The Key West Lou Legal hour is back. This morning. Ten my time. World wide. Join me! I am going to do a little rerun on the trip, together with some thoughts on Obama healthcare, Penn State, and Romney’s tax returns.

Jet lag was bad yesterday. Very bad. An all day event.

The blog took me almost four hours to do. My mind and fingers were slow and not working together. I slept four hours in the afternoon. The sleep of the dead. When I woke it was 5:30. The sun was up. It was shining through the window. What the hell was the sun doing up so early? I thought it was morning. It took my mind a few seconds to realize it was supper time.

Dinner was at Lisa’s. My belated birthday dinner. Robert and Ally sitting on each side of me. No Corey. He is diving off Key Largo this week.

Hopefully, today will be better. I am sure it will be. It is now four days I have been back.

A short blog today. I did not do much yesterday. Ergo, I have little to report.

Remember to join me for my internet show this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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