History Facts ran an article 5/20/24 titled “What Ever Happened to the Milk Man?”

I found it personally interesting. I was once a milk man. The summer before and during my senior year in law school. The years 1959 and 1960. Our son John was born the summer of 1959 when I was a milk man.

I woke at 3:45 am. Was at the dairy at 4:30 to begin loading my truck. On the road doing home deliveries by 5:30. The truck full. Loaded with ice on the top cases. Air conditioning not yet in vogue.

Finished and in class at 10. Senior year law classes generally began at 10.

Moved my ass!

Delivered primarily milk. Some chocolate milk and orange juice. All in glass bottles. Packed in wood cases of 24.

One thing few people knew is a milk truck back then was driven standing up. The driver could sit, but it did not work conveniently. Ergo, the seat folded up and rested back.

One pedal was a combination clutch and brake. The first day I was out delivering, I meant to clutch. Press down on the pedal too far and abruptly engaged the brake. The cases of milk stacked behind me flew forward and pinned me against the front window. Fortunately, I was on a dead end street with an empty lot at the end. The truck came to a stop in the lot. Behind me was about 200 feet of broken milk, chocolate and orange bottles strewn in the road. My first thought was how colorful!

I was proud I learned how to drive a milk truck in a short period of time. The first day problem was behind me. I was able to deliver my route swiftly.

One thing that added to my pride was I learned to carry five full bottles of milk in one hand without a carrier. Yes, it could be done. Milk men did it. I had become a milk man.

To answer the title What Ever Happened to the Milk Man? He became a lawyer who 46 years later retired to Key West.

I was at Date & Thyme early yesterday morning before the rain hit. The rain was a welcome relief to the abnormal heat we have been experiencing. It was heavy through mid afternoon.

While enjoying my Monkey Smoothie, a fellow walked up to me as if he knew me and said, “Key West Lou.” It was Jonathan. Jonathan was a bartender briefly many years ago at the Chart Room. Then he moved down the street to the Galleon where he ruled the roost for many years.

We talked about the Chart Room. I advised I had not gone in a couple of years. He was aware. He and his wife Ann had not returned also. Their primary problem was the new customers. They all knew everything about Key West. Especially about Jimmy Buffett. But, they knew “shit.” They told Buffett’s history wrong. They were constantly changing history.

I knew he and Ann had purchased Sarabeth’s many years ago. I have never been a Sarabeth customer. Thought they had sold it. Not so. Still the owners. He is the chef, runs the back. His wife, the front.

His wife Ann came outside and joined us. Her Dad had been general manager of the Pier House for years. She concierge. It was good to see her.

When I begin eating again, I shall become a Sarabeth customer.

In the 30 years I have been a part of Key West and its surrounding areas, Stock Island has grown. From nothing to something.

It now has its own I Love Stock Island Festival.

A big deal!

The Festival will run wednesday through sunday June 12-16.

Unfortunately, there has been a split between U.S. Catholic Bishops and Pope Francis. The American Bishops are “ultra conservative.”

Francis in a 60 Minute interview sunday evening was critical of the Bishops. He labeled them conservatives and defined  a conservative as “one who clings to something and does not want to see beyond that.”

He further described their attitude as “suicidal.”

Francis has been forced to wage a defensive war against the conservative American block.

Windmere High School valedictorian Mariana Nijensohn earned her diploma this month and a UCF degree this month also.

A WOW! Really WOW!

Mariana has had a unique month.  Not only did she graduate Windmere High School, she graduated valedictorian. She also received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida. Her major was English.

Mariana took enough dual enrollment classes while in high school to earn her B.A. at the same time.

Her ultimate goal is to become a lawyer. However, she wants to get another Bachelor’s degree first. She is going to the University of Pennsylvania  to major in the school’s interdisciplinary major combining philosophy, politics and economics. 

Mariana claims, “I’m a total nerd. I enjoy school.”

Did the two men realize what they had discovered? On this day in 1873, San Francisco businessman Levi Strauss and Reno, Nevada, tailor Jacob Davis, were given a patent to create work pants reinforced with metal rivets. Marked the birth of one of the world’s most famous garments: Blue jeans.

From Lynda Frechette: “Why would we ever trust a train? They have loco – motives.”

Hard to believe! One of the Great Lakes is dying. Lake Erie.

Responsible is the algae bloom that runs from the west of Lake Erie. It sucks oxygen out of the water, makes it impossible for wildlife to live in the lake. Much of the problem is caused by fertilizer that has run into the lake from rivers and, before that, farms.

The lake’s problem a permanent one.

Red Lobster and Applebee have both announced significant store closings. Now comes TGI Fridays announcement it is closing 36 locations.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “I WAS A MILK MAN

  1. “Red Lobster and Applebee have both announced significant store closings. Now comes TGI Fridays announcement it is closing 36 locations.”
    Heck I thought the Biden economy was great! What’s up?

    • Capitalism, that is the problem. They were bought by a private equity company a few years ago (not a restaurant company) and they NOW want their money return. Has little to do with their business or anything to do with the economy, but everything to do with greed and return on investment. EATER has a great article on that here www eater.com/24160929/red-lobster-bankruptcy-endless-shrimp-closing-locations

      • Well if capitalism is the problem with our economy what is the alternative? We’ve seen how well socialism works out in Cuba and Venezuela. No Terra, the problem is with the White House. The bucks stops there and the out of control spending.

        • The problem is NOT spending, it is inflation, mostly due to capitalistic green without regulations. Our lawmakers (congress) are not regulating their donors and their donors (industry) are inflating profits so as to be able to pay for more non-regulation.

          If you didn’t have your hear up your arse with political motivations you would know that.

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