In the 1960’s, abortion was a hot issue. Though out front yet today, it was a more often discussed item back then. Even in social gatherings.

My thoughts on the issue have swayed back and forth over the years.

In the 1960’s, my feelings were clear. I believed life began at conception. The fetus was human. Ergo, abortion constituted the killing of a human.

I used to comment during these discussions that those who supported abortion should beware. Today we will kill the young. Tomorrow, the old. When that time arrives, we will be the old. Society will approve of killing us.

There is a growing belief that coronavirus may require letting the elderly die so the young may survive. Based on a lack of sufficient equipment/supplies for all. The underlying theory is the elderly are going to die anyway in due course. The inhalator will be of little use to them because of their age. Let them go. In fact, don’t even admit them to a hospital.

Many in the U.S. support the premise. Some are senior citizens. Where are their heads?

What concerns me even further is society will then move another step forward. For some reason down the line, society will continence putting people death at a certain age. Eighty, for example. Once that age is reached, people must drink the hemlock or receive an injection of a deadly drug into their bodies.

During this coronavirus crisis, only Greece and Germany have spoken in favor of the elderly.

Trump is 78. This kill the elderly think still in its formative stage. If it occurs, it is still a few years away. If it does, I hope Trump is lying next to me. Drinking the hemlock or getting a needle in the arm.

From the morbid to the pleasant.

Cocktails at 7 was an absolute delight. We spent 2 hours on skype. Could see, but not hear. We had to use our cell phones also.

It was like a first date. After a while, I forgot we were 2,717 miles apart as the birds fly.

Got ready for the evening as if I were going out. Trimmed my beard. Did my nails. Showered. Pressed a shirt. Down to no clean/pressed shirts. Laundry closed.

I enjoy people. Sitting and talking. Communication a big part of my life. The last 5 weeks have been a bit difficult in that regard. It was nice sitting back and enjoying someone’s company.

Cathy was good company.

One negative. I drank.

Since becoming afflicted with pancreatitis last year, I have had to cut back on my drinking dramatically. Before my self-quarantine, 1-2 drinks a week.

Last night, 3 small bottles of gin. The size they give you on airplanes. Probably a half ounce in each. Three in 2 hours meant 1.5 ounces consumed.

Knocked me on my ass! This morning I have the hangover of all hangovers! Doing this blog is like digging ditches.

Whatever. Cathy, thank you for a wonderful evening!

Monroe County announced it will be furloughing 61 employees.

It was reported this morning that Trump’s Doral is in the furloughing business also. Trump Doral has already laid off 560 employees.

The Citizen reported the repair of Duval Street is almost complete. Glad the repair work is being done while everyone is under a stay in order.

No one will argue these are difficult times we live in. Many making sacrifices beyond belief. Medical personnel a group.

There is another. Pregnant women who come down with coronavirus.

Two stories. Ironically both women hospital staff. One a nurse, the other a respiratory therapist.

Mary Apyapong a 28 year old English nurse.

Treated for coronavirus as an out patient. Two days later admitted to the hospital. Her symptoms had worsened.

Mary was concerned with her unborn child. She was near term. She consented to an emergency cesarean section to hopefully protect her unborn.

The baby survived. Mary died.

So far her new born daughter has not shown signs of coronavirus.

Angela Primachenko a 27 year old hospital respiratory therapist. The virus hit her. She was placed in intensive care. Placed in a medically induced coma 3/29 to assist her body in fighting the coronavirus.

She was 33 weeks pregnant at the time.

While Angela was in the coma, the doctors became concerned about the baby she was carrying. On 4/1 labor was induced. Angela had a normal delivery.

When Angela came out of the coma, she was surprised her stomach was gone. She was also surprised that her baby had been born.

A daughter. A preemie. Thirty three weeks. The baby is in a neo-natal intensive care unit. Doing well. However, she will remain there till she can “eat and poop” on her own.

Trump time.

Trump has changed the color of his hair. No longer that golden blond. Now a white/gray. Silverish.

No comment by the President yet. I assume his hair change of color was to make it look like he was working hard as President. He must have seen Obama on TV this past week. He is getting gray!

Someone commented Trump was looking for sympathy. Wanted people to feel sorry for him because of the hard work he claims to do.

Donald says he can close down Congress. Amazing the powers he attributes to himself and the Presidency.

Good luck, Mr. President! It will be a cold day in hell before such is possible.

Trump is determined to reopen the country. Get the economy going again.

He is too early, though he may get away with opening some areas in the next 10 days.

I give any areas opened 4-6 weeks before coronavirus returns more flagrant than before.

A study came out over the weekend. Only 20 percent of those interviewed were in a hurry to return to work, etc. They felt unsafe. Would rather wait a bit longer. Most thought there should be more testing.

The unemployment numbers came out this morning. An additional 5.2 million persons applied for unemployment during the week ending 4/11. Which brings the total for a four week period to 22 million. The 22 million figure means 1 out 7 is presently unemployed.

