Trump has been elevated once again. By his own sheer power. If he believes something, it is.

He began as an ordinary person. Not really. The son of a millionaire. Got financed by his father to get started. He turned into a personality. Then President. Now a self-anointed king. Tomorrow, God.


He is lucky he made it to President. He has to be stopped before actually becoming King. His words yesterday were loud and clear: “Authority of the President is total.”

In his mind only. No way legally. Many of the governors will stand up to him. And win!

It amazes me. Trump kept throwing responsibility for the handling of the crisis to the States. Now that there is light at the end of the tunnel (from his perspective), he wants to move to the one thing important to him. The economy. Helping big business.

It is his road to winning the election.

I worry there may not be an election in November. Or, assuming Trump loses, he refuses to give up the Presidency on some sort of lame excuse like the election was rigged.

He will not go easy!

He wants to be Putin.

His present position re his power as President borders on madness. He is in the throes of usurping power. He is trying to take for his that which is not his.

Cuomo and the other governors mount your white chargers. Take him down!

Trump’s rush to federalism (as he sees it) is a charade. An absurd pretense.

Many years I have sat in the Chart Room. I write this blog which frequently mentions the Chart Room. Over the years, people started visiting the Chart Room looking to meet Key West Lou.

It has been 15 yeas that I have been a fixture at the Chart Room. The number of people I meet, say hello to, chat with, hug, etc., I cannot estimate. Which also means I cannot recall all of them. Impossible.

I’m only human.

My good friend Theos chastised me yesterday for mentioning I had never met Pasta Pantaleo from Islamorada. Pasta is Theos good friend also.

After hearing from Theos again, I recalled Pasta. He came in about a year ago. A stocky guy. Bright faced. Hair and beard white. I especially liked his beard.

He came in as I was leaving. We did not spend that much time together. Probably why I did not initially recall him. In any event, Theos I am sorry! And if Pasta is aware, I apologize to him too.

I can’t win!

Whatever, I still love you Theos!

Theos mentioned that Pasta refers to me as Mango Man. I could not figure it out at first. Got it now. All alone. Did not need Theos to explain.

Jimmy Buffett wrote Last Mango in Paris. The mango in the song was Captain Tony. Key West’s man of everything. Captain Tony did it all. All over the world.

Certain portions of Buffet’s great tune: “I went down to Captain Tony’s / To get out of the heat / I heard a voice call out to me / ‘Son come here have a seat’….. / But a legend never dies / He said I ate the last mango in Paris / I took the last plane out of Saigon / Took the first fast boat to China…..”

Anna has written several times since I blogged that I thought she might be dead. When the virus hit Italy, I became concerned for her. She is alive and well. E-mails me with some frequency now.

She wrote to me mentioning Easter Monday. Turns out some countries celebrate the day after Easter also as part of the Easter celebration. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know and could not figure out why.

The Italians eat a special food on Easter Monday. Sort of like the Easter Sunday ham in the U.S. It is a cake. The Pasqudalina cake. A combination of eggs, spinach, parmesan cheese, soft cheese, and any vegetables the cook wants to throw in. Baked in the oven. A “must” to eat Easter Monday in Italy.

Italy has another custom we do not celebrate in the U.S. Learned from Anna also.

The Feast of the Epiphany is January 6. Italian tradition says the folk lady Befana comes to visit the children the night before. She looks like a witch. Only has a few teeth. A good lady however.

Our Christmas mixes with the story of Bifana. She brings candy and cookies and puts them in children’s stockings the night before Epiphany. However, and this is a big however, if a child was bad the child received coal.

My parents put coal in my stocking one Christmas. I have been searching my mind as to what bad thing I did before Christmas to deserve coal. I think I smoked.

I had intended to write an anti-Trump blog this morning. I got side tracked somehow. I will stay with the “softer” topics.

Work on Cow Key Bridge begins this week. A great time to begin! Little traffic. Going to be a nightmare when we are all out of our homes and driving around.

Thus far Key West has experienced 28 confirmed coronavirus cases. All residents. No deaths yet. Hope it remains that way.

Key West father to many eccentric stories. The most way out one the eccentric romance of Count Carl von Cosel aka Carl Tangler.

The Count was in love with a much younger lady. She unfortunately died at 29 from tuberculosis. Her name Elena Hoyos Mesa. A beauty.

The Count obtained her family’s permission to have Elena placed to rest in a mausoleum in the Key West Cemetery. He payed to have it erected.

