Something is happening. Nothing getting better. Coronavirus seems to be winning.

As with many states, Idaho has been compelled to expand health care rationing. COVID-19 is straining Idaho’s hospital system.

It was announced yesterday Idaho is taking drastic steps because of the overwhelming impact the virus is having on its hospitals. Hospitals cannot handle the deluge of cases.

The hospitals now have a new “standard of care.” ICU beds and other limited resources will go first to those likely to survive. Illnesses not limited to the virus. Includes any that might normally need ICU care. Heart attack victims, auto accidents injured, etc.

Reminds me of the scene in Sophie’s Choice where Jews came off teh railroad cars at a concentration There was an officer stting in front. Each person appeared before him. With a nod of his face, he decided which wee to go to the gas chambers and which to would live to work in factories. Health the determining factor.

Note that only 40 percent of Idaho’s people have been vaccinated.

Alaska and Montana have similar programs in effect.

Massachusetts’s problem at the moment because of COVID is school bus drivers. The National Guard has been activated to help.

Those school bus drives not vaccinated or who refuse to be vaccinated have been discharged. Left the school bus system with an insufficient number of drivers.

What next? Changes similar to those taking place in Idaho and Massachusetts will soon become dramatic statewide burdens if a significant number of employees continue refusing to be vaccinated.

The insanity of bucking vaccinations cannot be more clearly evidenced than by the number of States vowing to fight Biden’s vaccination mandate. Twenty seven Republican governors and attorney generals have vowed to fight the mandates.

The States are bucking Biden’s order that over 80 million private employees not vaccinated be vaccinated or receive weekly testing. Otherwise, their employers will be fined.

Governor DeSantis should be pleased. Florida’s COVID death numbers have now passed 50,000. The man is a grim reaper.

DeSantis refused to release certain death numbers several months ago, giving no explanation. Now he begins again what he should have continued doing. His good or bad track numbers something the public has a right to know.

For information purposes, Florida’s significant numbers for last week evidenced 2,448 deaths and over 100,000 new cases.

DeSantis could be Trump’s successor. Both demented and calloused.

One final item re Florida and the virus. It appears parents’ rights are more important than children’s lives.

Mention made in this morning’s Citizen that 2 of William Hackley’s children had teeth removed this day in 1856. Raised my curiosity as to whether false teeth in some form were available at the time so people could walk around without gaping holes in their mouths.

Turns out there was.

History reveals false teeth were first used by Etruscans in the 700 B.C.’s. The teeth were made from a combination of human and animal teeth.

Etruscans disappeared in the 700’s and with them false teeth. False teeth had to wait to the 1700’s A.D. to return.

Now to 1856 and Hackley’s daughters.

False teeth were available. Initially in the decade, false teeth made from human and animal ones were back in vogue. Then vulcinite. Hardened rubber was used as a bass for porcelain teeth.

Trump accused General Milley this week of treason. He who could be labeled one of the most treasonous persons in American history.

Key West is unquestionably unique. Dances to a different tune in just about everything.

Even scarecrows.

The Key West Botanical Garden has kicked off the annual “Scarecrow-Making” contest. All entries will be on display through November 30.

I visited the scarecrow contest once. Ingenious! Outstanding! Most put the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz to shame.

It was announced this week that the Key West Airport for the first time had exceeded 1 million passengers. It is expected the number will top 1.4 million by the end of the year.

Nothing to be proud of.

The airport has been improved/expanded several times over the years. Existing problems corrected. The airport was also brought up to date re its needs.

Seemed each time like no one looked to the future. No one took into account expanding needs. Ergo, several times the airport has once again become too small to handle its volume of business.

It has happened again. The worst this time!

People sit on planes sometimes for an hour or more waiting to deplane. Passengers wait forever to receive their luggage. The receiving area is too small to handle the volume of luggage and passengers. People standing so close it has to be party time for the coronavirus bug. Poor planning as to arrivals. Sometimes as many as 4 planes arriving at the same time.

