This morning’s Key West Citizen’s History section made brief mention of a 1993 court case where one dog owner sued another dog owner because his dog got pregnant. Cost the impregnating dog owner $2,567.50.

The bite sounded interesting. I researched it. Following is what I came up with.

Rocky is the male. A seven pound Chihuahua. Canella is the female. An eighty pound Rottweiler. Rocky a lover. Canella receptive to playing.

Rocky did it to Canella.

The dogs were neighbors. Rocky was fenced in. Canella leashed on her owner’s deck. Canella in heat.

Rocky was not to be denied. Somehow he got out of the fence and made it to Canella. The two then proceeded to have intercourse. Canella not objecting.

Picture little Rocky pumping away at Canella.

Canella’s owner saw what was happening. He rushed out and tried to pull them away. To no avail. Even hosed them.

An animal officer happened to be driving by. He saw it all. Photographed the scene because it was so funny. Little Rocky getting his.

Canella got pregnant.

Canella was pedigreed. Her owner wanted her to be impregnated by another pedigreed Rottweiler. Canella ended up carrying ten puppies by Rocky.

Rather than have her deliver, Canella was subjected to a hysterectomy. No viable puppies obviously. The hysterectomy left Canella sterile.

Canella’s owner sued. The judge awarded him $2,567.50. I am not sure for what specifically. Most likely, the cost of the hysterectomy. Perhaps that the owner would not have pedigreed Rottweilers to sell in the future.

I spent all of yesterday at home. Intentionally. A perfect day for it.

I researched this week’s KONK Life column. A change of pace article. The unknown sexually related exploits of historical figures. People like Julius Caesar, Christopher Columbus, and Betsy Ross.

I will write the column later today.

Watched Syracuse/Clemson in the late afternoon. A good game. Syracuse was always in the game till the final minutes. There was a chance. Hope was kept alive.

Syracuse lost 37-27.

The team played well again, in spite of losing. They played without #1 quarterback Eric Dungey who was out with a head injury from last week. Mahoney, #4 quarterback, lead the team and did a good job.

The game got screwed up early in the 4th quarter. Syracuse was penalized 45 yards in less than two minutes. This was after recovering the ball around mid field.

The third 15 yard penalty was because of the coach’s conduct. He went crazy regarding the second 15 yard penalty call. Gave Syracuse its third 15 yard loss.

Had none of this occurred, Syracuse might have won the game. There was the chance. The team still hung in. If my recollection is correct, Clemson was able to score as a result of the penalties.

Next year!

The game was followed by the Democratic Debate last night. I am a political junkie. Last night’s performance was unimpressive. I am getting bored with an appearing wild Sanders waving his arms and saying the same things. Hillary is no better. Her boiler plated responses have become boring. She is beginning to sound hollow. The third candidate reminds me of a cheerleader. One with a great smile.

Power boat races end today. Every thing is on the line.

The water is rough in front of my home. It will be rougher out where they will be racing.

An organization called SMART Kids rode their bicycles into Key West yesterday. Adults. Four hundred strong. A two day trip beginning in Miami. The purpose to raise money for AIDS.

I hope to get out later in the day. I am going to try Kate Miano’s Gardens again.

Bocce rankings in the paper. We still are in third place. Next week the last. We probably will end up third. Could be fourth. An outside chance it will be second place. Depends on who wins and loses their last three games Thursday.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. You’re just being polite about the debate. It was a joke. All the responses and rants are ridiculous. Its no wonder they don’t want many debates and have them on fridays or saturdays.

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