Key West is mourning Jimmy Buffett in song.

Respect spreads throughout the city. His songs can be heard everywhere. City Hall has speakers outside playing his greatest hits. At 5 today, a procession will begin at Duval and Front Streets and proceed down Duval to Truman Avenue. I wouldn’t be surprised if the marchers sing Buffett tunes as they walk along. The parade will stop at his Margaritaville restaurant and boutique on the way to Truman. Key West city offices are flying flags at half mast. 

Again, it’s called RESPECT.

Buffett got his start in Key West at the Chart Room. David Wolkowsky gave him his chance. Told Buffet he could stand in the corner and play and sing. Compensation tips only.

The tips only thing did not last long. Wolkowsky knew a good thing when he saw and heard it. He began paying Buffett.

Their relationship developed over the years. They made real estate purchases together. Two of Key West’s greatest citizens achieving economic success together.

The cause of Buffett’s death has been revealed. Buffett died from skin cancer which metastasized into lymphoma.

DeSantis’ lack of class revealed itself during Biden’s Florida hurricane visit. It also reflected DeSantis’ lack of respect for the Office of the Presidency. 

Biden is the person who can do the most for Florida’s hurricane victims. Federal dollars far exceed what a State can provide. Billions are needed.

Recall Hurricane Sandy and New Jersey. Sandy did a job on New Jersey. Chris Christie was New Jersey governor at the time. He met with President Obama when Obama came to New Jersey.

Republicans severely criticized Christie for the meeting. Christie took no guff. He made it clear the first thing involved was respect. Especially when a President took the time to visit and consult with him re damage control. Christie understood federal bucks were desperately needed to solve New Jersey’s problems at the time. And resolve them swiftly. Christie was happy to meet with a political adversary in order to effectively help the hurt people they both represented. And to give President Obama the credit he deserved.

Not DeSantis’ way, however. Respectfully, his brains are in his ass! Presidential timber he is not!

Bill Richardson died yesterday at age 75. 

A distinguished public servant. A fine politician. I was always sorry he did not serve as President. He would have been a “great.”

He was a two term Governor of New Mexico, Ambassador to the United Nations, and Energy Secretary. He truly distinguished himself by helping to free Americans detained by foreign governments. He had a talent for being especially successful in that regard. His most recent success was the release of basketball star Brittney Griner from Russian detention.

The Atlantic is running an excellent Opinion piece: The End Will Come For The Cult Of Maga. The reason: “The next generation isn’t buying it.”

The article by Peter Sagal is recommended reading.

Neo-Nazis marched through a park in Altamonte, Florida, Saturday shouting: “We’re everywhere!” They were dressed in red shirts, carrying Nazi flags, and raising “Heil Hitler” salutes.

Two groups involved. The Goyim Defense League and the Blood Tribe. They are planning further marches in “high visibility locations” to attract as much public and media attention as possible.

My lesbian wife Donna Barnett had emergency surgery yesterday. A lengthy one here at the Lower Keys Medical Center. I am having difficulty understanding her problem. Concerned colon blockage and a bladder problem. She will be wearing a bag from now on.

She has been having breathing problems since the surgery. Terri advises no visitors for 3 days at least because of the breathing situation.

The whole thing a big time sad!

Syracuse beat Colgate in its opening game yesterday. Walloped Colgate 65-0.

I’m glad the Syracuse victory was so decisive. Syracuse, both in football and basketball, has been losing these warm up games early in the season. Somehow such results cause the entire season to suck. Hopefully this year will be different.

It’s Syracuse/Western Michigan next Saturday.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Biden should have handed out paper towels in Florida, that would have said a lot.

    But Biden is NOT a Republican and he isn’t a vengeful person, not that helping Republican people on the ground in Florida at a time of need will get him any help or a ny votes from these people. The rest of us however should remember this and vote him back in office in a land slide.

  2. Christie is toast with a lot of Republicans, because he accepted aid from a Obama, who was a Democrat, during a crisis for the state when he (Christie) was governor, at the time.

    Think about that for a moment!

    Now, try and make a case for Republicans being O.K. people!

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