I am back!

Computer sick for 8 days. Louis not. Lost a lot of files. Needed to replace hardware.

Missed writing every day. Free time all day. Not accustomed to it. Glad to be back.

Today’s blog short. Tomorrow, back in full force.

Met two loyal readers while computer down. Two that take shots at what I write. One more than the other.

The # 1 nasty reader re is Patrick. No one worse. Even some of you fight with him.

Met Patrick at the doctor’s this week. We talked for a half hour. Guess what? He’s a nice guy! We represent opposite ends of the political spectrum. He is leaving Key West this weekend. We agreed that when he returns,  we will enjoy a few drinks together.

The other thorn in my side is Diana Milikan. Had dinner together. Loved her! An intelligent might woman. She just might write a little less severe.

That is all for today! Talk with you tomorrow.

11 comments on “I’M BACK!

  1. Ok, Louis. We were ALL worried. It’s time for you to get a backup plan for the next time this happens. Maybe invest in a tablet to keep us informed and reading your daily blog? Glad you’re okay and reconnected to the digital world!

  2. Only hoping you buy yourself a MacBook Pro and be done with such issues! Loved the description of Patrick, i.e.. #1 Nasty Reader! I too can’t figure out why he leans so far right, but he does provide some interesting items. Glad you’ve returned to the digital world! Cheers!

    Scott in StL

  3. Louis, I might not even write. Ha.
    Or I might continue to write as Patrick does.
    IMO, you deserve the other side not just
    all those groupies smothering you with Oh, Lou, you are so great.

  4. Glad to see Key West Lou is up and running. With your falls and medical issues at first I thought the worst so really happy you are OK. Yes, I agree with the others that a Plan B is always a good option.

    Patrick is certainly interesting and at times I agree with him, other times not so much, but that is what democracy is supposed to be. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas, facts or what is right. If only the two political parties would remember we are still supposedly a democracy and not a dictatorship.

  5. Hey, you are back up and running. Good. Have been unable to post yesterday and earlier today for some strange reason.

    I agree with the Apple Macbook Pro, bullet-proof. Best ‘puter I’ve had.

    Nasty !? C’mon. I can think of a lot better adjectives than nasty. Or is it adverb ? I think I skipped English class that day. But, no matter, I’ve been called far worse.

    Anyway, we had a nice chat and a lot of laughs. I like the fact that there is some middle ground. Lou is more of a republican now than I think he wants to admit and I’m not always as conservative as I seem to come across as. We both certainly agree on the mismanagement of the town we love though.

    JoAnn and I should be back soon.

  6. Syracuse vs Dayton. Should be an interesting game. Dayton’s schedule was average/weak. Syracuse ended on a low note. If Roberson could get hot,they could win.


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