A Saudi millionaire was acquitted of raping a teen in London. He said he tripped and accidentally penetrated her.

Juries are finding it difficult to find guilt world wide. Many police/black killings in the U.S. and now this in England.

Justice is moving farther and farther away.

The anti-gravity treadmill in the morning yesterday. I am increasing the miles. A tenth here, a tenth there. Ever upward. I worry I may be pushing myself.

A manicure with Tammy at noon. She is representative of the Asian female mind.

When she lived in Vietnam, the man was king. Women were nothing. Everything was done for the man.

It is different in the United States. She is free. Independent. Can do what she wants.

I am happy Tammy’s husband did not marry her in Vietnam. They met here in Florida. He knew he was not getting an old country woman.

Don’s Place first last night. After a chat or two, we headed to the VFW. Don wanted to go. Stan and Claire, also.

Don was captured as soon as we walked into the VFW. The Commodore grabbed him and took Don around introducing him. Then a former Commodore came by and took Don away to introduce him to some others.

Stan knew many. Turns out he is a former Navy man who was stationed at Bocca Chica. He worked as a cook for the VFW for a while. It was old home week for him.

No one I knew, except Schmegly from last week. One more person, also? When I walked in a white haired gent introduced me to his wife. As his barber. I smiled and walked on. He was seated nearby. A little later he caught my attention and said…..My barber!

I felt bad disappointing him. I told him I was not his barber or a barber. He left with a puzzled look on his face. Made me feel bad I was not his barber.

The VFW was having a party. for one of its members. A 92 year old World War II veteran. He fought the war in a submarine.

The birthday cake was delicious.

This week’s KONK Life column The President Could Not Spell is available in two places this morning. One is KONK Life which is on the stands. The other is my Key West Lou website (.keywestlou.com) where it is linked.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “JUSTICE?

  1. Under sharia law the Saudi would never have been tried. Britain is so far gone with its political correctness, that only criminals have rights. Same thing in Sweden and Norway where Muslims are routinely exonerated for raping young white women. The courts tend to believe the women brought it on themselves. We live in an insane world. This morning I read where a Muslim grandfather raped his 2 year old granddaughter. The mother heard the baby’s terror. Instead of stopping the monster, she ran a bath, then drowned the child to “preserve the family’s honor”. Mohammed was a pedophile — clearly so are many of his followers. It’s a horrible ideology, I refuse to refer to it as a religion. It needs to be eradicated. There is no such thing as radical Islam, there’s only Islam. Most so called moderates sit back and watch, complicit — they are as guilty as those who commit acts of violence, as they enable it thu financial support and silence. Many Muslims in this country want sharia law. Why the hell are they here? Bottom line, Muslims do not assimilate, they subjugate. Trump is right.

    • Read about the Reconquista in Spain. It took Catholic Spain over 700 years to expel the Islamic invaders (the Moors) that took over much of the Iberian peninsula. No assimilation, just conquest on both sides. Such is religion.

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