Key West whites were major bigots in the 1920’s. A major influence in the Ku Klux Klan. The head of the Klan for the State of Florida resided in Key West and ran the Klan from Key West.

On January 14, 1926, the Key West chapter of the Klan initiated 20 new members, all dressed in full regalia. The audience included the Bob Morton traveling circus which was brought to Key West by the Ku Klux Klan for the event.

On January 13, 1929, New York Yankee star Lou Gehrig was in Key West where he visited St. Joseph’s School for Boys.

The Iowa caucus is today. In blistering frigid cold. Temperature projected to be minus 10 degrees. May have/will have an effect on participation. 

Some of Trump’s supporters very gung ho. Melissa Davis, 56, is a small business owner in Wuthering Heights. She has been out in the frigid cold knocking on doors. Her attitude re Trump: “He has sacrificed so much for our country and I need to do my part to support his efforts to save America because America is dying.”

Iowa principal Dan Marburger died yesterday as a result of wounds suffered when he placed himself in harm’s way to protect students during a school shooting earlier this month. Marburger set himself between the shooter and students in an effort to protect his students.

Gun blood paid for NRA’s chief executive Wayne LaPierre’s luxury expenses for 30 years. Expenses included use of private jets, persistent spending at the Beverly Hills Hotel by a PR executive and close La Pierre adviser, limo services and hotel charges generally.

Donald Trump repeated his claim in Iowa that he has been indicted more times than the infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone. Something to be proud of, of course! What it really shows is how bad Trump actually is.

Today’s podcast some 5 years old. Title: Sieg Heil, Light the Mother Fucker On Fire and Kick His Ass.



Texas Governor Abbott condemned after one adult migrant and two migrant children drowned. The cry: “MURDER.”

On saturday, federal Border Patrol agents noticed 6 migrants in distress trying to cross the Rio Grande River. Initial efforts by Border Patrol officials to alert State officials by phone were unsuccessful.

The Border Patrol guards then tried to gain entry to the area. They were “physically banned” from entry.

Three migrants, a woman and two children, ultimately drowned. As a result of the incident, Abbott is being referred to by some as “a murderer and psychopath.”

A few days earlier and as reported herein, Abbott said the only thing keeping Texas from shooting the migrants as they come across the border is that federal officials would charge Texans officials “with murder.”

Whether by bullets or drowning, a killing is a killing, a death a death. Murder is murder.

I am compelled to comment re the Syracuse/North Carolina basketball game saturday.

A destructive embarrassing loss for Syracuse. North Carolina defeated Syracuse 103-67.

Syracuse had been improving. I felt the team had a good chance to knock off North Carolina. It was not to be. Syracuse did absolutely nothing correct. Showed none of the improvement I mentioned.

The result confuses and confounds me. I do not understand how the Syracuse team could have played so badly.

I watched the game at Jack Flats with Fred, Dan and Dave. Fred left at the half, Dan and Dave soon thereafter. I could not. I stayed till the bitter end. I could not leave the sinking ship.

A picture of four happy Syracuse faces PRIOR to the game.



While almost half the Nation freezes, Key West has enjoyed three consecutive days of 80 degree weather. I spent a bit of time at Smathers Beach in the afternoon. Packed!

I enjoyed an excellent lunch at Goldman’s prior to the beach. First time in years I have stopped there. Worthy of a soon repeat visit.

I have a 12:30 heart doctor appointment. Life in the 80’s!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey Lou, your negative comments about Trump were not filled with extreme disdain. It was just normal negativity. Almost seems like you’re warming up to Trump and his Iowan supporters. Hope the doc appointment is uneventful!

  2. “In EYW” is a persistent and negative troll on Lou’s blog, who mostly spreads official MAGA talking points of the day. He is a strong Trump supporter, ignoring how negatively that reflects on himself (and America), hoping above all – that it will some how persuade Lou to join him for lunch someplace, one day!

  3. To the GOOD people of Iowa on the right!

    Please stay home and don’t bother with this nonsense. It’s NOT going to matter anyhow (the Iowa Republican Party will lie and approve Trump anyhow) embarrasing good Iowans as bigots and fools. At least show them you are not.

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