I saw a picture of the mausoleum this morning in KONK E-Blast. Huge! Magnificent!

Elena was left quiet in the mausoleum for 2 years. Then the Count stole her body. Took her to his home. Did a number of things to her body to maintain it and kept her for 7 years. He slept with her, danced with her, etc.

Elena’s family discovered what had occurred. The Count was arrested. Charges against him were ultimately dropped. All barred by the statute of limitations.

Elena was buried in a secret place so the Count would not try to do it again.

On this day in 1940, the Count left Key West for Zephyrhillis. A couple of hours after he left Key West, the mausoleum was destroyed by a “violent explosion.”

May Johnson has apparently recovered. On this day in 1896, she wrote she made some sandwiches and spent the day at La Brisas.

La Brisas had to be a big money maker. From pictures of the place and stories I have read, it seems like everyone went there to have fun. A huge open air pavilion on the ocean.

Today, a sad day in history for 2 reasons.

Abraham Lincoln was shot at the Ford Theater in Washington by John Wilkes Booth in 1865. The President died the next day.

On this day in 1912, the Titanic collided with an iceberg. The Titanic sunk in 2 hours 40 minutes later with 1,514 lives lost.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Guaranteed a wild and informative half hour. Probably all Trump. Oh, the stories that will be told! Some you are aware of, others not. Join me.

Enjoy your day!


22 comments on “KING TODAY, GOD TOMORROW

  1. Lou, there REALLY is some good news in the results from the recent Wisconsin election, where voter suppression by Republicans was probably the worst we have ever seen anywhere, ever. Democrats won, at least in the one (only) contest important to the rest of free America. Although voter turn out was down, it was significantly larger than expected and Democrats in particular stood up to the tyranny forced on them. The serious onerous restrictions, say nothing about conditions even the Supreme Court is not placing on itself are better detailed elsewhere, we can all see that what it is going to take to get done what Wisconsin just did, if we put more than our minds to this.

  2. If Donald Trump does decide he can force the states to reopen by his directive (or anything else for that matter), who is going to stop him? Not the Supreme Court, they are all his friends and all committed federalists, committed to the concept that “Authority of the President is total.”

    Like it it or not, Trump is our King (probably Emperor). I really don’t see how he can be stopped, except maybe by the second amendment, of which this is the perfect example of that amendment’s intentions.

    • Lou, do you think an @ss@ssin could use the 2nd amendment as a defense?

      I’m thinking the irony for gun rights advocates would be too much to bear.

  3. Yesterday I listened to Donald Trump giving a speech. He described the coronavirus as a germ (several times) and a treatments for it as antibiotics. America deserves better. His supporters are probably willing to overlook this, like everything else, and make excuses for him that even most high school freshman teachers would not, nor should the rest of us this is at best embarr@ssing. We all deserve better and he DOES deserve our criticism, for this ans so many other things like this.

  4. No Lou… The Donald is not King, nor does he want to be. He has a better plan. He as already commanded the military to start goose-stepping when they march.

    Also by his command, they will no longer do the traditional salute in his presence. Instead, they will raise their straight arm, palm toward him.

    So you see, he does not see himself as King. Often a King is seen as a benevolent guide for the country. The Donald sees himself as Das Fuhrer.

    Haven’t you had Enough?

  5. All of the Republican Wisconsin Supreme Court Judges who forced election to go on during pandemic all voted absentee themselves.

  6. The most egregious case of voter suppression in wisconsin was the democratic mayor of Green Bay (Wisconsin’s 3rd largest city) having only 5 polling places open for the entire city. The city is a right leaning city and the mayor had an election related lawsuit dismissed. The mayor in turn made it near impossible to vote in person on Election Day. He even refused the help of the wisconsin national guard which was trained to do poll work. People in Green Bay were still in line to vote after 1am having gotten there before the poll closing time.

    • Correction: the Green Bay mayor had only TWO in person voting locations (not 5 as I mentioned previously) compared to over 30 locations during other elections.

      • The “only 5 locations open for this cycle was in Milwaukee,” a city of over 600,000 people, also with a Democratic Mayor. None of those were in poor neighborhoods. I don’t know how many it used to be, but I heard the figure was 180.

        It should be noted however, that the number of voting places is NOT controlled by mayors, but by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, a highly partisan Republican controlled state level entity.