AXIOS reported this morning, “More jobs have now been lost in the last month than were gained since the Great Recession.”

Enjoy your day!

29 comments on “KILL THE ELDERLY

  1. So sorry about the hangover. It was a lovely way to spend the evening though! Take care and drink lots of water today. Next time we’ll have iced tea. I don’t want to be called a bad influence!

  2. I am not a fan of Donald Trump and particularly his presidency, but he does deserve a break on those unemployment numbers. Yes, he could have done a lot better with his handling, particularly his early handling of this crisis, but even with that, we were going to get slaughtered with that part of the thing. We can’t have an “isolation” recovery and still have people employed. How he handles those now unemployed is a different matter. I agree that it is going to be another 4-6 weeks before any widespread recovery can realistically begin (as*uming everyone cooperates), so how those of us unemployed and unable and in serious need are handled, is what Trump needs to get right and for which he needs to be judged.

    Let’s make sure HE hears that and not about the unavoidable jump in unemployment rate.

  3. I’m glad your “hot date” went well. A hangover seems a small price to pay.

    Might I suggest something like Zoom for a Chart Room get-together… booze optional.

    Kokomo Man

  4. The world is use to and in acceptance of killing Unborn and just born humans that it is short step to ok’ing the killing of humans at the other end of the time line.
    We are just one human family here in KW.

    • Don’t give this poster, whose name isn’t even Sandy or Feet, any time. He is both a pest and a dishonest jerk who regularly lies when posting on Lou’s Blog

  5. On April 7th 2020 This guy Sandy posted this on Lou’s blog:

    “Just love getting you Red Commies up tight. You are so easy to bait. Your sheriff just cleaned out your jail. No tourist coming to town and he is spending you $$$. Locals park FREE!”

    Now, without any apology to Lou, he would like each reader to decide for themselves what is worth reading. I agree, although I would also suggest everyone know who they are reading and what the intentions for anything he writes really is.

    • Again, you have the wrong person. No relation to Sandy.
      I am able to read Sandy or any other person who posts here, without getting my panties in a bunch, like you delicate daisies.

      • what’s with Florida only testing like 22K people so far. Only like 1% of their population? Wasn’t someone posting on Lou’s blog that they had all kinds of drive through test places and each could do 500 a day? How come so few being reported? Something sounds fishy to me.

  6. Trump is our Nero. He fiddles while people die. My thoughts are THAT is the BEST we have? If so…..the Future is bleak.

    BUT I have seen too many attractive, smart and good people out there. Maybe one day, the US will grow-up? Really MAGA? I wish I guess.

    Yes, kill the old. The rich need to fuel their yachts. How does the Christian community with their abortion BS reckon with that sentiment, eh? Fakes?

  7. Trump is 78. This kill the elderly think still in its formative stage. If it occurs, it is still a few years away. If it does, I hope Trump is lying next to me. Drinking the hemlock or getting a needle in the arm.

    Soylent Green.

  8. The elderly are being harmed during this crazy time due to hospitals being closed for anything but coved related issues. Jupiter medical let go nurses because patients aren’t allowed to be seen for appointments or follow up tests. These tests discover disease (early stage cancer) and helps allow proper continued treatment. Publix Is able to staff and stay open by using common sense. Let all employers and employees get back to work! We as consumers will make our own choices as we ALL are used to social distancing.

    • Very poor advice, ill-informed and ignorant, just ask Boris Johnson.

      Statistics in those countries who have tried this have shown significant flare ups and the thugs in Michigan clearly show that we are NOT all used to social distancing.

      If we’re going to try it at all, lets try in in red states first.

      • You mean, red states like Michigan? where the flare ups and thugs are at? A real red state haven, especially Detroit.

    • I like that idea! But to be honest, that’s what’s likely to happen anyhow. If Trump allows the states to decide, it’ll be the southern red states that open up first. Including Florida. Probably not a bad idea. If they don’t die, then other states can make their own choices. If they do die, then good, we’ll all know not to do it AND we’ll improve the gene pool in the south. I say we get behind this idea.

    • Well, true – Let’s start with yours, if that’s not OK, how about your kids?

      The thing is if we “start” the economy too soon and irresponsibly, we’ll sacrifice more lives than necessary. If it’s OK with you, I say sacrifice you and your kids first.

      The key is to do it right or we’ll not only sacrifice too many lives, we also won;t get the economy restarted.

      Fools rush in – ahhhh, you first?

    • The quickest way to get the economy restarted is to suppress or falsify the number of new cases.

      The Best way to get the economy started is to listen to the experts about the favorable tipping point regarding an accurate accounting of new cases.

        • That’s turning out to be true too, here in Amerika. In Santa Clara, California they’re now adding 50% more to their already high numbers too! …and what’s going on in NJ where they found a room in nursing home in Sussex County with 18 unreported stiffs stacked up? What’s that all about?

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