Historians all agree that the Key West of the 1970’s was the best ever! Normality non-existent.

Jimmy Buffett arrived in late 1971. He thought “living in Key West in the early 1970’s was not like living in America.” The community was different. Off the wall!

Buffett said, “He was glad the gay community benefited from the fact that the Puritans had never made it this far south.”

Steve and Cindy arrived in Key West in the 1970’s. My Chart Room friends. Still here. The stories they tell. Especially Steve. He ran several small businesses in Key West over the years. Cindy was Jimmy Buffett’s personal secretary for more than 20 years.

They would know.

Christmas day found me back at Lisa’s. Lunch with the family. Left overs from Christmas eve dinner. Always better the next day.

Pythons have not been in the news of late. Fortunately! Made it however this past week. A 9 foot python was found in a Key Largo backyard.

Would you believe! Heart attack time! Took 3 animal officers to catch the beast. A job well done!

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

Truman died on this day in 1972 at the age of 88. Key West was very sad at the time.

Sand is gold! Few seem to realize it.

I wrote an article for KONK Life on 6/28/18 titled: “Key West Lou COMMENTARY: WORLD IS RUNNING OUT OF SAND. Covered the issue well.

Recommend you read it. konklife.com/key-west-lou-commentary-world-running-out of sand. Not that long. You will be an expert when finished.

I am back into sand today because of a brief news article concerning sand and the Mekong River. The river banks are collapsing. Half a million people are at risk of losing their homes. All because of the world’s insatiable demand for sand.

One of the most respected men in the past is now one of the least respected. Rudy Giuliani. He has lost it. His mind is going. Perhaps already gone.

He apparently wants to be Trump. He insults people easily as the President does. People not deserving of insult.

The most recent example George Soros.

You may not like his politics. He is a Democrat. However the man is deserving of great respect, even in his old age. Somewhere in his 80’s.

Giuliani appears to be on an anti-Semitic kick as regards Soros. In a recent interview, he referred to Soros as “hardly a Jew” and an “enemy of Israel.”

Soros is a Holocaust survivor. Giuliani had the gall to say, “I’m more of a Jew than Soros is.”

Anti-Semitic comments directed at Soros are not new. They have been repeated by Trump, Republican lawmakers, and by FOX News.

California has significant homeless problems. One hundred thirty thousand have no where to live.

A war of words has developed between California Governor Gavin Newsom and Trump.

In early December, the Governor blasted HUD for cutting back on assistance under Trump. He claimed Trump ws playing politics with the homeless issue.

Note, California is solidly Democratic.

The California homeless situation arose in the Democratic debate last week.

The Governor spoke to the issue once more in the days following the debate. He insists what is needed are “housing and supportive services” to solve the situation. Not “shelters” alone. Shelters only solve the “sleep” problem.

He accused Trump again of “playing politics.”

Trump’s Christmas gift to the Governor came on Christmas Day in the form of a tweet. Trump wrote the Governor was to blame for California’s homeless problem. He accused the Governor of having “done a really bad job.” Further adding, “If he can’t fix the problem, the Federal Government will get involved.”

If Trump were to carry out the threat, things would only get worse. Trump always makes things worse.

If Trump is truly interested in the homeless, he should look in his own back yard. Night time in Washington has the homeless sleeping everywhere but in a home or a bed. On the streets, in doorways, on benches, etc. Even across the street from the famed Trump Towers.

Christmas has come and gone. Kim failed to provide his promised “Christmas gift.” If a boast, may it continue to be so.

Trump today referred to Kim as a “wise guy.” To Trump such indicating he had successfully called Kim’s bluff.

Beware! Kim is crazier than Trump! Anything can set him off! Which would mean missile(s) being set off.

Enjoy your day!



  1. He’ll tweet while you are sleeping
    He’ll tweet when you’re awake
    He’ll tweet when things are bad or good
    He’ll tweet until things break

    • The S&P 500 has returned more than 50% since President Trump was elected, more than double the average market return of presidents three years into their term, according to CNBC and the Bespoke Investment Group.

          • The S&P 500 return does NOT show that President Trump has INCREASED the the national DEBT by WAY more than 50%, a FAR more significant issue than the dubious S&P 500 return.

            You can do a lot with anything if you too put your reckless spending on your credit card with out paying back.

            How come you want to talk about the S&P 500, but not the debt?

      • Trump soft gloved Corporations, in taxes and regulation. To think there isn’t a price to pay for a sugar rush economy is dangerous. Of course, it will not matter to Trump, he will be long gone and leave that to another leader, like Bush left it to Obama.

      • High S&P figures (growth) is not necessarily a good thing, in this case it is an indication of a financial indicator showing an out of balance economy. The S&P is a something that indicates the value of the biggest and highest performing COMPANIES, not the economy. In this case to it is showing how unbalanced our economy is and that the rich are getting richer and not so much the VAST majority of the American people. Good governance of our financial system would not dangerously feed this false (and political) tiger, just for the optics.

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