Whatever is to be done, let’s get it right this time guys!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Remember when Republicans, tried to defeat O’Bamacare because they (FALSELY) claimed it contained “death panels?”

    Well now we fave REAL death panels put in place by hospitals, not politicians, as a result of Republican led Covid denials.

    Somebody please call Sarah Pali,n who is now mysteriously silent on her favorite subject.

  2. It is beyond comprehension how Republicans are so willing to demonstrate their complete ignorance on how things work in our government for political cover by trying to smear General Milley’s actions as treasonous during Trump’s attempted coup. Milley did nothing illegal nor wrong and should, as so many other people are saying, get a medal for his actions. He alone may have saved our democracy, regardless of how the sycophantic Republicans “feel” about it.

      • Once again, you twist things beyond your intelligence and your honesty.

        It’s about choice, something you only believe in when it comes to wearing a mask and protecting those inocents around you.

        • Not twisting a thing. Abortion if choosing to NOT protect the most innocent, who is closest to you. Please tell me what happens to this baby inside a woman, if she chooses not to abort? Please be honest this time in your response. And try to use a little intelligence as well, even thought it’s a stretch.

  3. The “Fetus” ceases to exist and does NOT become a baby.

    Now please tell the rest of us why this is important to you and ALL the rest of life’s avoidable deaths, including anything to do with that same fetus after birth, don’t seem to matter to you?

    Also please tell the rest of us why you are against the mother’s right to choose on this issue and not on other issues of death.

    and please tell us if you are a male or a female.

  4. Your response is non-sensical. So according to your logic, it depends what room a human resides in if they are able to be killed at will, by another person’s choice.

    The difference is that a mother is “choosing” to end the life of another human being. All other choices (which you are conflating into this singular subject about elective abortion) are the choice of the individual about one’s own life.

    You have no idea what my thoughts are on how I treat other human beings in other areas of development. That is a straw man argument.

    I’m a female, but does the sex of the person matter when they speak for the most helpless of humans?

  5. Of Ccurse my response was non-sensical to you and to anybody else with a closed mind. There are none so blind as those who will NOT see!

    You are free to choose to think what you want but you don’t get to make up facts and then judge others by that judgement, without critical recourse. No one yet knows when human life begins. Your whole argument is bullsh*t if as example, human life begins when a fetus takes it’s first breath of air, post birth.

    We all have a pretty good idea how you treat other human beings with your pompous arrogance with your comments and replies on basically what is nothing more than your own opinions and feelings on this subject when positing here.

    You don’t like abortion, fine! But don’t push your sh*t on the rest of us. Take it to you church or to other so called moral authorities, who/where if they were doing their job, we wouldn’t have to force other people what to do.

  6. “No one knows when human life begins”. What utter nonsense. Is a 30 week old fetus alive? If you do nothing to that fetus, like abort it, will it become a tree? No, it’s a human being.

    If a fetus inside a mother is not alive, why are there sometimes two murder charges filed when both mother and unborn child are killed?

    You have no idea of anything about me or my stance on other subjects. Church has nothing to do with my stand. I am an atheist, have been my entire adult life.

  7. Why is it you feel that what YOU THINK/believe is absolute and what other people believe is not?

    Are you so self centered and us self aware that only your logic you are incapable of even listening to other peoples ideas and azzessments?

    BTW – you claiming to be an atheist has nothing to do with the fact that if the church was doing it’s job on this subject, you wouldn’t need to be doing anything about it. But then you wouldn’t be needing to act so self sanctimonious all pearl clutching with your self indignation.

    Stop with the victim gotcha crap. No one is claiming to know you or even wanting to know you. No post here is calling you an idiot or claiming you arguing your opinions are non-sensical, as a way of deminishing you, as you are doing. One thing we do know about you is that you are anti-Abortion, and since thats what were discussing what all this “you don’t know ANYTHING about me” defense. Sounds like you are just playing games.

    BTW – are you actually just talking about abortion at or after 30 weeks? Or, was that a gotcha question? I was azzuming you are attacking abortion from day one!

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