My life has changed.

The 412 days of self-quarantine responsible.

I have been out of quarantine for 10 days. I couldn’t wait. It would be back on the street again. Before coronavirus, I was out almost every night. In my recent 10 days of freedom, only 4.

The quarantine changed my way of life. I prefer remaining in than going out. Can’t believe it. Not healthy. Funny, but I obviously have to work at returning to my old ways.

The first 3 nights out, each evening lasted 2 hours.

One thing I must admit. I am uncomfortable being close to people.

Last night was a biggie for me. Out 4 hours! With 6 other people. Wow!

Guy deBoer was having a small get together at his home. Cocktails at 5. Like Cocktails at 7, except more people.

Started at 5. I assumed we were going to enjoy each other and a drink or 2, and I would be home at 7. Didn’t work that way. I was up late. The party did not break up till 9.

Good company! I had met Fred a few nights before. A New York labor lawyer. Met his wife Joanne last night. Attractive. In fact all 3 of the ladies were attractive.

Dave I had met previously also. A retired anesthesiologist from the New York area. Wife EB. Enjoys being called EB. Short for Ennid Berger.

EB and I have a lot in common. Retired lawyers. A Fordham law grad. She in the business/corporate world. I the enviromental.

Mimi. Unfortunately, her husband passed on 2 years ago. Did not spend enough time chatting with her. Hopefully, if their is a next time.

The two married couples and Mimi own homes in Key West.

The conversation was light and funny. The atmosphere easy going. Nothing heavy. The way it is with retirees in Key West. They come here to play. To leave their other lives behind. Playing means reverting to their younger days.

We had that type of gathering last night. We did not turn out the lights after a while, however. Even if we wanted to, the sun never went down. We were seated outside the whole evening. Guy’s home is on the Riviera canal.

All of a sudden, it was eating time. All easy. We ordered Chinese delivered. Then pigged out.

I enjoyed myself.

When out again is the question. I know I will be out monday night with Jean and Joe Thornton. We are having dinner at La Te Da. I look forward to being with my friends who saved my life during Hurricane Irma. It was their home I escaped to in Birmingham for 12 days. It was also that experience with them that formed the basis for my book Irma and Me.

Seems like everything gets out of hand at some point in life. A systemic racial discrimination debate was held at UCLA earlier this week. The observations from the floor as the final point in the program interesting.

A black female student rose and said that high tech soap dispensers were systemically racist against black people.

Would you believe?

The story.

The dispensers being discussed are those found in public rest rooms. The tiny machines on the wall that emit gobs of liquid soap when you place your hands under them.

The first black woman said the dispensers “don’t see her hands” because of her dark pigment. Another black female student said the dispensers force “black and brown persons to show their palms” because their palms are the “only light areas of their skin.”

Black students at UCLA were not the only ones to express concern. The event was zoomed. Some 80 other blacks joined in agreeing that the dispensers represented “systemic racism and white supremacy.”

Some claimed the dispensers were part of a “conspiracy.” The conspiracy theory pops up in most things involving racism these days. The belief expressed by many was that systemic racism exits everywhere and involves everything.

Those who spoke at the event itself called it their”lived experience” as proof.

The facts completely negate the systemic racism theory. Sensors of soap dispensers don’t see human hands. The dispensers do not have eyes. They work by using a simple device called a PR sensor which recognizes infrared light which is emitted by all people, regardless of color.

Blacks and other persons of color are on a role. Things are swiftly moving positively in their direction. They should beware lest they move so fast that there is a fallout which will wipe out the achievements being gained. That which has been gained in not yet set in stone.

Example. Post trial happenings related to George Floyd’s death have already moved a step too far. The fallout occurring is the kind of activity that will encourage reaction.

A “zone” has developed in the area where Floyd’s death occurred. Signs have been placed advising the area is “sacred space for community, public grief, and protest.”

Special rules are listed which are “for white people in particular.” Yup, “special rules” for whites. The message to whites is abide or get out or perhaps we’ll throw you out.

The “zone” is beginning to resemble something akin to a “religious cult encampment.” Baptisms are publicly being performed on the street in a large metal tub. Some blacks involved with the “zone” claim miracles have occurred.

The “zone” and everything associated with it is unhealthy in my opinion. Gains can be lost. Aggression develop.

The world has changed to the good for blacks in certain regards. Recall they once were considered “property”. Even by the Supreme Court.

The Key West Citizen has been  following the life of William Healy in the Key West world of 1856. On this date in 1856, Healy recorded the following in his digest: “John Geiger has sold the Longa to Manuel Farina for a negro boy valued at $600 and $800…..Drew up a bill of sale for the boy.”

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The first black woman said the dispensers “don’t see her hands” because of her dark pigment. Another black female student said the dispensers force “black and brown persons to show their palms” because their palms are the “only light areas of their skin.”


  2. Not sure if you remember me, but we chatted several years ago in the Chart Room. I feel pretty much the same about going out. I am from Nova Scotia and just the idea of being around people gives me a bit of anxiety, havent been out except to do essential shopping. I am waiting for my second vaccine, so maybe my feelings will change then. It was good to hear that you had a good night out.. hope there is more to come

  3. Lou, I am another who is now fully vaccinated, yet still uncomfortable about going out. I don’t see that as anything bad, especially when I read that infection rates are as high as they have ever been, particularly here in Florida. As a psychologist I know that routines are important to the psyche and changes can cause anxiety. Good sense and psychological protections can be a good thing when working together.

    Or, in language you might better understand – forgetaboutit!

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