        I don’t know why the previous poster worded their post to suggest some sort of wrong doing by the GB mayor, or why that was labeled the most egregious case of voter suppression, when clearly Milwaukee was far worse. And, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette (4 Apr) the WI National Guard WAS present “”We had a National Guard person and also citizens who stepped up to work along with certified poll workers,” City Clerk Kris Teske said in an email. “We had plenty of people.”

        BTW – the dismissed “election related lawsuit” mentioned by this poster was brought by the Mayor “sought to delay the spring election and move it to mail in an effort to protect residents and poll workers from the coronavirus.” Hardly nefarious!

        • Election commission and the mayors work hand in hand wink wink. Additionally, your Kris teske reference is an example of FAKE NEWS. Read her full quote in the press gazette. She said ONE national guardsman ONE in “plainclothes” helped out. That my friend sounds like a regular poll volunteer not a city utilizing the resources available to have proper polling places open!

          • You may “wink, wink,” all you want, but they don’t always work hand in hand in Wisconsin, particularly if you are not a Republican, hence the Mayor’s need to file a federal suit to try and get the election postponed. Besides with, the fact that his city had the number of poling places reduced from 30 to 2, when several other cities had no where near that number of reductions, seems to suggest there was no ‘wink, wink” at all. More like “fu*k you,” if you ask me.

            Second of all, I don’t see how your statement about the reporter Kris Teske, you having said “She said ONE national guardsman ONE in “plainclothes” helped out.” is “FAKE NEWS,” as you call it, particularly when that was actually true! You also then failed to reveal/recognize that she also said in that same article, and I quote “”We had a National Guard person and also citizens who stepped up to work along with certified poll workers,” City Clerk Kris Teske said in an email. “We had plenty of people.” Convenient for you not to include that bit, eh?

            lIn addition, may I also point out that you said in your original post that the mayor of GreenBay, “refused the help of the wisconsin national guard which was trained to do poll work” which is just plain not true. The fact that only one National Guardsman was sent was not his call to begin with and is totally contrary to your original and fundamental claim.

            Just about every part of your post and then reply is wrong, why? All of the correct information is available on line, even the parts you disagree with and then try to smear with false accusations like FAKE NEWS?

            Wasn’t your original post and your reply to my response just an intended smear, about all of this? May I ask why? Is this just some sort of random attack and yesterday was Wisconsin day? I mean, all of this was easily refuted and with facts, real facts, dude!

              • I don’t think you have any user rights to direct me to be succinct. You left a lot of sh*t to wade through.

                and no this has NOTHING to do with disagreements and EVERYTHING to do with you getting your facts right before you post false garbage and then make accusations, innuendos and smears.

                You straight up lied, in several places, made up other things and were out and out deceitful. All meant to manipulate.

                No wonder no one here will take you seriously and so many complaints go your way.

              • Let me get this straight, you post about the elections in Green Bay, WI, with what can only be called deliberately false information, not just about one thing but about several things. You then get busted with what are actual facts, published quotes by the people involved, in the city involved at the event involved and you want to “agree to disagree” with the person that catches you?

                Now that is weird, talk about deliberate cheating?

                • You guys are right. You win! Especially your point of the national guard all one of them in plain clothes helping out with the Green Bay election! My bad! Lol

                  • It was NEVER about the number of National Guard. You said that the Mayor of Green Bay, and I quote YOUR words “..even refused the help of the wisconsin national guard which was trained to do poll work.” These are your words and that was totally untrue and easily checked. The fact that there was only one National Guard person as*igned to each(?) poling place seems pathetic, but not disputed in ANY response, nor was that caused by the mayor or anyone else in this discussion. You didn’t make a mistake, you intentionally lied. It is irrelevant to your completely dishonest original post and really just amplifies your incredibly deceitful intentions.

                    BTW – this is not about winning (your words) it is about telling the truth and not trying to change things later.

  7. Lou, you may want to contact your friend Tammy and let her know her stimulus check she is awaiting looks like in might be delayed even more, as*uming she’s awaiting a paper check.

    They have to be reprinted. Apparently Trump thought he could sign these checks but it turns out he is not an authorized signer for payments made by the Treasury. Never the less he insists his name be on these checks (as any King would do?). So the checks are being reprinted to include the phrase “President Donald J. Trump” printed in a memo line on the left side of the checks, below a line that says “Economic Impact Payment.” Apparently this is the first time a president’s name will appear on any payment from the IRS.

    Since these stimulus checks were authorized by congress, shouldn’t Nancy Pelosi’s name be on them, if anyone? Wonder how much additional that going to cost, and why I have to pay for part of that?

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