise, Putin will have them “by the balls” thereafter.

France another problem. They have always been a problem. Even at the beginnings of World War II.

Biden is playing the situation well to date. If Biden sanctions Russia economically, the Russian people will shortly thereafter be demonstrating in the streets.

Biden has told Putin the U.S. will sanction him personally. Such would not make Putin a happy camper.

Another tool Biden has is to take Russian gas lines and make them immobile. Half of Europe including Russia, would suffer economic woes as a result thereof.

No disrespect intended, I believe certain southern states are still fighting the Civil War. Texas an example. Mississippi another.

Mississippi’s Republican Senator John Kennedy is upset Biden will be nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court bench. He claims such a pick will not know “a law book from a J. Crew catalogue.”

He happens to sit on the Judiciary Committee which is involved in the advice and consent process.

I came across an interesting quote today: “The smallest deed is better that the grandest intention.” Sort of like: “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

Enjoy your Sunday!



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